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It’s Tori Carson in the erotic author spotlight this week… and does she have some hot free excerpts for you! Read on to find out more about this lovely lady with a head full of erotic stories which she delights in sharing with her many fans.

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Tori Carson author photo

Tori Carson lives in the beautiful Sonoran Desert with her loving husband of almost thirty years. She wakes up each morning to the howls of coyotes and the barking of her family dogs wanting to join the fray.

When Tori isn’t writing, she’s either spending time with her two, wonderful adult children, or creating stained glass art.

She likes her love stories scorching hot. She tries to infuse a fire and passion between her characters that rivals the blazing summer sun that Arizona is known for. Tori encourages you to bask in the heat between the covers of a Dominant/submissive, happily-ever-after, bondage romance.


Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to discuss my books with you here at Cara Sutra. Although I’m a new author, first published in January of this year, it has been a long journey. I have a stack of ‘no thank you’ letters to prove it.

When I started writing Bondage Anniversary, I never dreamed it would be my breakthrough piece. It began as a naughty tale meant for my husband’s eyes only. He had been away on a business trip and I spent many lonely hours working on the story. Once I emailed it to him, he told me, “This is it, baby. This is the one.” Turns out he was right.

Now, I have five books published and two more, including the opening book of a new series, coming out in March. Bondage Included, was out on the 5th of December, please check out my series below!

I love to hear from readers. You can reach me on my website, Facebook,  or Pinterest. There is also a discussion group now on Facebook specifically for fans of the Desired Discipline series. To join in the fun, please message Tori on Facebook.


Summary of Bondage Anniversary


This is book one in the Desired Discipline series, see the full series listing here

Can bondage save a marriage? Once Nick uncovers Laura’s hidden desire for BDSM, there’s no going back. Laura craves his touch, but Master Nick wants more than her body. He demands her total submission.

Laura can only find the excitement she so desperately craves between the covers of the latest BDSM novel she reads alone in their bed. Then one night Nick, her loving, cater-to-her-every-whim, vanilla sex husband discovers her hidden library. To her everlasting surprise, he decides their anniversary getaway is the perfect time to turn her fantasies into reality.

Before he can put his plan into action, Nick must figure out how to tell his wife she’s actually married to a Dom. More than that, Nick is also part owner of DiscipliNation, a successful chain of kink clubs and an erotic toy manufacturing company. Can he dominate his lovely ‘ballbreaker of the boardroom’ wife—while keeping his balls intact?

Laura’s treacherous body revels in Nick’s domination. As a natural submissive, she thrives under his strict, unyielding command. He trains her to respond to his every touch and the line between pain and pleasure blurs— so much pleasure, she’s lost in it. Laura craves his firm hand, yet his sin of omission shakes her trust. She willingly offers her body, but guards her heart. Quickly, she learns Master Nick isn’t just a hotter-than-hell, leather clad, flogger wielding alter ego. Dom isn’t a role he slips on like a mask. It runs in his blood, defines his personality and once unleashed, there’s no going back. Master Nick won’t play at D/s. The gift of her body isn’t enough. He demands her total submission.

Free Excerpt from Bondage Anniversary

“I want you to wear something loose and flowing. Did you bring anything like that?”

His jaw had that stubborn look. Did he expect her to argue?

“Yes, I think so.” She took longer with her makeup and hair than was strictly necessary. Her mind kept moving in fast forward. Did he intend to pick out her clothes from now on? She didn’t like that idea. Her clothing was one more weapon she used to keep a distance between her and everyone else. Should she tell him? Ask him? Finally, she decided to go with it until she had a specific objection. It wasn’t like he’d bought her something she didn’t like and told her to wear it or else.

Returning to the bedroom, she noticed there was a set of ropes lying on the bed. Her stomach released a fresh flock of butterflies. The ropes were laid out in the form of a T. What the hell did he plan to do with that?

“This looks interesting.” She was proud of herself. She sounded casual, intrigued, not freaking out, which in honesty was closer to the truth.

“Yes, I think it will be.” He watched her as she pulled a bra and underwear from her suitcase. “You won’t need panties. This will keep you covered instead.” He waved his hand towards the crotch rope. “Do you know what this is?”

“Rope underwear?” She wanted to laugh. It was absurd. Wasn’t it? Her butterflies were frenzied now.

