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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Raven McAllan who is not only a highly talented erotic writer, she’s also an absolute sweetheart. With not just one but three free excerpts we were already spoiled, but the free festive flash fiction is sure to tip you over the edge! Thanks Raven!

Enjoy finding out more about the lady behind the writing in Raven McAllan‘s spotlight feature below.

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raven mcallan

Do you ever get that, oh wow, they want me moment?

I did, when I was asked to write this for Cara Sutra.

You see, I still have trouble believing I’m a published let alone—blowing my own trumpet here—a best selling author of Erotic Romance.

However I’ve just pinched myself, checked my screen shots and ratings, and I am so, here goes…

Hi all, my name is Jo, but I write adult books as Raven McAllan. Why? When I started to write and my first book was accepted, I swithered whether to be Jo or someone else. The few days before my book was accepted a raven kept perching on the garden fence. My Wiccan friend told me the raven was the harbinger of news, and I should soon hear something, one way or another.

When I got my first acceptance (at 3am, and I woke hubby to tell him by dancing around the bedroom), I liked the idea of being Raven, and bringing ‘news’ i.e. my books to other people.

Hubby and I live in Scotland, on the edge of a forest, which I admit is totally unsuitable for my wee sports car. However there’s a story behind that.

When our children were wee, (little) many years ago, we sold our sports car, and I was so mad I didn’t speak to hubby for about a week. He promised me that one day, he’d buy me one. Me not us. Twenty five years later, I got a phone call from him, asking me when I could pick it up. Bless him, it’s a real love you present, as he’s too tall to get inside in comfort with the top up.

However, I digress, so back to the author name.

I wanted a Scottish surname to go with Raven. My hubby (known fondly as Dh in my blog posts) suggested McAllan, as a play on, in his opinion, the best whisky in the world, The Macallan ™. (It has nothing to do with the fact he works for the company who make it.) I though it was a great idea, because, apart from anything else, my own surname is nowhere as near romantic.

I like the idea of putting on ‘my Raven hat’, getting in the Raven mindset, and writing. It’s not much of a pseudonym as most people know who I am. Indeed in the village I’m known as the woman who writes ‘dirty’, or ‘hot and sexy’, depending on who is talking, books. One person even went to so far as to calling me the porn writing Granny. Er no…I am a granny, it’s not porn. But I like the idea of getting away from the laundry doing, clothes ironing, dust bunny admiring Jo, into the hot, sexy writing word of Raven.

What else? Oh, my mum was a born within the sound of Bow Bells, an out and out cockney. I grew up in Corby in Northamptonshire, which is more Scottish than Scotland, and I based one of my earlier books, (The Baronet’s Blackout Bombshell) in Northamptonshire, and on her stories of being evacuated from London to an old stately home in the middle of nowhere, with the company she worked for.

To this day, I still have no idea how my voice, the way I write works. I didn’t deliberately set out to write erotic romance, but it seems that that is where I’ve gravitated to. My characters ‘tell me’ this is my voice, and I’m happy to go with their vote.

As I’m lucky enough to see lots of different places in the world, I like to set my stories in places I’ve visited, and know.

Hong Kong Heat, due out from Totally Bound next summer, is, yes you’ve guessed it, set in one of my favorite cities in the world, Hong Kong.

hong kong heat raven mcallan


Diomhair, my Scottish BDSM series set in a restored castle, is based on an unrestored castle not far from where I live. I love knowing I have my scenery correct. Yes, you might not find a certain castle where it sounds as if it should be, (I do move houses around a bit) but the locks and mountains are real.

Diomhair, Gaelic for Secret

raven mcallan home

What happens at Diomhair, stays there…

It doesn’t matter whether you want to learn or teach, be in control or controlled, Diomhair could be the place for you.

The ruined castle deep in the Scottish countryside had been rebuilt into an exclusive, private, BDSM club, where people could learn about and enjoy the lifestyle.

Not everyone approved, and not everyone appreciated it, but for those who did and fit the criteria, it was somewhere to go and be themselves, relax and play.

And if you found love there, your own perfect match, well that could only be a bonus.

For isn’t the secret to true love the biggest secret of all?

