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Opening with a story by Alison Tyler, Penthouse Variations on Oral is the sizzling new collection of oral sex themed erotic stories from Cleis Press. If you’re after some seriously sexy stories about just how tasty sex can get, this is the book for you. Tantalise your tastebuds with the free excerpt below.

You can buy Penthouse Variations on Oral – Erotic Stories of Going Down at Cleis Press, Amazon UK and Prices start at just £7.12 (Kindle edition).

– Cara Sutra

Free Excerpt

Penthouse Variations on Oral

It was there, over cocktails, that we began to loosen up, and as the conversation got more personal, we started touching each other casually, until my hand was on her upper arm and she was absentmindedly stroking my thigh through my jeans. It had grown warm in the semi-crowded room, so she had taken off her bulky sweater, giving me a good peek at the large tits straining at her camisole. I could also see the outlines of her nipples, which practically poked holes through the black spandex top, and I hoped that meant she was turned on and not just chilly, because god knows how aroused I’d gotten!

It definitely seemed like she was flirting with me. As we talked, she kept licking her lips enticingly, until they were entirely clean of gloss and yet still unbearably sexy. I barely heard a word of what she was saying because all I could do was picture them—and the pink tongue of which she kept giving me glimpses—doing all sorts of wicked things to my dick. My own mouth watered incessantly as I went on to picture myself returning the favor, using my own tongue on her succulent cunt, and for about the hundredth time since I’d met Erin, I wished we were anywhere other than in an airport.

As I struggled to keep up my end of the conversation, all I could think about was burying my head between her thighs and licking her pussy until she screamed. That’s why, when she excused herself to go to the ladies’ room with what I was certain looked like a wink, it only took a moment of lust-fueled consideration before I hastily grabbed our carry-ons and followed her in hot pursuit. When I got to the restroom, I waited for a moment outside the door, and then, when the coast was clear, I ducked into that place where few guys had been and hoped I hadn’t seriously misread her signals.

My footsteps echoed in the otherwise empty room, until the door to the large stall at the very end opened and Erin’s head popped out. “I thought you’d never get here.” She giggled as she motioned me inside, throwing her arms around my neck as soon as we were locked in. Pressing her lips to mine, she slipped her tongue into my open mouth, so I reached around to knead her asscheeks while she mashed her glorious tits against my chest. I was grinding my erection against her, so she reached down, gave it a squeeze and then began working open my jeans with nimble fingers. As she pulled out my turgid dick and began a lazy rhythm of pumping it in her tightened fist, I scram- bled to get into her pants, too. Finally, with her open waistband barely past her hips, I slid my hand into her panties to slip my finger between her labia and stroke her sleek inner lips.

Erin’s petals peeled back at my touch, and for a moment, she leaned against my hand as her breathing got slower and heavier. A minute later, she abruptly pulled herself off my fingers, so I brought them to my mouth to suck off her tangy juices as I waited to see what she’d do next. Mesmerized, I watched as she lowered the toilet lid and climbed onto it, bringing herself eye level with my erect cock. She held my shaft tightly at the root and contemplated it for a moment, and we both watched as a drop of precome oozed from the tiny slit in the tip.

That, apparently, was all the invitation she needed to dig in. My body tensed as she stuck out her sexy pink tongue and dragged it over my knob, swiping up the milky drop in the process. With a dramatic lick of her lips, she put on a show of oohing and aahing over the delicious treat of my dick, and in response, I surged forward uncontrollably, bumping her mouth with my cockhead. She immediately opened wide to envelop my mushroom-shaped tip, and after giving it a good, long suck, she swabbed her tongue around its circumference until my hips bucked back and forth.




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