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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is AJ LLewellyn who has an insanely hot avatar and has put even hotter words together in his erotic books. You can treat yourself to some right here at Cara Sutra with three free excerpts.

Find out more about this incredibly talented man in his spotlight below, and catch up with his site and social media profiles too.

Welcome aboard, AJ!

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A.J. Llewellyn is an author of M/M romantic fiction who was born in Australia, and lives in Los Angeles. An early obsession with Robinson Crusoe led to a lifelong love affair with islands, particularly Hawaii and Easter Island.

Being marooned once on Wedding Cake Island in Australia cured her of a passion for fishing, but led to a plotline for a novel. A.J.’s friends live in fear because even the smallest details of their lives usually wind up in her stories. A.J. has a desire to paint, draw, juggle, work for the FBI, walk a tightrope with an elephant, be a chess champion, a steeplejack, master chef, and a world-class surfer. She can’t do any of these things so she writes about them instead.

A.J. started life as a journalist and boxing columnist, and still enjoys interrogating, er, interviewing people to find out what makes them tick.


Hi everyone! I am totally stoked to be here at the Cara Sutra blog. I’ve been reading some excerpts posted by other authors and I am fanning myself from the e-flames! There are some hot story tellers out there…

I have over 200 romance novels published, many of them with the awesome Totally Bound. I’ve got loads of free material to share with you, including some steamy excerpts, so let’s get this party started!

One of my most popular books at Totally Bound is The Bouncer, a novel about a guy named Kevin whose job ends in Chicago, so he moves to Austin, Texas to work as a bouncer for his brother Jack and brother-in-law Tito, an ex-boxer. Through no fault of his own, Kevin gets charged with aggravated assault and ends up doing community service at a gym…for toddlers.

Along the way, he meets the love of his life, the gruff cop Cruz Dixon, and falls in love with Austin, the music capital of the world.

Tito and Jack, though secondary characters, proved to be a hit with my readers so they feature in Step Back, a free story at Totally Bound, and will be the stars of their own novel, Because the Night: The Bouncer 2, which I’ve just completed.

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I am all about free things! At the bottom of this post are some things you’ll find for free such as my newsletter and A.J. Llewellyn app.

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The Bouncer


Since I’ve already mentioned The Bouncer, here’s a synopsis and a hot, yummy excerpt. My editor loved the scene I’m posting!

Kevin Branigan thought he was moving to Austin, Texas for a job. Instead, he got a life.

Kevin Branigan begins a new life in Austin, Texas, working as a bouncer at his brother’s bar. He intervenes when a drunken patron beats up his girlfriend and Kevin winds up being arrested. Sentenced to community service in a gay church, Kevin begins to think that the signs are all bad.

However, late one night at the bar, he’s seduced into a hot threesome with two of his co-workers. He finds himself drawn to this dangerous mix, as well as to hunky undercover cop Cruz Dixon.

Unfortunately Cruz appears to have a boyfriend. Or does he? Can he win over Cruz, who’s captured his heart and his mind?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of ménage à trois and ménage à quatre sex.

Free Excerpt from The Bouncer

I went to the john, feeling very okay thanks to the beer. Hammered by Hammerhead. I found myself giggling. Boy, I really was drunk. Good thing I wasn’t driving. I took a slash in the very ritzy urinal and was still standing there, shaking off, my cock in my hand, when Jimmy and Miguel burst in.

“Fuck!” Miguel said. “I knew he’d have a big one.”

“Fuck, yeah.” Jimmy stepped forward. My mouth hung down as they turned me around.

“Very nice cock, Kevin. May I touch it?” Jimmy was on his knees, his hot breath waking up Mr. Happy.

He licked the head.

“Christ, you’re a hog.” Miguel pushed him aside. “Let me taste.” I looked down, watching these two hot guys arguing over sucking rights. It was the sweetest thing that had ever happened to me.

Jimmy had captured my cock head again with his lips and tongue. Miguel panted beside him. Wow. Cock whores! Looking all glassy-eyed over me! I heard a tap dripping but I didn’t care. Miguel got mad at Jimmy, shoving him aside again. He sucked me in with an assured pressure that had my spirit doing cartwheels. It felt nice and warm in his expert mouth. I enjoyed the sensations so much. I found myself hoping beyond hope that Jimmy would lick me too and when he couldn’t nudge Miguel away, he started licking my shaft.


