Busting popular myths about ceramic, metal and glass dildos

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Happily, we live in a time where sex toys use is for the most part accepted as normal and healthy, whether you’re single or in a relationship. Not so happily, there are still quite a few myths floating around when it comes to sexy insertables.

Many women will repeatedly reach for their rabbit vibrator when they want a fast route to orgasm. Men are upgrading their masturbation sessions by plunging into the realistic feeling depths of a Fleshlight. Couples have no need to feel threatened by sex toys, with couples vibrators such as We Vibe and LELO Ida. Mention a glass dildo to many folk though, and you’re met with varied reactions from ‘ooh?’ to ‘ouch!’

I’m here to put your fears to bed about some of the more unusual materials sex toys can be made from. It may surprise you to learn that not all vibrators and dildos are made from flexible materials such as jelly, silicone or PVC. Perhaps you’ve never seen any other type of sex toy than the ‘bendy’ sort. In reality, there’s a whole world of alternative materials to get to grips with, each with their own unique appeal and other advantages.

There is a wealth of choice when it comes to dildos made from rigid materials (ie. those which don’t bend). Specialist sex toy shops might even sell wooden dildos or perhaps they’ve gone positively primitive with a (body-safe and smooth) stone dildo offering. Unlike a few decades ago, where anything other than jelly sex toys were unheard of, even mainstream sex shops are now selling rigid material sex toys. The most common materials for rigid sex toys are ceramic, metal and glass.

Let’s get busting some myths

Ceramic sex toys

Myth: Ceramic sex toys are fragile and will break during use


Actually, ceramic sex toys are incredibly hardwearing and as long as you don’t throw them down heartily on to a stone floor they will give you many years of sexual pleasure. So please don’t take them along to any Greek weddings.

When used vaginally (or anally, in the case of ceramic butt plugs), ceramic sex toys work incredibly well with water based, silicone or indeed any type of sex lubricant. The surface of ceramic sex toys is usually painted with the manufacturer’s chosen colour and design then glazed to form a smooth, polished finish which is watertight, body safe and hygienic.

Ceramic sex toys are specially manufactured to be long lasting and durable. While some ceramic dildos are solid, others are hollow – especially so that you can fill them with cold or warm water providing an exciting new aspect to your sexy time. You could also place solid or hollow ceramic sex toys in the fridge or in a bowl of warm water before use for a similar journey into temperature play. Don’t freeze or using boiling water, though.


Best selling ceramic sex toys include the Ceramix dildos and vibrators by Pipedream.
I personally own items from the range and I can confirm that they feel extremely sensual during use and look very pretty too.

The Facts: Ceramic sex toys are carefully manufactured using heat treatments & then glazed to form strong, durable items which are safe to use for sexual pleasure. Add sex lube for a smoother ride, and warm up or cool the toy beforehand for exciting temperature play adventures.

Metal sex toys

Myth: Metal sex toys will go rusty and be dangerous & painful to insert

aneros metal anal unisex dildo-1

Good quality metal sex toys made with polished stainless steel or aluminium are smooth and seamless. There is simply nowhere (or rather on high quality metal sex toys there should be nowhere) for rust to form. Of course it’s a good idea not to soak your metal sex toys in water for long periods of time (check your particular product for care instructions & water resistance), but cleaning your metal sex toy after use and drying thoroughly will keep it as good as new.

You can avoid any potential issues while using metal sex toys by making sure you invest in tried and tested types which have been through rigorous testing procedures and which are manufactured by reputable sex toy companies such as Pipedream Metalworx and njoy. Even the famous Fifty Shades of Grey official sex toys collection boasts metal as part of its range, with the Fifty Shades of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Metal Pleasure Balls.

fifty shades metal balls-1

When buying a metal sex toy make sure that it is made from a nickel free, body safe, high quality metal such as stainless steel or aluminium. If in any doubt, contact customer services who will be able to give you the correct information about any product you’re interested in.

The Facts: Good quality metal sex toys are crafted seamlessly to provide no areas which will rust. They are weighty sex toys which are incredibly smooth all over and delicious to insert, assisted by your favourite sexual lubricant.

Glass dildos and vibrators

Myth: Glass dildos will shatter during use or be painful to use

glass sex toys-2

Glass dildos and vibrators are made with a special kind of glass, called borosilicate glass. This is the same as the glass used for Pyrex and other glass cookware, which are tested to extremely high temperatures so that they can withstand hot ovens during cooking. Glass dildos are solid, not a hollow shell, while glass vibrators have a thick layer of borosilicate glass over the internal metal housing for the vibrating motor. Glass dildos typically weigh between 150g to 300g as standard.

As a solid sex toy used for penetrative pleasure, glass sex toys are incredibly damage resistant. In fact I have about 40-50 glass sex toys in my personal collection and I have never seen so much as a blemish occur on any of them. I don’t drop them from a great height it’s true; but even during the more vigorous play sessions alone or with my partner I don’t feel at any risk of pain or damage.

glass sex toys-1

As the surface of glass dildos and other glass sex toys is smooth and snag free (again, on high quality glass toys from reputable companies such as Pipedream Icicles and Healthy Vibes), your play session is complemented by the addition of your lube of choice. Glass sex toys are non-porous and can be used with any type of sexual lubricant; water based, oil, silicone, hybrid or other.

The Facts: Glass sex toys are made from borosilicate glass which is the same material your glass cookware is made from. These solid sex toys will not shatter, break or fracture during sexual use. Add some lube of your choice for a sensational glide, and warm or cool before use for additional thrills.

Are ceramic, metal or glass sex toys dangerous at all?

rose-and-glass (8)

The main danger you face when using the above rigid material sex toys (made from ceramic, metal or glass) is if you use them standing up and drop one on your foot! If you were to use them standing in the bathroom you may have a tiled floor which could damage the sex toy if it were dropped. A glass sex toy wouldn’t shatter even then, but a hollow ceramic dildo would at least fracture and would have to be thrown away. A metal sex toy probably wouldn’t show any surface damage at all, but as these are usually the heaviest sex toys of the three materials we’re discussing, you could do serious injury to your feet. For the same reasons, exercise caution when using these sex toys in the bath or shower, or during other sexy aquatic adventures. Smooth, rigid sex toys can be difficult to hold on to when they are lubricated, whether because of water-resistant silicone lube or due to soapy lather.

In my personal opinion, the best place to use ceramic, metal or glass sex toys is on the bed or while sitting or laid on another soft surface. The sex toy won’t have so far to fall and if it does slip out of your hands due to excess lube or excitement you won’t be dropping it on your toes, either.

Where can I buy ceramic, metal or glass sex toys?


You can buy a breathtaking variety of high quality, low priced sex toys at online sex shop Lubezilla.

Ceramic sex toys start at $25.49, glass dildos are priced from $10.76 and you can find  metal sex toys from just $4.93. Lubezilla ship worldwide.

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Happy sex toy shopping, and don’t be afraid to try something new!






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