Can I really have an orgasm in my sleep?

Are dream orgasms real orgasms?


Am I the only one that experiences this? My first thought is that if you’re dreaming about having orgasms, you mustn’t be having enough of them in real life. Like when I dream about being in a swimming pool of liquid chocolate when I’m on a diet. But of course I have orgasms (or at least one orgasm) on most days. Sometimes when I don’t strictly feel like it, but I have sex toys to test and someone’s got to do it and so I make myself and about half way through I’m like ohgodwhydidIputthisoffYUM.

So I don’t know why I have sleep orgasms or if everyone does, only that I do. Another thing I don’t know (stuff I don’t know may become a recurrent theme in this post) is if they are really orgasms or just a dream orgasm. When I punch someone in my dreams (am I the only one that does that?) I get frustrated because there’s no impact. When I run away from those shadows in the woods, my legs don’t work properly. So although I dream that I am having an orgasm, am I really? Or is my brain just flooded with the desire to orgasm so much that it tricks me into believing I had one?

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Upon properly waking up I don’t feel the muscle tension that usually comes post-orgasm. The orgasm I had in my dreams isn’t that lightning bolt zing from clit to throat. It’s more of a rippling wave from top to toe, a gentle lapping of pleasure which unfurls from… where, I’m once again not sure. The pit of my stomach, my clit, my mind. All I know is that when I’m awake the feeling is ebbing away but it might just be the fading of a dream, not a real orgasm.

One of my exes could orgasm without touching herself. Whether on the bus or just before going to sleep at night. Wherever she was she could just think about it and make herself have an orgasm. What an enviable skill. But her orgasms were always when she was fully awake, never when asleep.

The mind is a powerful tool, there’s no doubt about that. I have to work hard to achieve orgasm though, which isn’t surprising considering the amount of sex toys I insert and rub against myself all in the name of science. I can’t orgasm with any old jelly rabbit; I have a snobby pussy and a haughty clitoris both of which require only the very best. Best for my clitoris usually meaning the most powerful vibrations. Many of you will know how addicted I am to my Doxy wand vibrator, as well as the iGino One’s USB rechargeable nub of ecstasy. Could I really have an orgasm so easily when I’m asleep? It’s debatable.

It’s not like I’m dreaming of any fantasy scene when this happens. It’s usually in those few moments before waking up, so I’m semi-aware of being in bed, of being asleep. A lucid dream, if you will. I’m dreaming I’m in bed and my fingers are reaching down to pleasure myself, rubbing between juice slicked lips and finding my erect tingling clitoris. Rubbing the hood back and forth over that nerve ending packed button, my fingertip wet and the pleasurable friction building the sensation in me until I tip over that delicious edge. But upon waking, I’m on my tummy, my fists clenched up under my chin or underneath the pillow. My fingertips are dry, even if my pussy isn’t. I know I didn’t really touch myself. But the orgasm sensation seems to linger on, the memory so real I can almost feel the last tingling tendril still.

Gentle sleep...

Have you ever experienced something you thought might have been an orgasm when you were asleep? Have you written the experience off as just another dream, or do you believe something really did physically happen within your body? Have you had any other unusual but sexy happenings when you’re asleep and/or dreaming?

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  1. I’ve had sex dreams in which I’ve had an orgasm, but I think it was just a dream orgasm brought on by having to pee. The dream orgasm is always at the end of the dream when I’m close to waking up, and once I’m awake, I always have to pee. I think it’s the urge to go causing the orgasm in the dream. Maybe the pee sensation feels similar to an orgasm in my unconscious brain. As far as I can tell, I’ve never had a real orgasm while I was sleeping.

  2. Yes definitely, and always much better and more intense than in real life. I wish I knew how to replicate them when awake!

  3. I started orgasming in my sleep as a teenager, I would wake during, a little freaked out and desperate for a pee. As I got older I learnt to control it, now they are a delight, even more so for the guy next to me who gets woken for a hell of a ride.

  4. I used to have them all the time! I would wake up in the middle of the night in full orgasm from head to toe and the bed would be rocking. Illusive bits of erotica swirling around in my mind. The sad part is the reason. Sex wasn’t on the agenda when I was married. Not married to that person anymore. Sex is sooooo on the agenda now and I rarely have them while sleeping anymore. Just wish I could make it happen spontaneously during the day.

  5. I’ve had orgasms in my sleep before!
    Sometime I wake up with my heart racing, hot and flustered with an ache between my legs and sometimes I wake up and I’ve been touching myself all along without realising.
    It doesn’t always happen, usually if I’ve been horny and haven’t had chance to enjoy myself, I’d end up In an erotic dream.
    I love them but then again I’m worried that I’m moaning too loud or screaming and the rest of the house can hear :S I have night terrors and talk in my sleep occasionally so that could become embarrassing quickly.

  6. Oh, yes! I usually wake up and my heart is really thumping and I can feel the contractions still pulsing away. It literally takes my breath away. A little guilty pleasure just for me?

  7. It’s only happened once (disappointingly) but it has happened. I had a dream that I was masturbating and I came in the dream and then immediately woke up dripping wet with my cunt still clenching. I was super confused for a moment, not knowing whether I was still in the dream or not! I don’t think anything in particular brought it on, it was just random.

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