New KIIROO with Fleshlight Inside; Cyberdildonic Sex Toys for Long Distance Lovers

New KIIROO with Fleshlight Inside; Cyberdildonic Sex Toys for Long Distance Lovers

How do you make the best even better? Well Fleshlight, the world’s leading male masturbator manufacturer, have teamed up with KIIROO to do just that. If you’re interested in technologically advanced sex toys which promise to make your sex life even more thrilling, this one is definitely for you.


KIIROO and Fleshlight team up to launch interactive Onyx & Pearl sex toys


KIIROO are an Amsterdam (The Netherlands) based company which specialises in Cyberdildonics (also known as teledildonics) which is the design and creation of sex toys which enable remote sex between partners. Obviously there’s no actual flesh to flesh contact over long distance, but with available technologies such as the internet, luxurious materials and powerful motors remotely enabled sensations can be transmitted for a highly pleasurable, thoroughly satisfying intimate experience.

KIIROO was founded in April 2013 and comprises of a small team boasting both new and established talent. The goal of KIIROO is to be the authority on Cyberdilonics and to educate the world in online intimacy.

US-based Fleshlight, on the other hand, have led the way for years when it comes to the best in male masturbators and strokers. Their enormous range of masturbation sex toys for men includes classic pink and various flesh tone entrances (Vagina, Anal and Mouth) and the voyeuristic Fleshlight Ice range. Fleshlight also offer female porn star clones (Fleshlight Girls) as well as the Fleshjack sex toys for gay men which includes porn star replicas. You can read the Cara Sutra reviews of Fleshlight products here.

Fleshlight is also known by its business name, Interactive Life Forms, which was established in 1996 giving them over 18 years of male pleasure and masturbatory insights. Over 9 million Fleshlight and Fleshjack products have sold since their debut and their popular Flight model was voted the number one male sex toy of the year in 2013 by XBIZ, a leading publisher of business news and information for the adult and sex industry.

Teaming the most envied of all male sex toy products with the pioneers of Cyberdildonics was a dream match, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Brand New Interactive Sex Toys


This will change sex in cyberspace forever” – Cosmopolitan Magazine



Introducing KIIROO Onyx – an innovative and luxurious male masturbator. Featuring materials from Fleshlight, the KIIROO Onyx is the most realistic, interactive male-oriented adult toy on the market.

  • Patented Fleshlight sleeve inside
  • Connects via Bluetooth and Internet
  • Enhanced by a Video Chat platform
  • Two-way connection for touch and feel
  • Exterior capacitive touchpad
  • Discreet and wireless design


This next generation male masturbator is capable of two-way communication online. Onyx’s Pleasure Core has rings that contract in a pattern to mimic the movements of your chosen partner. It also features a Fleshlight sleeve inside, making the whole experience even more realistic.

Onyx can be used solo, or over KIIROO’s secure platform, in a variety of modes. Forget manually pumping away – Onyx is the smart new masturbator of the future. Users can choose from two automatic modes, a manual mode using Onyx’s touch panel, or Bluetooth connectivity to exchange touch data with a partner. There are so many ways to use Onyx and every one of them is safe and secure. Your data is always protected on the KIIROO network, providing reassurance which leads to confident and more satisfying sexual liaisons.

While Onyx feels amazing in both automatic and manual modes, the way it really shines is as a teledildonic device. When you connect with a partner over KIIROO’s platform, you’re guaranteed a secure, real-time connection. You will be able to feel every move your partner makes with her Pearl or his Onyx. Want to send a male partner a custom-made pattern for his Onyx? Just take control using the touch pad. Want to lay back and enjoy your girl’s sensual touch? Go right ahead.

Onyx’s brand new Fleshlight sleeve means an even more realistic experience for you. Fleshlight’s patented SuperSkin material feels so lifelike that you’ll soon find yourself entirely immersed in the moment. When combined with Onyx’s Pleasure Core – 10 contracting rings designed to closely resemble the sensations of penetration – you’ll be convinced it’s the real thing.

The KIIROO Pearl is the vibrator for her which she inserts, and the Onyx and Pearl connect to each other using Bluetooth and internet through KIIROO’s platform.


The KIIROO Pearl puts the power in her hands. With a one-way connection, it sends data to the Onyx device to stimulate men, but does not receive any movement. Instead it has a high quality, vibrating motor inside and hygiene silicone on the outside, so it can also be used like a normal vibrator to reach the point of climax.


