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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Crissy Smith who has written a myriad of sexy tomes and is sharing some of her best bits with you today! Thanks Crissy.

Read on to find out more about this lovely and highly talented lady, read her free excerpts and find out where she’s at on the web.

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Crissy Smith lives in a small west Texas town in the United States that doesn’t even have a bookstore. This is how she first got interested in reading and writing in the electronic form. When the latest best sellers aren’t available she had to get her fix somehow. Adding in the fact that Crissy prefers her stories a little more on the steamy side of things the EBook sensation is perfect for her.

During the day Crissy works as a quiet and somewhat private office manager for a company that provides service to the Oil Field. But at night when the lights are low and a blank computer screen is in front of her, the only limitation is her own imagination. Crissy tends to lean more toward the paranormal side of erotic romance and has thirty books published with many more ideas in the wings. While Crissy enjoys reading several genres in erotic romances she finds that creating her own paranormal characters opens the spectrum of heat levels. Being able to get away with more sensual writing as she invents new worlds for her shifters, vampires, and other immortal persons is one of the best parts of writing.

To learn more about all of Crissy’s books please visit her website at: where there is a full list of titles with buy links, monthly contests, and sneak peeks on what is coming up.

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Hi everyone! You can’t see but I am sending you great big kisses and waving with two hands! I am so pleased to be able to introduce myself and my books as part of this great community. As part of Totally Bound publishing I have over thirty books and publications that I can’t wait for you to try.

As an erotic paranormal writer I love to write about the strong connections of my heroes and heroines. Their relationships are what drive my plots and keep me in front of my computer night after night.

My newest release through Totally Bound is part of my long running Were Chronicles series.

Pack Beta is book eleven in the Were Chronicles series and both opens the door to a new series coming at the end of 2015 and continues the adventures of our wolf shifters.

The Were Chronicles series was my very first series and has grown to have an entire new spin off series from these novellas. To learn more about the entire Were Chronicles please visit the very own site completely dedicated to these books.

were chronicles crissy smith

Hot Alpha males and feisty females set the pages on fire as they clash and struggle to belong and find that one special mate.

Shape-shifters who cannot shift, attacks on packs, coming out to the world, The Were Chronicles will take you through the lives of Pack members who fight for who and what they want.

 Nothing is more sacred then the one person who completes them.

Through betrayals and lies these strong willed females and fully dominant males must find a way to protect what’s really important. Love.

In Pack Beta we get to see Chase Lawson’s story enfold. Chase isn’t like the other shifters. Quieter and more comfortable in the background Chase enjoys his place behind the Alpha of the Pack. That’s not to say that when danger comes at him he’ll just roll over and show his belly.

We also met a new addition to the series. Kayla Webb doesn’t live by anyone else’s rules but her own. This feisty female won’t allow any man to stand in front of her. And when she sees something, or in the case of Chase, someone, she wants, well… all bets are off!

Thrown into an attempted kidnapping and a shooting, Pack Beta Chase Lawson will do anything to protect his Pack. The hunted has now become the hunter.

As Pack Beta, Chase Lawson loves his position and the time he gets to spend helping others. Always the problem-solver, Chase tries to keep the Pack running smoothly for his Alpha. A request to check on one of the older members in the heart of the Canyon leads a man shot and bleeding on his porch—and Chase ducking for cover.

Someone is hunting Chase’s fellow members. Chase might not be the biggest or the toughest of all the shifters but he’s determined to find who is responsible for the crime.

The last twelve hours have had Kayla Webb running from an attempted kidnapping. She returns to Canyon, Texas after her father is shot. After arriving at the hospital, Kayla and friends walk into a mystery—a secret her father’s kept from her and the entire Pack—and it has come back to haunt them all.

Unsure who to trust Kayla teams up with Chase to track down the man who hurt her family.

The logical by-the-book Beta and independent strong-willed female will save everyone but the secrets revealed will send a shockwave through the plains of Texas.

Chase and Kayla are sure to steam up the pages as their connection sizzles and burns.

