ElectraStim Kegel Balls – Design Diaries

ElectraStim Kegel Balls – Design Diaries

Introducing: Electrastim Lula Kegel Balls

As my regular readers will know, I’ve been working with electro sex toy company ElectraStim for a couple of years. Part of my work with them is helping to design and test sex toys to expand the present range found on their websites.

My first co-design project was the ElectraPaddle (an electro spanking paddle with bi-polar contacts) and since we’ve released the Silicone Noir electrodes , a range of e-stim sex toys that are made from 100% platinum cured, medical-grade silicone.

The initial range was a dildo (Ovid), a beginner’s vaginal/anal probe (Aura), a G-spot probe (Nona – also good for anal use) and a quadri-polar prostate massager (Sirius). All received great reviews and are among ElectraStim’s best-selling products. #Win

During the design process we created a fifth electrode – Lulaa set of electro Kegel balls. I’d been keen on the idea of a modern Kegel exerciser for women following the success of my most popular blog post – Fifty Shades of Grey, What are Ben Wa Balls / Silver Balls /Kegel Exercisers? Off the bat, it attracted about 15% more traffic than most other posts I publish but one day, shit got silly and  I had something like 1,500 hits in 2 hours after it went viral on Reddit. From thereon in, I think I must have dedicated a couple of working weeks to refreshing all things Kegel Balls for Lovehoney. Guides, product descriptions… you name it.

I’d tested maybe 30 different Kegel exercisers during my career and my favourite set (Before Lula, sorry guys) was the Je Joue Ami 3-Step Kegel System. I think it was the soft and squishy silicone combined with the free-roaming weight that made them so pleasing and comfortable to wear. When it came to creating a range of silicone electro sex toys, it was a no-brainer. Andy at ElectraStim was also on the same page, with a history in electro Kegel design to back up his design ideas and we set to work on some ElectraStim Kegel Balls, exploring different shapes and styles. We tried dropping the free-roaming weight in one design and it just wasn’t as good, combing e-stim with the free-roaming weight just felt amazing.

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Lula proved to be a little more difficult to make as we were creating something that hadn’t ever been made before. Kegel balls exist, Ben Wa balls (jiggle balls) exist and electro-conductive Kegel systems exist, but no one had combined them before. Add in the challenge of making them from silicone and we were faced with a multitude of design trials and errors. After several prototypes, Lula was born.

Part jiggle balls, part electro Kegel toner, the ElectraStim Kegel Balls Lula was designed in the image of the well-known Kegel exercisers that contain free-roaming weights. To give your pelvic floor an extra workout (and your G-spot some extra loving) we also added the benefits of electro-stimulation. Not only does Lula do everything those silver balls did in Fifty Shades of Grey, Lula also makes your vagina tingle and throb with pleasure.

We placed a free-roaming weight in Lula’s top ball while the bottom ball has bi-polar conductive contacts that can be connected to any ElectraStim Stimulator. This means that while the bottom ball is targeting the vaginal muscles and making them clench and relax in time with stimulation, the top ball is rolling rhythmically against the G-spot. The effect is a combination of tingles, vaginal muscular contractions (that feel similar to the descent from orgasm) and direct G-spot stimulation.

ElectraStim Kegel Balls - Design Diaries - Hella Rude-2

Lula’s design incorporates 2mm inputs hidden in the retrieval cord, allowing the balls to be worn discreetly under jeans and a long top. Simply tuck the cord into your jeans, place your stimulator in your back pocket and pull your top down over it. Lula can also be worn without a stimulator, providing a gentle G-spot massage as well as something to squeeze around. ElectraStim have published a guide to performing Kegel exercises with electro-stimulation, which is really helpful if you’re looking to tone and tighten your pelvic floor.

ElectraStim Kegel Balls Lula hit the shelves on November 1st 2014 and is available from Electrastim.com.

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– Hella Rude


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