Women-Specific Lubricants: Necessary Or Just Another Marketing Ploy?

Women-Specific Lubricants: Necessary Or Just Another Marketing Ploy?

By Cara Sutra

Do women-specific lubricants really matter? When you first realise that what your sex life needs is a little more glide, you will doubtless turn to sex lubricants to transform that dry chafe into sexy friction. It’s only when you start shopping for lubricants (at a well stocked online sex shop as Lubezilla) that you begin to realise that this task isn’t as simple as you’d first imagined.

Women-Specific Lubricants Important or another marketing ploy

Why not? I hear you ask. Surely you just buy a bottle of lube, no? Well, yes and no. There isn’t any such thing as a simple ‘bottle of lube’ any more. The sexual products industry has moved on from the days when KY Jelly was THE only lube that existed or mattered. Let’s not even talk about the use of hazardous household liquids as emergency lube. There are now thousands of different brands and types of lubricant, to help you slip and slide your way through any and every sexual activity.

Among the rows and rows of sex lubricants you will note that some are categorised as ‘for women’. This doesn’t simply mean they come in a pretty pink bottle, all hearts and flowers. There are specific reasons why certain formulations of lubricant are more suitable for women to use than others.

What Makes Women-Specific Lubricants Different From The Others?

Women-specific lubricants can be water based, silicone, or hybrid. The exact formulation of a sexual lubricant is made up with a number of ingredients. Some of those ingredients can cause discomfort to certain women when used vaginally. The lining of the vagina is highly sensitive and pH balanced, so introducing external factors to this part of your body should be done with even more care and attention than to others. Many water based lubricants include glycerine, which has been shown to have a drying effect on the vagina. The sugar levels of glycerine enhanced lubes can seriously affect the pH balance and therefore the vaginal comfort level for a lot of women, causing symptoms from slight irritation to prolonged thrush.

Women-specific lubricants avoid using glycerine or other sugar based products in their formulations. As well as taking the sugar levels into consideration, you will find that many women-specific lubricants are also enhanced with skin kind and pH balanced ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and other body friendly, hypoallergenic extracts. Others still are 100% organic and/or 100% natural.

Many women choose to only use lubricants which are paraben free. Parabens are chemicals often used to preserve products, particularly in the cosmetics and personal care industry, which are rumoured to be carcinogenic -although this is as yet unproven. The most common parabens used in this manner, and which you may wish to look out for, are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben.

Women-Specific Lubricants Important or another marketing ploy

What Other Types Of Lubricants Are Available?

As well as female-friendly & women-specific lubricants, there are many other types of sex lube. Whatever your style of sexual pleasure, chances are there’s a lubricant to match. Water based, silicone, oil, or hybrid lubricant (a mixture of water based and silicone) are the main types. These have seen various sub categories added as our understanding of how lubricants can assist with greater sexual pleasure and ease any discomfort has grown. Examples of sub-categories of lubricants include anal lube, special effects lubricants such as warming, cooling and tingling, and flavoured lubricants which come in a wide assortment of flavours.

Why Should I Even Bother Using Lube?

Using lube can mean the difference between uncomfortable or even painful sex and sex or masturbation with a pleasurable glide and enhanced sensation. Lubricants can be especially useful for those who suffer with vaginal dryness, or during anal sex. The anal area does not self-lubricate like the vagina, so it’s essential to use lubricant when engaging in anal sex or using anal sex toys.

Do I Really Need To Choose A Women-Specific Lubricant?

Whether you definitely need to use a women-specific lubricant really comes down to several things. There’s your personal physiology. Your previous experiences with lubricant use. Views on products such as glycerine and paraben enhanced lubricants can differ. If you have experienced recurrent bouts of thrush, UTIs, vaginal dryness or other intimate feminine issues, choosing a women-specific and female friendly lubricant is the wisest choice. Even if you’re not sure whether standard lubricants would affect you in a negative manner, women-specific lubricants are generally in the same price bracket. Why risk discomfort and pain when you can select a lubricant which boasts a vagina-friendly formulation from the start?

Which Of The Women-Specific Lubricants Will be Perfect For Me?

Take a close look at the ingredients of the lubricant you have in mind. If you don’t understand what any of them are, Google it or send a message to the customer services department. It’s important that you only use lubricants inside and on your body that you are entirely comfortable with. Don’t feel embarrassed about asking for more information, or worry that it’s a waste of time.

It could be that you need to try a few different types of women-specific lubricants before you find the perfect one. Every person, every woman, is unique. That means everyone has a unique vagina and sensitivity level. It would be impossible to label one single female-friendly lube as the perfect one for all women. However, it’s safe to say that selecting from a category of lubricants which have been specially developed for women is the smartest first move.

Now that you’re ready to shop for your comfortable, pleasurable and lady-loving lube, go check out the huge selection of sex lubricants at Lubezilla. There’s not only lubricants for every sexual occasion but there’s an enormous choice of sex toys and bedroom essentials too.
Women-Specific Lubricants Important or another marketing ploy

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