Free Excerpt from Pack Beta

“Are you going to ride me, baby?” he questioned huskily.

Now that is one of the best suggestions I’ve heard in a very long time.

“Maybe,” she teased as she lowered her mouth to his collarbone.

Peppering soft kisses on his flesh, she once again savored his wonderfully unique flavor—all musk and man.

She continued down, paying special attention to his pecks, before moving to the trail of hair down his stomach.

Chase tensed when she bypassed his cock and nipped his thigh instead, his cock hardening again. She could see in the way his body responded that his need matched hers. Cupping his sac with her left hand, she carefully grasped his cock with her right. Pumping a few times, making him lift to help, she couldn’t wait any longer. In one smooth slide, she positioned herself over his erection then slowly lowered herself on it.

Chase gripped her hips once he’d fully penetrated her. With her hands on his chest, she began riding him, just as he’d wanted.

The seduction in the shower already had her ready and wet for him. It didn’t take long before she wildly lifted and slid down, forcing him to take her faster.

*** *** *** ***

Whew! That was just a small teaser in Pack Beta but let me assure you that there are many more steamy scenes that you can lose yourself in throughout the book.

shifter chronicles crissy smith

Another book and series I’d like to introduce you to, the first spin off novel series of the Were Chronicles. I first got the idea of expanding and writing the Shifter Chronicles after I wrote Pack Community: Book five of the Were Chronicles. Having our wolf hero shifter mate with a bobcat opened more doors than I first realized.

The Shifter Chronicles might have been dreamed up to follow the wolves but it is its own series with a different plot and characters.

The shifters around the world have announced their presence and revealed their secrets. Birds, bears, cats, coyotes and more must work together in the new founded Coalition to protect one another. Along the way, they’ll find love, suffer loss, and show everyone what the shifters are really made of.


This spin off series to the Were Chronicles will take you into the lives of each shifter faction and prove once again that nothing is impossible when you have love.


To introduce you to the new Shifter Chronicles book one is really where you should start. Birds of Prey is full of mystery and danger leaving you at the edge of your seat as the story unfolds.

I so enjoyed learning about all the different types of shifters that would become the basis of these books. Birds, bears, tigers, coyotes, and so many more will come to light as they are revealed. Birds of Prey is available though Totally Bound and for sale at all the best eBook retailers. Birds of Prey has also received great acknowledgement from the readers, earned a Five Cup Review and hit bestsellers list.


Mystery and love, murder and desire…

It’s going to be a rough week for the agents of the Birds of Prey shifter division.

Cody Johnson has returned to his hometown as the division leader of the Birds of Prey for the Shifter Coalition. After the local cast leader is killed, Cody finds himself deeply involved in an investigation he can’t find any reason for. To make things worse, he runs into Aubrey Reynolds, the woman he left behind once before… And never got over. The longer the investigation continues, the more Cody struggles to separate his professional and private life. But Aubrey refuses to stay out of his case and his thoughts.

Aubrey has lost her Cast leader—her uncle—and has just seen the man who broke her heart. Feeling her world shattering around her, she tries to gain control of anything she can. As a security expert, she is determined to find out who is responsible for Gregory’s death and make them pay. If her inquiries put her directly in Cody’s path and piss him off, well, that’s something he’ll have to deal with. She’s shocked by how he handles it and unsure how she ends up back in his arms.

With a murderer running around taking out bird shifters, Cody must solve his case fast, especially once he realises that Aubrey may be next on the killer’s list. Now that he finds he is still in love with her, he won’t let her go again.


Free Excerpt from Birds of Prey

Cody laid her on the bed and covered her body with his. His cock rubbed against her stomach as he plundered her mouth.

She bowed upward, wrapping her arms around his back.

He hunched over her, enjoying the feel of her nails across his back and the eagerness of her kisses.

He left her lips to trail down her chin to her neck. He played there a little before going lower.

Her full mounds fit perfectly in his hands. He teased her nipples with his tongue, drawing sharp cries of pleasure out of her.

“That’s it,” he whispered. “Give yourself over to me.”