Target Market
  • Professionals in long distance relationships, regularly travelling worldwide and working abroad.
  • Single adult males interested in online dating, adult movies or paid sessions with webcam professionals.
  • Sex toy users open to new advances in technology.

The Future of Sex Toys


Previously, womens’ sex toys have retained the largest market share of the adult product industry, outselling their male counterparts in every outlet. Male sex toys have recently gained popularity, thanks to print and online publications focussing on education about sex, sexuality and sex toys as well as increased marketing and promotion through such channels as international events, radio and television adverts. Men are more open to using a masturbation aid as well as couples’ sex toys. This is proven in no small way by the fact that there are over 36,000 users on the Fleshlight forums alone. Can a KIIROO and Fleshlight partnership meet the demand of the hordes of pleasure-seeking men and their partners? They certainly can.

KIIROO not only offers tactile technological pleasure through their Cyberdildonics, they also exclusively provide Internet-based sexual experiences, relevant to our modern digital age. KIIROO works with advanced technology such as haptics and telepresence, which is now being combined with Fleshlight’s international product sales experience, development expertise and huge fanbase. This will result in a massive step forwards for the social and sex lives of partners and individuals separated in the flesh but brought together via the Internet.

The brand new, highly anticipated and exciting KIIROO sex toys will be launched over the winter of 2014/2015. This is promised to be only the start of KIIROO and Fleshlight’s partnership. As Cyberdildonics is a relatively new industry, there is a lot of room for growth and development. This is definitely going to be one to watch!

Quotes from the Team

CEO of KIIROO, Toon Timmermans, had this to say about the new partnership and products launch:

“Our goal has never been to make the best male masturbator, or the best female vibrator. There are some amazing products already on the market, like Fleshlight. What KIIROO provides is the best experience when you’re not physically together. We give you a way to touch someone over the internet. It’s intimacy, it’s sex in real-time, in a way that you’ve never seen it before. By joining forces with Fleshlight, we’ll be able to make our product even more realistic, and available all over the world.”

The COO of Fleshlight, Brian Shubin, offered this additional insight:

“It is quite simple to see the interactivity wave our industry is riding. Consumers expect technology to allow them to interact with others in real time, this bleeds over into pleasure products as well. Kiiroo’s technology will now allow consumers not only to communicate in real time but to pass the sense of touch through pleasure products in real time. We are happy to be partnering with Kiiroo with this new product launch, we expect it will be the beginning of the future of pleasure products.”

The future of social connectivity

So what does the future of social connectivity mean to me? I’m in a different position to those seeking a way to connect with their lover or the target of their seduction techniques over long distance. I live with my partner so we are fortunate to be able to maintain a regular and exciting sex life skin to skin, lips to lips, fingers in hair, and… well. I’ll leave that to your imagination for now. However, not everyone is able to live with their partner, or see their fuck buddy very often, or even live in the same country as the one they lust after. What then?

That’s where the modern digital age really excels, with the help of Cyberdildonic companies like KIIROO, teaming up with established masters of pleasure Fleshlight. Using the web to transfer motion and stimulation from one device to another, this is the closest humanity has come to remote sex or remote mutual masturbation yet. Ok, so I don’t believe it will feel as great as the real thing. There’s something unique about sliding his cock deep inside, or my tongue deep within the wet and welcoming folds of a female lover. But if there were distance between a lover and I it’s brilliant to know that there are more ways than simply sexting messages and photographs or sexy Skype calls and webcam to relieve our carnal desires.

I would definitely find being able to transfer my exact movements and stimulation directly to my lover’s cock extremely exciting, and the fact that I’m controlling it would give him a naughty thrill too.

As for the future beyond the new KIIROO Onyx & Pearl, who knows? Well, the team and KIIROO, I expect. I can’t claim to be a pioneer of Actual Technology and I don’t Do The Science. I’m more of a linguist and lover than a lab tech. I will definitely be keeping a close and keen eye on future developments though. What does the future of social connectivity mean to you? Will the KIIROO sex toys find their place in your sex life? Are these the products you’ve been waiting for, dreaming of? Leave your comment below; I’ll be very interested to hear from you.

Visit the KIIROO website for more information and to buy your new toys today.

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