30 Minute Makeover Challenge – How Long Do Women Take to Get Ready?

30 Minute Makeover Challenge

How Long Do Women Take to Get Ready?

In a deviation from usual activities, I’ve taken time to accept the 30 Minute Makeover Challenge. Yes, I have to get ready in 30 minutes or less for a night out.

To give you some background, in my camp the ‘Readying’ is a fun and necessary ritual. The girls and I can take anywhere up to 4 hours to get ready for a night out because it’s FUN. We don’t *need* 4 hours to get ourselves set for a night on the tiles but when you add in drinks, chatter, faffing, singing, dancing, texting and Googling… time runs away and we don’t give a shit.

In a long-running debate about how ‘high maintenance’ women are, I’ve often argued the side of recreation over requirement in terms of quantum. My rationality has always fallen on deaf ears, so it was time to put my money where my mouth chats.  A couple of the boys have bet me one night of clubbing in exchange for success, and vice versa for failure… Cocky bastards, like I was gonna lose.

A make-up free, confused and poorly Hella. 30 minutes to get out and party... Challenge accepted!
A make-up free, confused and poorly Hella. 30 minutes to get out and party… Challenge accepted!


The rules are simple. I had to do a ‘full face of make-up like when you’re meeting up with a guy you want to bang’ (sorry, this is verbatim) and ‘all of that fake-hair-lion-mane shit you sometimes wear’ within 30 minutes. Rules were negotiated for the sake of accuracy and the assurance I wouldn’t fall folly to a shitty loophole.

I had to be happy going out to somewhere other than ‘The Nest where it doesn’t matter’ and I wasn’t allowed to backtrack on the statement of being ‘ready to go’. Fake eyelashes were optional. 30 minutes was the time limit in totality – presuming I had clothes on.

To prove once and for all that my girls and I are in no way as high maintenance as you might think, I’ve filmed my personal readying ritual to demonstrate how it takes less than 30 minutes to go from  ‘not leaving the house’ to ‘hurry up, boys. You’re taking forever’. I have my outfit sussed, my bag ready and shoes on standby. A minute after these videos, I would have had to be in the car. Did I succeed?

Can a Woman Get Ready to Go Out in Less Than 30 Minutes?
– 30 Minute Makeover Challenge Accepted

Disclaimer: I ready naked. I also make a lot of dumb faces (make-up face, anyone?), specifically the ‘concentration pout of doom’ which is most commonly seen during games of CoD.

There is definitely the odd flash of nipple in these two videos but I’ve attempted to keep them in check (we have the attention of perverts at least). I’ve also prepped my face with a base of tinted moisturiser before make-up application, this genuinely took less than a minute post shower using my fingertips. Sorry for not filming but I was so wet and naked it would be banned under the new UK porn laws and there is no plug socket in there. There’s no commentary either but it’s pretty self explanatory what I’m doing (to us girls, anyway).


Step 1 – Full face make-up from scratch.
14 minutes 24 seconds

Step 2 – Hair with extensions from dry and unwashed
13 minutes 01 seconds


WINNER! Drinks are on you, lads. 🙂 

30 Minute Makeover Challenge Hella Rude 2

30 Minute Makeover Challenge Hella Rude 3

Ps… You held me up tonight by having me film, upload and blog about this stupid subject. So the cabs are on you too. x

– Hella Rude


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