She shook as he traced his right hand down her body to cover her wet pussy. She gasped when he pushed his finger against her clit.


“That’s right,” he encouraged. “Know who has you. Who you belong to.”

He slid his finger through her folds before pressing one finger inside.

“Yes!” she hissed, her hips moving restlessly. “Please.”

Cody pushed his digit in and out slowly. Aubrey tore at his back, trying to urge him on.

That was how he wanted her.

Completely out of control. Lost in his touch.

He added a second finger, filling her further while thumbing her clit. He lowered his head back to mouth her nipples again.

Aubrey sobbed. “Please, I need…”

Not yet. She didn’t need him enough yet. He slid down her body and pushed her legs apart. He lowered his face to her sex and started to feast.

As he thrust his tongue inside her, she screamed.

*** *** ***

Ahem, I sure hope you enjoyed that scene as much as I did. There are two books released with the Shifter Chronicles with book three to be published in only a few short months. Get started today with Birds of Prey!


The final book that I would like to share with you today is very special to me.

Last call is part of Totally Bound’s new imprint What’s her secret?

One of the reasons that Last Call is so important to me is that I have just finished up the follow-up novel to it. Writing a second story, one that follows the events of Last Call, allowed me to go back to two characters that touched something deep inside of me.

I did something completely different with Last Call than I did with any other shifter book. Instead of embracing and loving her second nature the shifter in this book fights the animal inside. Opening up a new outlook into shifters took me into a whole new direction with my writing. This short sexy read is packed full of erotic scenes that will have you fanning yourself.

Haunted and on the run, Piper must decide—trust Jace with her secret, or leave, breaking both their hearts?
Ex-Marine Jace Anderson has followed orders his entire life. Now free of the bonds that held him, he has started over in a new town with his own bar. He’s even found the woman he plans to settle down with. If he can keep her from running, that is.
Piper Maxwell never stays in one place for long. She’s learned to stay two steps ahead of the past that haunts her. Moving on has never been a problem until she meets Jace. Jace calls to a part of her that she long ago buried. And she knows if he finds out what she’s hiding he will run as far and fast as possible.
Jace must convince Piper he will remain by her side always. That vow is tested when Piper’s past finally catches up with her.
Will Jace and Piper be able to find their happily ever after or will the start of their relationship also be the end?

Free Excerpt from Last Call

Piper leaned forward and licked at the tip of his dick. Just a tease. He pumped once, unable to stop himself. She raised one hand to grasp the base of his cock and ran her tongue gently over the tip again.

He dropped his head back and closed his eyes, needing to calm himself. He didn’t want to shoot with the first touch. He breathed deeply but that only caused his breath to catch when Piper closed her mouth over his cock and engulfed it.

He cursed and caught her head in his hands. Shit, he wanted to be inside her but there was no way he would be able to last long. His hunger for her had been building daily and he was beyond desperate.

She sucked him down then slowly backed off. Over and over until he felt the familiar tingle telling him it was almost too late. He pulled away. “God, baby,” he managed before dropping to his knees with her. He pushed her back, kissing her deeply, until he lay over her. She arched up and gripped his shoulders.

He used his knees to hold her legs open while running his fingers through her wet folds. “Yes!” she hissed. Wet and ready, Piper bucked up as he parted her and plunged two fingers within her. She cried out, urging him on. As many times as he had fantasized about having her, he had never quite seen himself taking her on the floor of the bar, too eager to slow down, but more turned on than ever before in his life.

“Now,” she pleaded. “Jace, please!”

The begging did it. He would take his time later. Right now, if he didn’t get inside her, he would die. Just explode into a thousand pieces.

“My love,” he whispered, running his tongue over her bottom lip. “My Piper.”

*** *** ***

Well that’s all from me today! I’ve given you a variety of short stories, novellas, and novels to choose from. These books can offer you an escape from the everyday and introduce you to the hottest of alpha males that I have to offer.

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Thank you so much to Cara Sutra for featuring me today!

– Crissy Smith

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