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I’m excited to present the fabulous Noelle Keaton in this week’s erotic author spotlight – as well as details of her latest releases and some steamy free excerpts for you to enjoy! Thanks Noelle and welcome to Cara Sutra.

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Hi I’m Noelle Keaton. Thanks so much for inviting me to Cara Sutra and to share some excerpts from my eBooks. I hope you like them!

I reside in northeast Florida and have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember.  My earliest effort was as a toddler writing stories and drawing pictures on sheets of paper folded in half and taped together.  However, my interests are now definitely more adult.

From the moment I read my first erotic romance, I was hooked, first as a reader and then as a writer.  I love coming up with stories where my characters get themselves into jams where sex can either resolve or worsen the situation, depending on where my imagination takes me.

I love hearing from readers and you can tweet me at @noellekeaton or email me at


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Summary of Trusting the Army Captain

When it comes to choosing between advancing his career in the army or being truthful with the man he loves, Patrick learns everything ultimately boils down to trust.

Ambitious army captain, Patrick Bosworth, is eager to advance in his career so that he can live up to his family’s distinguished legacy. But having been passed over for promotion to major twice already, Patrick fears his career has stalled. He worries he’ll never match the accomplishments of other family members, especially his brother, a Bronze Star recipient recently promoted to lieutenant colonel.

When a superior office suggests a way to get the promotion that involves gathering information on a fellow army captain in the Medical Corps, Patrick reluctantly agrees to participate. He regrets the assignment almost immediately, especially when he falls for Craig, the guy he’s supposed to be investigating.

When he forms a passionate and intense bond with Craig, Patrick finds it difficult to separate where his professional obligations end and his personal feelings begin. After working for so long to prove himself a worthy member of his accomplished military family, Patrick has to decide if finally finding the love of his life is worth sacrificing advancement in the army, or even giving up his career itself.

Excerpt from Trusting the Army Captain

Craig looked so vulnerable, Patrick reached out and started stroking his arm before he could help himself.  “I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay.  It happened a long time ago, and I’ve come out on the other side of it in one piece.

Patrick pulled Craig close to him and their lips met, hesitantly at first, but the kisses grew bolder when they realized the desire was mutual.  He felt Craig’s arms circle around his waist and he responded by slipping his tongue into the ready heat of Craig’s mouth.  He could still taste some of the remnants of the scotch and soda, and the kiss grew more heated with Craig’s tongue joining in the tango.

He ran his hands through Craig’s hair, enjoying the sharp, bristly feel.  Craig pulled his mouth away to let out a soft moan.  “Oh, do that again!”

“This?”  Using his fingertips, Patrick stroked the edge of Craig’s forehead and then stretched out his fingers until his entire hand covered the man’s scalp.  With great care and tenderness, he slowly made his way from the crest of Craig’s skull to the curve to where it curved just above his neck.  He then applied the same technique in reverse, using his fingers to trace a delicate path from the soft spot where Craig’s head ended and the neck began, over the broad expanse of his skull, ending up back where he started at the tip of Craig’s forehead.

Craig, whose eyes had been closed, opened them to show Patrick clouds lust and passion.  “I could stand here for the rest of my life, letting you do that to me.”

“Anything that gives you pleasure, I’m happy to do, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit there are other things I’d like to do to you too.”

“Oh, I want you do those too!  And I want to do them back to you.”  Craig’s hands dropped from Patrick’s waist down to between his legs and cupped his balls.  “You feel huge!”

Craig’s words made Patrick grow even harder, and he decided to reciprocate, sliding his hand down to Craig’s crotch and stroking the bulge straining through the pants.  “Two can play that game.”

“I’m going to come if you keep doing that,” Craig warned.

“Funny, I was about to say the same thing to you.”  Patrick put a finger in the waistband of Craig’s pants and pulled him towards the bedroom.  “But neither one of us are going to come.  Not yet.”

“Whatever you say…”  Craig started, but Patrick drowned out the rest of his words with a long, searching kiss.  He couldn’t remember tasting a mouth this smooth and velvety.  He became vaguely aware of Craig unbuttoning his shirt, tugging at his belt, and unzipping his pants.  Finally pulling his mouth away from Craig’s, he found himself practically naked, with his pants bunched down around his ankles, his shirt off, and an enormous erection ready to burst out of his briefs.

“You’ve had a lot of practice undressing guys?”  Patrick asked, one eyebrow raised.

“Enough,” Craig answered, running his hands all over the rough contours of Patrick’s body.  Everywhere Craig touched left a tingle, and after a few minutes, Patrick’s entire body felt like it was on fire.