“It’s called a crotch rope. There are as many different types as there are purposes. This one has a wider crotch band than most. It will fit snugly over your clitoris. Even the slightest movement will rub and cause arousal.”

She couldn’t look away. How could he say those things so calmly? They weren’t discussing how best to make a cup of coffee. Didn’t he realize that?

“The horizontal piece fits around your waist. The vertical piece fits across your pussy.”

Her nipples were jutting forward and she fought to slow her breathing. She had to focus on what he was telling her and stop imagining the feel of those ropes sliding across her skin.

“The intensity can be controlled, to some degree, by how tightly the ropes are drawn against your clitoris. Most women find it highly arousing, but not enough to come.”

His purpose was to keep her on edge without allowing her the big O? Why in the hell had she agreed to orgasm deprivation?  “So the objective is to drive the sub crazy for the Dom’s amusement?” Just the idea of wearing it was making her wet. She just couldn’t wrap her mind around why.

“Be careful, Angel. I like your smart mouth, but I will not tolerate disrespect.”

At his Dom tone, she instinctively cast her eyes downward in submission.

“There is nothing funny about your arousal. I take it damned seriously. Keeping you in a heightened state of arousal for longer and longer periods of time will train your body to accept pleasure more easily. There are physiological reasons for it and I will be happy to explain it to you, if you’d like.”

Once she shook her head, he continued. “I intend to keep you perpetually wet, craving my touch and needing my cock to ease the ache between your legs. Do you understand?”

Summary of Bondage Seduction


This is book four in the Desired Discipline series, see the full series listing here.

Master Ted tries to keep it purely sexual. He says he doesn’t want a relationship, but Meri has other plans…

Even in a room full of friends, Ted often feels alone. As the black sheep of the family, he’s never measured up to the expectations of others so he’s stopped trying. Expecting to and okay with spending the rest of his life alone, he’s thrown himself into his business. He spends his days managing the sex toy division of DiscipliNation and his evenings in the kink club.

Meri is a home-grown girl and plans to stay that way. While she tries to please those around her, she refuses to be pressured into anything she doesn’t want to do. After an ego-devastating divorce, she discovers a passion for BDSM. She’s ready to start again.

Although fireworks erupt at their very first meeting, Ted knows better than to give his heart to an overachiever like Meri. He valiantly tries to keep his distance, but her allure goes deeper than a purely sexual attraction. Meri ignites his passion and yet, in her company he experiences a peace he’s never enjoyed before.

Ted sets Meri’s panties on fire until he orders her to stop wearing them. Meri falls hard and fast for the tall, dark Dom. He tells her up front that a relationship isn’t part of his plans, but Meri has her own agenda.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of wax-play.

Free Excerpt from Bondage Seduction

“If I ask too many questions, just tell me to shut up.” If he was offering to explain this stuff to her, she was going to take him up on it. Who knew when she’d get the chance again?

“I would never tell you to shut up. I’d be much more inclined to put a ball gag in that sexy mouth of yours than ever speak to you so crassly.”

Oh holy crap, he wasn’t kidding. “A warning first that I’m exceeding my question quota would be appreciated.”

His deep, rich laughter curled her toes, or maybe it was the ball gag threat. Whatever the cause, sign her up for more please.

“Hmm, I’ll consider it. Hop up on the table. You can get an idea of what goes through a sub’s head before the play begins.”

Why did this feel like a test? She wasn’t wearing any panties. If anyone walked past the table, they’d be able to see her…everything. What if Master Ted walked to the end of the table? The thought alone had wetness pooling where her underwear should have been. What was the point in coming here if she chickened out before trying anything?

“Should we put a sheet down first or is it okay without one?” Oh hot damn, that was one sexy smile he was sporting. Yes, coming here was a good decision indeed.

“If you want to enjoy wax play—yes, we would need to put a sheet down. You’ll also need to strip. If you want to just put your toes in the water, so to speak, and see what the anticipation feels like—no.”

“I didn’t bring my nose plugs or a towel, so I think I’d better stay out of the deep end tonight and just dip my toes in.”

“Oh, we have plenty of plugs, but they aren’t designed for your nose.”

She was beet red. Her face and the tips of her ears were blazing hot, but she enjoyed bantering with him. He was fun. Not at all like the men she worked with or normally dated. Meri turned around and placed her rear against the table. Before she could use her arms to lift her, Ted—Master Ted—picked her up and placed her in the center on the padding.

