A Sexy Night Owl on the Prowl

A Sexy Night Owl On The Prowl

By Angels of London

Maria hails from the beautiful country of Spain. She grew up in Barcelona, and spent many late nights sipping rich, Spanish wine with friends and plotting her next sexy conquest. When she moved to London and made the decision to work with an escort agency, she chose Angels of London and indicated that she preferred to schedule her dates during the late evenings, because it reminded her of home.

A Sexy Night Owl On The Prowl hot free erotic storyOn one recent, late night Maria was lounging in her apartment drinking her beloved Spanish wine when she got a call from the agency. A businessman from Sweden was in town overnight and was looking for a 24 hour escort. He was particularly interested in a date with a sexy, Latin woman who was agreeable to something a little bit naughty. The agency immediately thought of beautiful Maria and she eagerly accepted the late night tryst.

She carefully applied her makeup and slipped into one of her sexiest red dresses and sky high heels. She flipped her long, black hair over her shoulder and went downstairs to a waiting taxi. While enroute to the client’s hotel she surreptitiously reached under her dress to stroke her swollen clit, which was already tingling in anticipation.

When the client opened the door to his hotel room, Maria smiled seductively. She took his hand as she introduced himself, leaning in to give him a kiss hello. The sexy client seemed a bit hesitant, so Maria sat down and asked him what he had in mind for the date. He shyly whispered that he wanted something that he had never had, something his wife wouldn’t give him.

He wanted anal sex.

Maria smiled. Anal sex was something that she loved and she told the client that her back door was all his. She slipped out of her dress, exposing her high, firm breasts. As she bent to take off her shoes, her gorgeous, round ass was in full view of the eager man. She parted her cheeks with her hands to show him her puckered hole, and traced the rim with a red lacquered fingernail. Her sexy date moaned in anticipation.

Maria grasped the man’s hand and led him to the bed. As he laid back the sexy, Latin girl removed his pants, freeing his hard, straining cock. She ran her pointed tongue up the firm shaft of his cock, and lapped at the pre-cum oozing from the tip.

Maria then shifted positions, placing her luscious behind squarely on the man’s face. He slipped a finger into her wet pussy, and tongued her asshole enthusiastically. Maria continued to play with the man’s hard cock, stroking the shaft as she moaned in pleasure. She was ready to feel this hard dick deep in her asshole.

Maria rolled over to her hands and knees and flipped her hair over her shoulder. She smiled at her handsome client as he moved into position. She felt the head of his lubricated cock press against her back door, and she eagerly moved back against him. When his hard dick was fully inside her snug rear hole, he began to thrust. Maria squealed in pleasure as her client reached beneath to stroke her clit. She felt his cock begin to grow harder inside her, then he shuddered and cried out as his orgasm exploded.

Later, as Maria took a cab back to her apartment, she decided that this was one of the best dates she’d ever had. She took pride in her work, and loved being able to make this client’s fantasy become a reality.

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