No Strings Sex – How to Have Shame-Free Sex in the 21st Century

No Strings Sex: How To Have Shame-Free Sex in the 21st Century

By No String Attached

Past attitudes were to keep the search for sex outside a relationship as a guilty pleasure, a hidden part of life, seen as seedy and sinful – now we’ve evolved to a more positive frame of mind, with liberated attitudes. No strings sex is easy to find for anyone no matter their gender, sexuality or relationship status. But, how do you go about finding the right casual relationship?

No Strings Sex - How to Have Shame-Free Sex in the 21st Century

Be Clued Up

How do you have a successful no strings relationship? You need to be armed with the knowledge that this will only ever be about the two of having sex. Remember that your conversations will include where to hook up and your favourite positions. Don’t expect to be drawn into deep conversations about your hopes for the future.

Keep Your Self-Respect Intact

Society generally accepts a few things as ‘normal’ reasons for having sex. Because you are expressing love to your partner, or you are hoping to build a family together. Having fun and convenient no-strings attached sex, you may be at risk of having a hard time justifying why you’re having a sex-only relationship. Of course, it doesn’t help that there can be a double standard against women ‘just’ having sex without the partnership. Be aware of the attitudes that surround women and sex and be mindful of confiding in friends about your new relationships.

Review Where You Are In Your Life

Friends with Benefits relationships work best when both of you are either not interested, or not in a position, to commit to a longer term relationship. Perhaps you’ve just come out of a long relationship. Maybe you’re focusing on your career. As long as you aren’t secretly longing for something more permanent, a sex-only relationship can provide no strings sex without the strain of maintaining a commitment.

Pick The Right Guy

Now there are some definite no-go areas here – ex’s, friends, work colleagues. Anyone that you have shared, or will share, a deeper connection with should be off your list.  Look for friends of friends, truly casual acquaintances, people you may see infrequently in social situations. We’re not advocating sex with strangers – it’s critical to get some information on the guy before you meet. Online casual sex sites can provide the perfect way to connect and get to know someone before you jump into bed.

Get Your Kinky On!

There’s no point having no strings sex if it isn’t fun sex. This is your time to go wild, experiment, be bold in telling your sex partner your needs and wants. Share you deepest desires – remember this is a guy you are keeping emotionally at arm’s length so why not enjoy letting go physically.

Make Sure You Can Handle It

Before you begin be ruthless in examining your reasons for wanting a no strings sex relationship. Clue – if it’s about making an ex jealous it’s not going to work. Consider your levels of detachment – are you a sucker for every lost puppy? Forget it, you’re going to get hurt.

If you can separate love and sex then here’s a couple of tips to keep it casual in your no strings sex hook-up:

  • Don’t engage in deeply meaningful conversations
  • Don’t introduce each other to friends, and definitely not family!
  • No social media stalking – and no photos on Facebook

About the Author: No String Attached connects consenting adults for sex with no promises, no commitments.

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