Craig stuck his thumb on either side of the elastic of Patrick’s briefs and dragged them down Patrick’s legs, sinking to his knees while doing so.  Patrick took a deep breath when Craig’s tongue began to lick the tip of his cock.  Precum had already started to drip from it, but Craig lapped it up like it was nectar and he was a hungry hummingbird.

“That feels incredible,” he said, massaging Craig’s hair while slowly easing more and more of the erection into his mouth.  Craig provided no resistance, and appeared more than eager to take all that Patrick was willing to give.  When Craig’s hand sneaked up in between his legs to fondle his balls, Patrick knew he couldn’t hold out any longer.  “I have to…I need to…”

He tried to push Craig away, but Craig remained firmly planted in place, not allowing Patrick to withdraw.  He kept up the pressure and continued to suck, but ramped up the tempo until Patrick could no longer keep up and ecstasy overtook him.  With a violent shudder, Patrick exploded, his cock pulsating spurt after spurt of cum down Craig’s throat.

Dizzy, Patrick sank to his knees so that he and Craig were once again face to face.  He leaned over for a light kiss, enjoying the taste of his salty cum on Craig’s lips.  “That was fantastic.”

“It was,” Craig said, a wicked smile crossing his face.  “And we’re not even done yet.”


Summary of Led by Desire

In seeking answers from the woman who dumped him, Thomas finds his answers—and desires fulfilled—with another.

Thomas Spaulding is an ambitious, career-oriented banker who views his personal life through the lens of how it will help him achieve his professional goals. He believes he’s on track to get engaged, get married and start a family but is startled when his fiancée, a childhood friend, abruptly dumps him. Thomas goes to the nightclub where she works as a waitress, ready to do whatever he can to get things back on track for the sake of his career.

However, things go awry when he gets drunk and another waitress, Karin, is forced to drive him home. Although Karin is attracted to Thomas’s good looks and hot body, she’s frustrated by his obnoxious attitude, especially since it causes her to miss out on a night of lucrative tips she dearly needs. Because of such a rocky start, the last thing either one of them expects is to wind up in bed together…over and over again.  But sometimes, desire leads you to places you least expect…

Free Excerpt from Led by Desire

She didn’t know how, but somewhere along the way, the touch turned into a caress. Every sensible notion in her head told her to pull away and get out of there as fast as she could. Thomas had given her nothing but grief that night, and staying would only lead to trouble and likely more grief. However, her body had other ideas, as she found herself responding to his touch by pressing closer against him.

As if they had a mind of their own, her hands snaked their way across his chest, confirming what she’d thought when she’d helped him from her car into his house—the man had a hell of a body. Even through the button-down shirt, Karin could feel the outline of taut, sinewy muscles. Getting this kind of body took a lot of dedication and plenty of hours in the gym. She started to ask him where he found the time to make himself a rival to Michelangelo’s David, when Thomas started kissing her and the question no longer seemed important.

Thomas’s soft lips were in stark contrast to his hard body, but the gentle firmness he used to caress her ears, throat and cheeks caught Karin by surprise. It was a patient and seductive technique she never would have suspected him capable of. By the time he tucked his fingers under her chin and tilted her head upwards to place his mouth on hers, she was more than ready.

Every ‘first’ kiss she’d ever experienced was always a clumsy, fumbling effort, but not this time. Hers and Thomas’ lips met with the familiarity and passion of long-time lovers, not first-timers. She allowed him to tease her mouth open wider, enjoying the tingling sensations his tongue created all over her body, especially between her legs. She ran her fingers through his thick blond hair, and their kiss deepened while his caresses grew bolder.

He moved his hands slowly from the small of her back to the curve of her ass, where he cupped and squeezed it, forcing them closer together than they already were. He leaned back farther into the sofa so that Karin was almost directly on top of him, and she could feel his erection push against her thigh. Sliding her hand between them, she reached down to find a bulge that was bigger and harder than she’d anticipated. Thomas let out a groan as she massaged his cock, which to her delight grew even more.

“I’m going to come if you keep doing that,” he said in a choked voice.

“Doing what?” she asked in the most innocent tone she could manage.

“What you’re doing to me right now.”

“And what am I doing to you right now?”

“Driving me out of my mind.” Thomas pulled Karin to him, almost crushing her, and once again their mouths melted into a deep, long kiss.

“Only fair since you’ve been driving me crazy all night,” she told him when they finally came up for air.

“So you admit you’ve had the hots for me all night?”

“I wouldn’t admit that at all. Far from it.” Karin tried to sound stern and serious, but she had a hard time maintaining her focus with Thomas lifting her halter top up over her head.

“But you have to admit you want me now?”

“Just the same as you want me.” To prove her point, Karin glided her hand over his erection, which elicited another moan from him.

“Oh, I think the attraction is pretty mutual.” Thomas unhooked her strapless bra, revealing her bare breasts and erect pink nipples. He flipped her over onto her back, and climbed on top of her. He then bent to lick each nipple before kissing and sucking each one.