They swapped places. As one sucked very slowly on the head pulling up and down on my cock, the other one lapped at my shaft. As the first hot mouth moved back to my rigid cock, the other one would zero in on the head. Jimmy unzipped my pants letting them fall to my thighs. He spat on my balls, using his fingers to massage them. He let his middle and forefingers rub them, making lazy eights as he took my balls in his mouth one at a time. He was so greedy he tried to take both into his mouth at the same time. The pressure and the pleasure were unbelievable. I focused on holding up my shirt and jacket so I could watch everything. The dripping sound was like a drum and I found myself in my own little movie.

Miguel came off my cock and they both sucked my balls. I wanted to howl at the moon. I wanted to scream somebody’s name. Instead, I planted my feet further apart so I wouldn’t fall down. It was more action than I’d had in months and I was afraid of popping my cork right there and then. Jimmy took advantage of Miguel’s absence and took over sucking my cock. Miguel licked my crotch, a lovely, hot gesture and came back to my shaft as Jimmy sucked on me.

He was good, but Miguel was so much better. The idea that someone could walk in anytime just added to the excitement as I angled my cock back into Miguel’s mouth.

Jimmy licked my balls and shaft again, a finger moving to my ass.

“Stick it in,” I urged. He snaked a finger into me as I started to come in Miguel’s mouth. It was the most explosive orgasm ever.

The Mediator


The Mediator was my very first solo title at Totally Bound and much of it is based on my experiences covering boxing in Las Vegas. I was Totally Thrilled when my publisher suggested I revamp the story, add more sex and wham! It’s hotter than ever!

It’s just been re-released with a juicy new cover and here is a hot, hot HOT excerpt!

Background info:

Icarus Smith has two problems, and they both want him…their Mediator.

Icarus Smith has just landed an unusual assignment. A licensed mediator used to handling squabbling spouses, he’s been hand-picked to negotiate a forty-million-dollar welterweight championship title fight. The problem is, these two world boxing champions hate each other. Worst of all, Icarus has discovered that one of them, Italian superstar Paolo de Luca, is the man with whom he had a passionate affair in Italy the previous summer. Paolo cruelly dumped him, and Icarus realizes he is still devastated. Can he overcome his personal feelings to work with Paolo and the boxer’s arch-nemesis, US champion Adam Wyler?

So far, the fight scheduled to take place at New York’s Madison Square Garden is a bust. Fans have bought tickets, and Pay-Per-View sales are through the roof. Just like Lady Di’s face once adorned dishcloths, these guys have their faces on buttons, badges, posters, TV and print ads. And they don’t care.

But Icarus has an even bigger problem. He’s just accepted promoter Thaddeus Halsey’s huge wad of cash to broker this deal and Icarus wants the money for a restoration project in his hometown in Las Vegas. Can Icarus go through with mediation? Can he persuade the man who broke his heart to face the guy who now apparently wants it?

Free Excerpt from The Mediator:

I couldn’t stop thinking about the barefoot guy. I returned to the café the next day and there he was. He left his barely touched coffee on the table and walked up to me.

“Where are you staying?” he asked me in heavily accented English. He stood close, not quite touching me. He was delicious.

His lips were full and heavy—his skin smelt like lime and something spicy.

“Come on,” he said, inclining his head in that endearing way of his.

I followed him, my gaze fixed on his ass.

“I thought you’d forget to come,” he said over his shoulder.

‘Forget to come’? What is he talking about?

We turned several corners of narrow, winding streets. I smelled garlic, tomatoes on the vine, then he pushed me down a narrow opening against a wall. It was warm against my back and he was very hard as he pressed into me. He kissed me. His breath smelled like peppermint and coffee.

“You haven’t been smoking,” I said, as he rubbed his gigantic cock against me.

“I never smoke when I want to fuck. I’m really glad you came.” He trailed his tongue down my neck then stopped. He made my heart race and he knew it.

“Take it out,” he whispered, moving back to my ear.

“I can’t take it out,” I said, as people kept traipsing past us.

“Take it out. Now.”

His husky tone touched my central nervous system, numbing my toes. I unzipped the fly on my jeans and took out my cock.

Pompino,” he said, pursing his lips and letting a long drop of spit fall on my shaft. He immediately hunkered down and drew me into his mouth.

My sexy conqueror was all over me, his fingers on my balls, tugging them towards him. He sucked, almost gagging. He got me so hard so fast, I was afraid I would come. My arms fell back against the old stone wall. Using two fingers on my perineum, he stroked in a hypnotic way, jerking tenderly on my balls. He released my cock, kissing the head like an old friend he’d missed. His tongue came out and his warm brown eyes looked up at me as he swallowed the head in. I watched my whole cock slide into his mouth, enthralled by the hungry way he worked on me.

