Sex And Disability: Disability Sympathetic Escorts Improve Love Lives And Confidence

Sex And Disability: Disability Sympathetic Escorts Improve Love Lives And Confidence

By Suzanne Kent from Disability Sympathetic Escorts

Can disability sympathetic escorts improve love lives and confidence? Here’s the low-down when it comes to escorts for disabled clients.

Disability Sympathetic Escorts

A disabled client needs to know that an escort experience is going to be as sensual, straightforward and as safe as possible. So here is what to expect.

Sex And Disability - Disability Sympathetic Escorts Improve Love Lives And Confidence

When it comes to escorts, many of us won’t be aware of the term ‘disability sympathetic’. For lots of us, it simply isn’t a concern. You would call for an escort, have a wonderful time and that would be the end of it. What happens then, when a client has specific needs that need to be taken into account? Are there escorts that can still deliver a fantastic service but also take the time to find out exactly what it is that the client needs? The answer is of course, yes! More and more reputable escort agencies are offering disability sympathetic services, so that disabled clients can book with the utmost confidence.

Why would a disabled person use an escort?

Disability sympathetic escorts are exactly what they say on the tin – escorts who are prepared to go that extra mile to make your experience with them as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. So why would a disabled person choose to pay for the services of an escort? Well, there are a variety of reasons, with no client’s story being the same. It could be due to feelings of isolation because of their disability, wanting to get used to their body again following an event such as an accident or maybe just like any able-bodied person – they want to have a good time in the company of a gorgeous girl. Whatever the reason, a disabled client needs to know that their particular wishes and needs are met.

What you need to let them know

When you book an escort, it’s important to let the agency know about your specific requirements so that they can send an appropriate girl, for example; if you are blind or partially sighted, your escort can deliver an experience based on touch and sound, taking advantage of your other senses. Every differently-abled person has their own needs, so the agency need to match you to an escort who has dealt with a similar client before, especially if you have mobility issues, as the escort will have your safety and comfort as their top priority.

A professional agency should never pair you with an escort who is either new to the profession or unaware of your disability. For disabled clients, this means a lot. There is no need to worry about your escort being afraid of dealing with your disability. Or even worse, laughing or refusing to complete their appointment with you. The escort that you see will have been fully debriefed about your condition beforehand. This means that there is only one thing for you to worry about: enjoying the relaxing and sensual company of your companion.

What to expect

So what can you expect to do in the company of one of these gorgeous women? Well, that’s the fun part! An escort will more often than not, come to your home for your time together. Depending on individual’s mobility and confidence, meetings may also take place in hotels. You can then relax and unwind together, with getting to know each other being the first thing on the list. You could share a bottle of wine or a candlelit dinner, watch a film or even let your escort treat you to a long, sensuous massage.

Many disabled clients feel embarrassed about any special requests that they may have. Being part of the escorting profession means that you see and hear all manner of things. Your escort won’t be fazed. As long as you are both comfortable, most wishes and desires can be made to come true. If things get a little hot and heavy? Well, the final decision always lies with the escort. Any additional adult services that she provides are at her own discretion.

Escort services are beneficial to disabled clients

Whatever services an escort provides, she can make a real difference to the confidence and happiness of her disabled clients. By taking their time to get to know you and catering to your specific needs, disability sympathetic escorts will be able to help a client discover their deepest desires for the first time, or simply re-connect with a relaxed and sensual side to their selves. Some disabled clients may have lost confidence, from meeting new women to matters in the bedroom. Disability sympathetic escorts will help you to discover that hidden confidence again, and leave you feeling like the person you have always been inside. It’s easy to think of hiring an escort as a sign of desperation or as a last resort, but that is simply not the case. Escorts are often hired for simple companionship or a little cheeky fun, so there’s nothing to worry about!

About the writer: Suzanne Kent is the Founder of Kent’s No.1 escort agency. It boasts an extensive gallery of classy, beautiful and charming Disability Sympathetic Escorts. Suzanne prides herself on building an agency that provides an unrivalled service to the disabled. It offers a night, day or weekend that simply won’t be forgotten.

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