Erotic Books

Here’s some teasers…

Secrets Sharedbook 1

raven mcallan secrets shared

David and Jess are scening for the first time

“Spread, please.” He touched her ankles in turn with his toes to show her what he meant. Jess did as he asked, without, he hoped, any reluctance. He stroked her spine once more, and he revelled in the way it stretched in an elegant arc over the bench. Every nerve end was tingling with awareness and expectation. He hoped he did nothing to let them down.

“I’m going to explain every little thing, Jess. At all times I’ll make certain you’ll be aware of what we’re doing. First, I’ll shackle your ankles. Remember you can safe word me at any time.” He took hold of the soft Velcro ties that were fastened to the corners of the bench, and thanked his good fairy that he’d left them attached and not changed to the metal ones he also had for the bench. As Jess stretched each foot to rest against the leg of the bench he fastened them swiftly, and checked the bindings for comfort. A swift question regarding her status and the reassuring answer, gave him encouragement to move on to the next step. “And the hands. Believe me, this will be easier for you than having to keep yourself in this position without restraints.”

“Ah, I hadn’t thought of that, but I get it. I could run rather than safe word.”

David was pleased Jess understood.
“Exactly. Is that comfortable? Not too tight?”

She flexed her fingers and wriggled her toes. “I’d not use the word comfortable, I’m so not that, but nothing pinches or rubs.”

David gave into temptation and rubbed her bottom. She wriggled it, and did her best to push into his touch. “Eager, are we?”

“Yes, Sir, maybe. Oh dammit, David.” Jess burst out in a slightly irritated voice. “Just get on with it, will you. I’m doing it, aren’t I?”

She was getting bratty, and even if it was due to nerves and in private, David wasn’t going to accept that.
 “Topping from the bottom, Jess? Add another ten swats.” He ignored her gasp, and walked the three steps to the chest of drawers that housed his collection of whips and floggers and chose one that he knew he could use to sting or thud.

The few experimental flicks he made with it in the air satisfied him. With each swish she flinched. The noise was perhaps more definite than the feeling she’d get, but David was well aware of the importance of psychology.

“Ready? Colour?”

“Yes. Green, Sir.” Her words came out in short bursts and she breathed heavily. As he watched, she ran her fingers over her palms and gripped the wooden handles attached to the bench for that purpose. He was proud of the bench. Woodwork was a hobby and making the bench had been labour of love.

“Count. Fifteen in groups of five.” He brought the flogger down, mindful not to hit her in the middle of her scars.

He changed to the other globe of her ass.
“Ahh, two…” she half sobbed. “Three, oh, sweet…oh, four, five.” Jess sniffed. “Oh my, oh, hell.”

“Colour?” David was sure she wasn’t in pain per se, more the pain of pleasure. He rubbed her ass, where redness was already beginning to show.

“Green.” She sounded surprised he’d asked.

David didn’t wait. He brought the flogger down in a flick designed to sting. She arched into it with a scream and an “ah, yesss,” and continued to count.
“Fifteen… fift…” Her voice trailed off and she slumped over the bench.

David put the flogger down on the floor and rubbed her now beautifully rosy ass.
“Ah so good, so good, love. I’m proud of you.” He undid her restraints and lifted her into his arms. It had been a very short session, but David had no intention of pushing too hard. There was so much he thought they could achieve, and he wasn’t going to rush.

Jess looked up at him. The devilment in her eyes was easy to see.

No subspace yet then.

“Is that it?”

Secrets Uncovered, book 2

raven mcallan secrets uncovered

Kath is pregnant, and she and Jeff are working out their new protocol…

“Put the book down, pet. I think it’s time we sorted out some bedtime protocol, don’t you?”

She dropped the book as if it was on fire and he tutted. “That’s a book, pet, you didn’t need to treat it as if it had a contagious disease.”

“Sorry, Sir.” She picked it up and smoothed out the creased page before setting it down carefully on the bedside table.

Jeff took a deep breath. Come on, show her you love her, show her you want her to be happy. Show her you’re her Master and what’s going to happen.

“So, pet, I think we’re ready to start. When I come into bed with you, if you’re awake and willing, you’ll kiss my cock. You’ve hinted often enough you like the idea of that to be incorporated.”