Karin shifted a little so that she could reach down for his zipper. Pulling out his dick, she was delighted to find it already slick with pre-cum at the tip of its head. She used the moisture to stroke the length of him, causing him to let out a low groan.

“That feels so good,” he gasped.

“Then this is going to feel even better.” Crawling out from under him, Karin sank to her knees and took him into her mouth. She first licked the slit of his cock, reveling in the salty burst of liquid that sprang forth. She took more and more of him in, savoring every delicious ridge.


Summary of Designs for Him

Normally all business when it comes to his career, Jon finds the lines between the professional and the personal getting blurred after falling in love with billionaire CEO Warren.

After months of unemployment, Jon Pritchard finds work with Cressen Furniture, the ‘American Ikea’, in a low-level job. A software program he creates in his free time attracts the interest of Warren Cressen, the interim CEO of Cressen Furniture, who quickly gives Jon a promotion. The attraction between the two men is undeniable, and it isn’t long agree to be discreet until Warren’s position as CEO is made permanent.

Their relationship grows evidence is discovered that seems tospy and Warren starts to wonder if he hasn’t been used all along.

With the highest professional stakes on the line, Jon and Warren have to decide whether the professional success they share in the boardroom is worth sacrificing the passion they share in the bedroom.

Free Excerpt from Designs for Him

As they finished their lunch and the waiter cleared their plates away, Warren found himself surprised at how disappointed he felt that his time with Jon was coming to an end. Walking out of the executive dining room, Jonathan said, “Thanks for inviting me to lunch. I really enjoyed the meal.”

“Then we’ll have to do it again soon,” Warren said without thinking. “I know of several places that serve much better food.”

A look of mild confusion flashed over Jon’s face and Warren hurried to add, “B-b-b-because your software program is probably going to turn our fortunes. The least I can do is treat you to a better meal than this.”

“I’m still grateful you took the time to invite me to lunch.”

Jon stuck out his hand for Warren to shake, and the moment Warren grasped it, a tingle shot up his arm and he could feel his cock begin to stir. He let go of Jon’s hand, but the two men took a step closer together, as if the mere touch had created a magnetic force between them.

“This isn’t a good idea—” But before Warren could finish, Jon’s mouth was on his with his tongue caressing the edges of his lips, setting them on fire. Before he knew it, he had his arms around Jon’s waist, returning the kisses with equal quickness and fervour. Gripping Jon’s firm body and pulling him closer, Warren couldn’t tell if the throbbing cock was his own or the other man’s. Sliding his hand down between them, Warren cupped the tightness between Jonathan’s legs and gently squeezed, enjoying the moan of pleasure and surrender that followed.

“Wow,” Jon mumbled, running his hands up and down Warren’s chest. “This is just…so…um…”

“All that and more,” Warren said as they started to kiss again, trying to remember the last time he’d been this turned on.

It was only when Jon started unbuttoning his shirt that he remembered they were in the lobby of the executive dining suite, where anyone could walk in and see them at any minute. “We need to stop…”

Jon’s hands dropped to his side and he stepped away as if he’d been slapped. “I’m sorry. You’re right, I don’t know what I was thinking, I’m sorry…”

Warren silenced him with another kiss. “No, don’t apologise. There’s nothing to be sorry for. When I said we need to stop, I meant we needed to stop doing this here.”

Relief suffused Jon’s face followed by a look of embarrassment. “Yeah, I guess this isn’t exactly an appropriate makeout spot.”

“I know of a better one. Follow me.” Warren led him out of the building and across the courtyard until they’d got back to the executive suite where he’d been staying. Only moments after they crossed the threshold of the suite, he and Jon were tearing at each other’s clothes. The elegantly decorated room with its thick wool carpeting and plush leather furniture was soon covered with ripped shirts and flying buttons discarded as both men focused on baring each other’s bodies as quickly as possible.

“You’re beautiful,” Warren said as he caressed Jon’s nipples, flicking his tongue to turn them into erect pink points. His already erect cock grew even harder as Jon’s arms encircled his waist, pulling them closer together so that their hard-ons rubbed up against each other. He tried to recall the last time merely touching had heightened his senses to this degree. As it was, Jon’s scent, a mixture of soap and spice, was enough to make him come.

He groaned aloud as Jon placed hot kisses on his lips, neck, chest before sinking to his knees and taking Warren’s cock in his mouth. Starting first by sucking the droplets of pre-cum off the head, Jon tightly clutched his ass, drawing more and more cock into his hot mouth, creating a suction which Warren had no choice but to thrust into. Pumping in and out of Jon’s mouth brought him close, so close to pleasure that he hadn’t experienced in months, maybe ever.


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