I was seconds from exploding when he pulled off me.

“Not yet.”

He stepped back and tilted his head again. Holy crap! He was telling me to follow him out of the laneway. I tried to stuff my cock back into my jeans and stumbled after him.

And lost him.

Sex and Candy


I’m including Sex and Candy, my favorite Christmas story because it’s hot, and it features some of the naughtiest fairies you’ll ever meet. Jing and William are two of my favorite creations and feature in a follow-up tale, Orange Crush.

Background info for Sex and Candy

Jing dreams of a yuletide filled with sex and candy…but so far the upcoming Winter Fae festivities look to be filled with humbugs…

It isn’t easy being the literal redheaded step-child of the grand Fairy King, Oberon. But frantically busy Jing, the Unseelie Court’s only male sugar plum fairy, has a chance to redeem himself in Oberon’s eyes. All he has to do is invite a sexy, frolicsome guest to the annual Winter Fae Fest—a wicked, wanton holiday celebration.

When he happens upon a handsome, red-haired fairy in the forest, Jing senses a kindred spirit in the softly spoken William. The mysterious but captivating fairy at first declines Jing’s invitation, then accepts.

At the festivities, however, Oberon recognises William as a Fire Fae and goes berserk. Fire faeries, who have a tendency to be tricksters and mischief makers, once set his pants ablaze and singed his hair and brows. Oberon sees William as being dangerous and subversive—a lunatic—and Fire Fae are not welcome.

William rushes to assure Jing he’s not bad—he never wants to hurt anyone. He’s just misunderstood…

Free Excerpt from Sex and Candy

“You think I should go with a depressed fairy to a ball?” William asked.

“Well…why not? You wouldn’t have to spend all evening with me. But you see…I have to go. Even though I’m a working fairy, I need a date.”

“You might find this difficult to believe, but your adorable invitation is quite easy to resist.”

Story of my life… Jing’s cheeks flamed. He couldn’t stop the colour from rising in his cheeks. He’d never hear the end of this. The last fairy who had displeased the King had wound up working in the stables brushing the tails and hoof feathers of the horses. Horses and fairies didn’t get along very well and, well…Jing didn’t fancy getting trampled by a cross colt.

“It is?” Jing fought off a wave of self-pity. “I can understand that, but I’ve never met a more handsome fairy…anywhere! You have to come with me, William. You’re gorgeous! I could never find another you!”

William gave him a dizzying smile. “Well…when you put it that way… Let me think about it a moment.” He tilted his head again in that beguiling way of his. “Suck my cock and perhaps I shall go with you to this ball…”

With an ecstatic yelp, Jing ran to him, tripped over a stone and found himself sprawled at the fairy’s feet.

“You need to aim a little higher, Jing.”

That’s the story of my life, too. Aim higher

Jing raised his head from the mud. He spat out mossy grass and was now eye level with those fantastic balls. William leant back, his cock jutting out from his scanty attire.
Jing couldn’t decide which to taste first, then just went for it. He began to lick William’s balls. They tasted of something fresh…and fiery. But what? He sipped at the ball sac with his lips, enjoying the sounds of satisfaction coming from the other fairy. Back and forth, his tongue swabbed at William’s tasty balls, Jing on his knees now. William reached out and ruffled Jing’s hair. Jing hated having his hair ruffled but he saw the look in William’s eyes. Lust. Need. Want. Jing had awoken those things in William. A surge of pride swelled in Jing, who moved to take possession of William’s now fully exposed cock. In spite of his own urgent desires, Jing took his time. He began licking the cock from the base upwards.

He caught the sound of William’s raspy breath. Yeah…he’s turned on. Jing licked up and down the shaft, ignoring William’s efforts to get his cock inside Jing’s mouth. Jing began to enjoy himself. He rubbed his face against the rigid pole, loving the feel of the smooth, satin-and-steel skin against his cheek.

William jutted his hips so that his cock landed against Jing’s moist lips. Jing glanced up and felt the heat of William’s burnished gaze. Yes! He opened his mouth and swallowed. William’s mouth fell open, exposing perfect teeth. His head went back as Jing sucked in earnest. Jing savoured the taste of the first pearls of fairy liquid against his tongue. It was a mix of flavours…salty, sweet, peppery, spice… Mmm…

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