Competition: Win one of 5 free Fifty Shades of Grey Documentary DVDs

Competition: Win one of 5 free Fifty Shades of Grey Documentary DVDs

“50 Shades: Real Women Confess” provides an inside look into the sexual, dominance and submission, counter-culture whose popularity has been revealed by the bestselling trilogy 50 Shades of Grey.


In this insightful documentary from Safecracker Pictures, real women reveal their experiences, wants and desires as dominant and submissive participants. Using real-life re-enactments and dramatisations as well as interviews with participants and experts in the field –  the film explores the roots of BDSM, how it is practised and the reasons this fringe movement has now become more acceptable within contemporary society.

Competition Time


The team behind the documentary have an exciting offer for you this December. You have the chance to win one of FIVE copies of the DVD!

The DVDs are Region 0 and this competition is open worldwide. I have the DVDs right here ready to post to the winners. All you have to do is get your entries in on the Rafflecopter widget below – the more entries you have the more chance you have of winning.

The competition will end on 6 January 2015 at 10pm (UK time). Good luck everyone!

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You can also buy the DVD from Amazon right here. It’s priced at £12.99.

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  1. Can’t say that I am a fan of the trilogy because the writing style just didn’t do it for me. Definitely a lot of overused phrases that quickly became annoying to read over and over again. The characters just didn’t seem believable and the way the sex was described dampened the mood and erotic nature I was looking for.

  2. Don’t like it but at least it has opened up doors for conversation and more people are becoming more willing to learn about it. Twitter: @PeteJames12

  3. I have never watched or read Fifty Shades of Grey in totality. However, from the samples I did read of them, the writing isn’t anything for me to get wet over. Awkward wording, gagworthy tropes, repetitive phrases. I get that it turns other people on, but it’s just not hot to me at all.

    I’m happy that BDSM is becoming more acceptable in society, but I also think that, when so many teens are reading this book, the discussion around why Fifty Shades of Grey is not representative of BDSM is necessary. Maybe this set of DVDs will be part of that.

  4. i didnt think i would like it but my sister lent me the books an i loved it although i still have a little bit to read on one of the books

  5. I’m hesitant to watch the movie because a lot will be missing that can’t be translated from book to movie. My kinky book club will do an outing to see the movie.
    coach4kat at gmail dot com

  6. The first one was readable although the grammar and language was pretty bad, the second was tedious and the third I just couldn’t be bothered!

  7. I read all three books, and I plan to see the movie. They were alright, I guess. I enjoyed parts of the first and third books, especially the fact that there was some action in the third book (i.e. *spoiler alert* car chase, kidnapping). The writing was repetitive though, and I think all three books could have been edited better and shorter. The second book was the most dysfunctional.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment 🙂 I agree – they weren’t kinky, for me – they were a love story. Not the best written but by no means the worst either. I’ve read quite a few which were absolutely awful! I guess I’ll have to go see the film so that I can form an opinion on that and blog about it too…
      – Cara

  8. As an erotic author I’m glad that 50 shades brought erotic to the front of the book store, rather than being tucked somewhere in the back.

  9. I really enjoyed the books.. they made me more “normal” since the book was so popular. I guess there are more kinky folks out there than I thought. And am also looking forward to the movie.

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