“Oh yes, Sir. And can I still play with your nipples?” Her look was a mixture of hope and mischief. How could he say no?

“This isn’t to make either of us come, Kath, it’s merely our pre-sleep greet.”

She grinned, and her face was full of love and laughter. “I’ve missed that, Sir, I like this idea.”

“Good, so do I. So.” He pulled back the cover and stretched out with his arms behind his head. The position made his cock stand up out of its nest of dark hair. Already pre-cum was glistening on the head, and Kath licked her lips.

Kath sniggered and hid her mouth behind her hand. “Someone’s pleased to see me.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Pardon, pet?”

She bit her lip, not in a scared or worried way, and lowered her eyes. “Oh yes, Sir, sorry, Sir.” With a wicked glint in her eyes, Kath rolled onto her side and dipped her head. “Good night, my Sir. I love you.” Her lips brushed his cock, warm and soft, and her tongue stroked a hot wet streak from head to balls. How he didn’t groan aloud, he had no idea. It was love, heat, awareness and submission, hell, everything in one long caress.

She lifted her head and curled up next to him. “Sleep tight.”

Jeff hesitated, then gently pushed her over onto her other side so he could pull her back into his arms, with his cock brushing her butt. “Thank you, pet. Now I think I’d better show you my side of the protocol, eh?”

She twisted her head to look at him, and her expression was one of puzzlement. “Sir?”

“Relax and let me take care of you, pet.” Very carefully, he feathered his fingers over her nipples and waited for her sharp intake of breath. “Colour?”

“Very, very, exceptionally green, Sir.” Kath pressed her bottom into his body a little tighter. “So green it’s practically a new shade that’s just come out. Ahh come…Sir?” She ended on a rising note of query.

“Shh… This is for you now.” Jeff stroked her tummy and placed his hand over the slight swell. “Dear Bump, this is for your mama. So you sleep tight and let her be happy, eh?” He moved one hand very deliberately to touch the hood of her clit then stroked around the entrance to her channel.

Kath squirmed and her breath came in little pants. “Sh…shi… Oh blimey, do that and I’ll come.”

He pinched her clit very gently with his thumb and forefinger as his other finger continued to tease her pussy. “Then come, pet, this is for you to enjoy and embrace.”

She didn’t need anything else. Jeff had never seen Kath fall apart so fast or so completely. Subdued maybe, her mewls and squeaks were muted, but the sheen on her skin, and the way she shook and squirmed weren’t.

“Oh my, oh goodness, oh…” She babbled and sobbed as her movement slowly diminished. Jeff held her tightly, his fingers still stroking and caressing her nub and her pussy, until she groaned. “As much as I hate to say it, it’s ‘chief’ now, Sir. But merely for now, you understand?”

Jeff laughed and pressed a kiss on top of her head. He well knew how all of a sudden Kath’s body would cry enough whether it had been a straightforward vanilla act of making love or a full on flogging attached to the St. Andrew’s Cross. To differentiate that need for a cessation of play, as opposed to the hard limit, no way no more scenarios, they’d chosen chief as the stop word. He had no idea why and didn’t much care. It worked and that was all that mattered.

“Of course I understand. You were superb, pet, and I think that worked perfectly, don’t you?” In fact, he’d say more than perfectly. His cock was so hard and his balls so tight he’d almost come without trying. How the hell he hadn’t, he had to assume was down to years of iron will and self-control.


What? Before he had time to ask exactly what she meant, Kath wriggled round to face him.

“Except, Sir, for it to be perfect, I really think I need to return the favor. May I? I promise if I feel ill or your cum tastes like tripe, I’ll stop.” Tripe wasn’t something Kath had learned to like in her pregnancy. She stroked his tight shoulders and her hands kneaded at the tension there.

He thought about it. How could it hurt her or Bump? He had to trust the doctor. By God, if she didn’t let him come, he would hurt. It wasn’t Kath in a bratty sub mode, it was Kath as his caring, loving sub, who wanted to please him, her Master.

“If it pleases you, it pleases me,” he said finally, and was rewarded by the way her eyes lit up. She waited and Jeff understood this was something else to incorporate into their protocol.

“Pet, this isn’t an order or a necessity, but if you feel up to it, you can indicate your willingness after you’ve greeted me by licking the tip of my cock. And then you get into whichever position works best for you.”