“Lay down flat, Meri.”

Scary, scary, scary. She closed her eyes and lay back against the table. Oh, dear Lord. Her breasts had always been on the larger side and never had the perky ‘stay where they belonged’ quality she’d wished they’d had. With her lying on her back, they tried to slide over to the side and pop out of a badly placed slash in the material. Meri squeezed her eyes even tighter closed.

Okay, this wasn’t going to work. She couldn’t do this. She felt too vulnerable. Using her arms and tummy muscles, she pushed into a seating position—or tried to. Ted’s hand pressed firmly between her breasts. “I didn’t give you permission to sit up. You were told to lay down flat. Do not disobey me again.”

With one hand on her chest and his other at the back of her neck, she allowed him to guide her back down to the table. “Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.” Good thing she’d ditched her panties or they’d have spontaneously combusted about now.

“What’s upsetting you, Meri?”

Her heart was hammering, he had to feel it. His hand was burning a hole through her dress.

“I’m fine,” she answered quickly.

“Good to know. Now answer my question, pet.”

Pet? She wasn’t fond of that term, but her body’s reaction to him was intense. “This dress wasn’t a good choice.” For once in her life, she stopped there and didn’t expound on the topic. She crossed her arms under her boobs and brought them back to the front and center.

“I think you look sexy as hell, but feel free to remove it, if you’d be more comfortable.”

“Nope, I’m good,” she lied through her teeth. Naked and comfortable had never gone together for her.

“So glad to hear it.” Ted’s hand ran down her arm. He circled her wrist and drew it toward the corner of the table. “I’m going to assume you’ve been through our new member’s orientation and know the house safeword is ‘crisis’. While here at the club, you’re fairly safe being restrained, but I still caution you to know the Dom well. We have several Dungeon Masters on duty at all times, but on party nights we can be spread a bit thin.”

“Yes, they were quite clear on that. Thank you for going over it again.” It was kind of him to make sure she was safe. She liked Ted and her instincts told her she could trust him. Of course, he was only the third Dom she’d ever met in person and one of them had been recently married.

Ted pulled a manacle from over the side and laid the chain across her palm. “We’re going to use honor bondage. You’re going to hold on to this and not let go until I give you permission. If you disobey me, there will be a consequence. Do you understand?”

Consequence…was that the same as a punishment? She looked at the whip coiled at his hip and decided it was best not to take any chances. “Yes, Sir. Don’t let go. Got it.”

Meri shivered as Ted ran his finger the length of her arm, down her side and leg to grasp her ankle.

“Open,” he commanded.

Her breathing quickened at his possessive touch. If she moved her legs apart, anyone at the end of the table would have a view of her pussy. Crap. This was not what she had envisioned for the evening. She considered explaining, but doubted he’d be sympathetic. Screw it, the lighting was subdued and her skirt covered enough—she hoped.

Slowly, reluctantly, she spread her legs until her foot was lined up with the corner.

“I’m going to place the manacle around your ankle. I won’t latch it, pet. You are to remain still. If you remove your leg, I will be disappointed.”

“Yes, Sir. I won’t move.”

“You look so beautiful, Meri. I wish you were completely bared to me.” Once her ankle was encased in the steel cuff, Ted ran his finger up the sole of her foot. Involuntarily, she jumped and the chains rattled. Ted raised one eyebrow, “That was a close call, Meri. There’s no excuse for not following my commands.”

Her pussy clenched at his admonishment. “Yes, Sir. I’m sorry, Sir.”

“You must learn to control your body. Pleasing your Dom”—he met her gaze—“within your limits, should be your primary focus.”

When their eyes met, her heart skipped a beat before racing at double speed for a moment. “I’m very ticklish. I promise to work on it, Sir.”

Ted paused and granted her a tender smile. Meri completely forgot about lying awkwardly with half of her body chained to a wax-play station, in the great hall of a BDSM club and lived in that one moment. In real time, it lasted only a few seconds, but Meri knew it was forever locked in her memory.

Summary of Bondage Included – out now!


This is book five in the Desired Discipline series, see the full series listing here.

André would do just about anything to please Adriana, but the one thing she needed, he couldn’t give.

