Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Inquisitive Clam


It’s Inquisitive Clam in the sex blogger spotlight this week: a friendly, down to earth blogger with a deep and sincere passion for sex toys. Inqy-C (catchy, non?) reviews her sex toys honestly and with a resounding desire to provide honest feedback for her readers and potential other owners of  that particular product.

Find out more about Inquisitive Clam in her revealing and interesting Q&A session below.

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– Cara Sutra



Inquisitive Clam

My fiance and I were in a long distance relationship for two separated years at the beginning of our relationship, and I joined a site called Sex Forums initially looking for ideas to try to make our sex life a little more exciting. My fiance has always been shy when it comes to talking about sex, and we didn’t have much phone sex because getting started was awkward, so I was looking for other things we could try.

I started a blog on Sex Forums and began writing sex toy reviews as a hobby, and while it took several years, that blog turned into a WordPress blog with my own domain. I’m very much a newbie, but I’ve already learned a lot and continue to do plenty of research.

My sex toy reviews are thorough, honest, and fair. I try to answer questions I believe any savvy shopper should ask before buying a sex toy, I provide my opinion based on personal experience, and I devised a rating system that I use for every review, so my ratings are always based on the same general criteria.

You can find my blog, Sex Toy Reviews for Experimental Fuckers, at

The Q&A

​What’s your blog name/online handle and how did you come up with the idea?

​I call myself Inquisitive Clam. I wanted a name that wasn’t explicitly sexual but still was vaguely suggestive, and I wanted to convey my curiosity and desire to learn.

​Which country do you live in?

I live in the United States.

Approximately how long have you been sex blogging?

​I’ve been writing sex toy reviews since 2011, and I started posting on WordPress last December.

​Why did you start a sex blog or reviewing sex toys?

I started reviewing sex toys as a hobby. I’m just now trying to start participating in affiliate programs, but writing reviews has been purely a hobby. I’m not sure exactly how I became so interested in sex toys, but my curiosity might have to do with my quest to squirt. One of my first serious sex toys was the njoy Pure Wand, and while I haven’t ever squirted, that’s probably about when I started blogging.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

​I honestly enjoy writing, but I don’t get time to do it as often or as much as I’d like, so blogging is a way to make it a priority to set aside time to write. Something I like about sex blogging in particular is the opportunity to try different sex toys. I’ve learned a lot about my body and what I like when it comes to size and material from using different types of sex toys. I’ve also discovered some new sexual fantasies. Blogging is a way for me to explore and express my sexuality.

​Do you use social media? If so, where can we find you?

​I’m on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Do your friends know you’re a sex blogger?

There are a few people in my life who know I’m a sex blogger. My fiance obviously knows and helps me review toys for couples and toys designed for men. I told one of my oldest and closest friends, and a couple of my acquaintances from work know I review sex toys. I’m pretty anonymous otherwise.

​Have you ever done anything specifically so you can blog about it afterwards?

​Only when it comes to reviewing. I’ve used a vibrator in bed while my fiance was sleeping to test how quiet it is.

​Do you take part in any blog memes? If so, which ones?

I submit to HedoVibes, but I don’t write a review every week. I really should participate in more memes, especially Toy with me Tuesday.

​Will you still be blogging in 5 years time?

​I definitely hope so! I hope I’m just getting started.

​If not already a professional blog, would you say you’re looking to earn a living from blogging eventually, or will it remain a hobby?

​I would love to be able to earn a living from blogging eventually. I have a full-time civilian job, but I treat blogging like it’s a part-time job. I’m trying to make the transition from hobby to occupation.

​Tell us about three other bloggers you admire, and why.

​One blogger I admire is Epiphora because she was the blogger who made me realize that people blog for a living. It just sunk in that blogging was an option for an English major. I’m not working in my field, but I believe I’d be a happier person if I was, and blogging makes me happy.

I also admire Lilly because I’ve learned so much from reading her blog. Her blog is among the best resources and information about toxic sex toys, and it’s obvious that she has her readers’ best interests at heart.

Finally, I admire Elle Chase/Lady Cheeky. Her Tumblr is one of the best porn Tumblrs there is.

​If you review sex toys, what are the top three toys you wish you could get your hands on next?

​I’d love to get my hands on a Bad Dragon toy. I really want a Crackers the Cockatrice dildo. I’d also love to have some nice sex furniture like the Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo. Finally, I’d love to find a good, non-vibrating cock ring, and I’d like my fiance to try the Tantus Super Soft C-Ring. I think it’s probably a good beginner cock ring.

​Do you prefer blogging fictional erotica, real life sex anecdotes or factual based content such as reviews and advice guides?

​I’ve written fictional erotica and advice guides as well as posted real life sex anecdotes on Sex Forums, but I’ve only ever posted sex toy reviews on WordPress. I wanted to focus on sex toy reviews, which is why the name of my blog is so specific, but I haven’t ruled out posting advice guides in addition to sex toy reviews.


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