Kath chuckled. “Don’t expect to have a dry head then.” She twisted round until her head was at cock level. “Oh, God, I’m so excited I’m shaking.”

He could see the shivers as they rippled over her skin. “I’ll be like you,” he warned. “I won’t last long, pet.”

“I hope not, then I might get to do it all over again later.” She took his cock in her mouth and sucked.

Red-hot heat raced through him, as fast as a wildfire and twice as potent. Jeff bit his lip and tried to control the way his pre-cum increased and his climax attacked his senses. He saw stars, and the world dissolved into a myriad of color. Kath nibbled from tip to base very carefully, then took his balls in her mouth and tugged.

He shot over the edge into oblivion, and was dimly aware of her drinking him until he was sated.

Could a man pass out from coming? Jeff had no idea, but he reckoned he’d been pretty damned close.

Secrets Remembered, book 3

raven mcallan secrets remembered

I had so much trouble deciding which excerpt to tease you with, I gave in and did both…

The first one is very short, but it’s when Ailsa meets Aidan for the first time…

“Right, let’s move.” He took her arm and swung her through the doorway after him. “So are we going for wax or knife?”

He was crazy. Surely even a Sir or Dom didn’t pick up random women and ask them that? Then Ailsa remembered he’d said she was late. She didn’t think he meant her as in her Ailsa McLagan, or she hoped he didn’t, else she had slipped into a nightmare. Therefore it must be as she thought and he’d mistaken her for someone else. She’d best go along with it until she could make her getaway.

“Ohh, er, well, you see.” She giggled. Grief, I sound like a right idiot. “I really don’t know. I mean, should I?”

He stopped dead and as he was towing Ailsa along in his wake she bumped into him. All hard muscles and sinews, a body that she’d bet would look great in boardies and not much else.

Down girl. He’s too much everything for you. You need to get away, not stay.

“Oh, I so think you should.” He turned and looked at her face, without releasing his grip on her arm. The voice was smooth, but no one could have mistaken the steely note of authority in it. “After all, why waste the evening, and your money? If you’re worried I’m not Jeff, even he’ll say I’m a better teacher in wax and knife play than he is.”

What? Think here. “Then why was I booked with him?” Hopefully it was a good guess.

“Because I was busy. Now I’m not. Except with you. You have my whole attention.”

That was what she was worried about.

Ailsa studied the guy from under her lashes. “What did you say your name was?” she asked him.

He flicked her chin then held it in one hand to lift her head up. Her neck cranked back as she was forced to gaze upward at an impossible angle.

“Well now, pet, all you need to know is between these walls you call me, Sir.”


“So, pet. What’s it to be, wax or knife? Perhaps you want a little of each?” The hold on her chin tightened just enough to sting.

Ailsa swallowed. It was so hard to think when her mind was full of him. “I think maybe wax, Sir.” After all, it was something that made her go all gooey inside when she read about it.

“Yes, wax, please, Sir.” Why did using the salutation sound so natural? His demeanour certainly helped but so did the knowledge of where she was. Little pinpricks of excitement bombarded her, and she metaphorically held her breath until he let go of her chin and nodded.

“Very well, pet. You’re overdressed, but we’ll sort that in a second. Assume the position.” He crossed his arms over his chest and continued to stare at her without blinking. “You can do that?”

It took Ailsa all her concentration not to wriggle. Overdressed? Sort it? Do it?

“Waiting, pet.”

 Oh Lordy. She’d been so mesmerised by his look she’d forgotten what he’d asked of her. Now come on, remember the books. Ailsa dropped to her knees, not very gracefully. A slight run in with the car fender when her arms were full of groceries had left her with a swollen and bruised knee. She gasped as the tender skin made contact with the wooden floor.

“What’s wrong?”

“The car fender and I had a coming together and my knee came off worse.”

He frowned.

“First rules, pet. Open and honest. I asked you if you could assume the position. Your response should have been that due to an injury it wasn’t possible. Then we make our own rules.”

 Oh shoot, messed up already. I should know that. I’ve read enough books where that’s stressed. She decided there was a dumb blonde moment needed.