Adriana has it bad for André, a consummate bachelor. He owns a kink club and often jokes he’ll die single with a flogger in one hand and a whip in the other.

Their instant spark turns into a smoldering fury when she learns he has three live-in trainees. She has no intentions of being one of many. She is a one man kind of girl and she demands the same in return.

André is equally intrigued by the black-haired beauty. Though he has three women, ready and willing to please his every whim, he can’t stop fantasising about Adriana. She invades his thoughts and dreams. He enjoys their crazy, non-sequitur conversations. He looks for ways to make her smile. Yet, despite his desire, André knows he can never be what Adriana needs.

When a situation arises and Adriana suddenly has André all to herself for nearly four months, she’ll stop at nothing to land her man. Though she lacks his experience, Adriana has more than one surprise up her sleeve. Will she be the woman to curb his bachelor ways?

Free Excerpt from Bondage Included     

“Took ya long enough. Sheesh!” She gave him shit as he climbed into bed beside her.

“You were supposed to be resting and I’m well worth it.” He slid the blindfold from her eyes.

“Oh, I have no doubt of that. Why do you think I spent the last six months waiting for you? I’ve never settled for ground chuck when filet mignon was an option.”

“I don’t think I like being compared to meat products. There’s something mildly disconcerting about that, but I do like the way your eyes sparkle when you’re being a brat.” André leaned in and kissed her.

His naked cock was pressing against her hip. She’d never seen him completely in the buff before and she wished she hadn’t been blindfolded when he’d walked in. “I wasn’t thinking of you like a piece of meat. Forgive me. I forgot how fragile the male ego can be.”

“You know, Adriana, asses aren’t the only part of a woman’s body that can be spanked.” He used his Dom voice.

Her tummy clenched. “I don’t think smacking my face would elicit the response you’re after. In fact, I’d probably hit back.”

“Ahh, slapping in the face… Trigger area. Duly noted. However, I wasn’t considering your beautiful face.” He took her breast in his hand and gave it a squeeze before gently patting the underside.

She knew her eyes were as big as saucers and was instantly chagrinned by it. At the club she’d seen it done before, but she never considered she’d be the recipient.

“Or there are other areas.” His hand drifted down to her pussy. “Open wider.”

Her breathing hitched, but she moved her right leg a little closer to him.

“I suspect a few swats here would do the trick.” He was grinning at her with an arrogance she found both appealing and annoying.

“I don’t think I’d like that,” she cautioned. Maybe choosing the owner of a BDSM club as her first partner was a bit like choosing a tiger for her first pet.

He smacked her three times in quick succession then held his hand tightly over her pussy. “I think you would.”

Her heart was pounding and she so wanted to tell him he was wrong, dead wrong, but it would have been a lie. She took a few steadying breaths. “You may be right.”

“You are a delight.” He kissed her forehead. “I believe you were going to ask me something.”

Damn it, she felt her face heating. “Is there an off button for blushing when I don’t want to?” If she couldn’t control it, at least she could laugh about it.

“I love the beautiful pink in your cheeks. It reminds me of another beautiful pink area of your body.” André was leaning on the palm of one hand while his other still rested on her mound.

“After your lesson a minute ago it’s probably more red than pink. Maybe you should kiss it and make it better.” She wondered if she’d get away with that.

“I doubt it’s red. Would you like me to make it so?” He gazed at her with an innocent little boy face.

“No, that won’t be necessary,” she answered quickly.

“Then ask me properly.”

Why had she thought he looked innocent? He was much more the wolf in sheep’s clothing. “André, will you kiss my pussy?”

“I think we’ll go with Master André and unless you meant a peck on your mound, try it again.” He was giving her very little wiggle room.

Her face was flaming red now. “Master André, I’m not sure what you want me to say. I mean, I know the clinical terminology, but I doubt you mean that.”

“Be specific, Adriana. I don’t think you want just a kiss. I know I want so much more. I want to devour your pussy, to lick your juices and nibble your clit until you’re screaming my name.” He began to massage her clit with the palm of his hand while he took her breast into his mouth and suckled her nipple.

The air rushed from her lungs and she began to squirm against his hand.

He pulled his mouth away with a popping sound as her boob relaxed back into place. “Ask me correctly, princess.”

*** *** *** *** ***

Look out for Book Six, the final book in the series coming out next year, Bondage Unlimited.



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