“I’m excited, scared, flustered and nervous, Sir,” Ailsa said in a quiet voice. It was true, even if she was overemphasising everything. Never had so many different emotions vied to be uppermost in her. It was as if each one was on a pogo stick in her stomach and bouncing up and down as if their life depended on it. “I wanted to do as you asked, and I didn’t think.”

He put his hands under her arms and helped her to stand up. “I’m glad you wanted that, but you have to remember the rest. How can I be sure what we’re doing is safe, sane and consensual if you aren’t honest? That’s the first thing anyone learns. It worries me that you forgot it.”

She knew the rule. How on earth had she managed to screw up so badly so soon? Ailsa hoped to hell she’d be able to talk her way out of the situation. She didn’t think her boss would be happy if she had to confess how she’d ballsed things up. And as for the rest of the team? The teasing she’d get there wasn’t worth thinking about.

“I know, Sir, I’m sorry, it was an automatic reaction.” She dipped her head and stared at the floor between them. Not only was it respect—she hoped—it also meant he wasn’t staring into her eyes. He seemed to know exactly what was in her mind.

“Good in one way, very bad in another. If I were your Master, you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week after that silliness. How long have you been a sub?”

It was just the question she’d hoped he wouldn’t ask.

Free Festive Flash Fiction

As it’s almost Christmas, I thought it might be fun to see just how the couples we’ve met celebrate.

This flash is written especially for you…

The Very Kinky Christmas Tree

“I worry they’ve been much too creative,” Kath muttered as she sat on the floor next to her friends. “I mean sheesh, blindfolds, bondage and bare assed.”

Next to her she heard Jess chuckle. “To say nothing of bare boobed.”

“And a ribbon on my collar,” Alisa added. The three of them were fast friends and as their respective Dom’s said triple trouble when they got together.

“Anyone would think we were going to run away, or do something bratty. I mean us? Bratty. Never.”

All three burst out laughing. Bratty could have been coined for them.

The creak of the door made Kath sit up straighter and she’d bet the other two did the same. They might pretend to moan, but Kath knew each of her friends would have done the same. Protocol mattered. They loved their Dom’s and wanted to show it.

“Oh how pretty.” It was Jeff, her Sir. “Three obedient little subbies under the tree. Shall we let them open a present each?”

“Why not?” That was David, Jess’ Master. “I wonder if they can guess what they each get?”

“Well, let’s see.” Aidan, Ailsa’s Dom spoke. “Five spanks if they get it wrong?”

Kath wriggled, conscious if anyone looked at her closely her pussy and legs would be coated in her juices.

“And play with it if they get it right.” Jeff said.

“What do you say, pets?” That was Aidan again.

“Please, Sir.” Three voices agreed as the girls spoke at the same time.

Kath knew her breath sped up as someone, she presumed Jeff, undid her wrists and clasped them loosely in front of her, with just enough slack for her to then hold the parcel he put in her hands.

“Three guesses, pet.”

She bit back a grin. Lie and get the spanking she ached for, or tell the truth and get to play with a new magic wand. She wriggled and she felt Jeff’s breath on her cheek. “If you lie you won’t get your present for a week. If you tell the truth, I’ll still give you your spanking.”

No contest.  “A new magic wand.”

“Very good pet.”

He nuzzled her neck, and Kath nigh on purred.

“Oh wrong, kitten. Spanks on the agenda.” That was Aidan.

“Yes please, Sir. But are you sure it’s not a butt plug?” Ailsa sounded puzzled. “Shit, it’s a darning mushroom. Grr.” She giggled. “Creative, Sir.”

“Mine’s new nipple clamps.” Jess sounded triumphant.

“Partly,” David said. “So three spanks eh?”

Jess giggled. “Best of both words eh?”

Kath blinked as her blindfold was taken off. In front of the window, the very kinky Christmas tree stood with its lights in the shape of vibrators twinkling. The mantlepiece had miniature Santas holding dildos, cock rings, collars and handcuffs. Her two friends were kneeling on the floor next to their Doms, and all six of them were grinning.

“Time to toast our lovely subs.” David passed glasses of champagne around.

“To all of you. Partners, friends, Doms and subs, I give you a toast. A very happy Christmas, and a kinky New Year.”

They could all drink to that.



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