Why Most Women Secretly Want To Be An Escort

Why Most Women Secretly Want To Be An Escort

By Lauren Miller from 247 London Escorts

What makes this such a popular fantasy? It may shock the faint at heart, but most women have a secret desire to take up the world’s oldest profession. Yes, most women secretly want to be an escort. So what makes this fantasy so appealing?

Why Most Women Secretly Want To Be An Escort

It is something that has probably crossed every woman’s mind at one point. What would it really be like to work as an escort? Far from thinking that it is a shameful profession, many women have a secret fantasy or two about becoming one themselves. The lifestyle that comes with it is something that most women would like to experience. To have men falling at your feet on a daily basis certainly takes some beating! So why do so many women secretly desire becoming an escort? There are many factors.


Popular television shows like Secret Diary of a Call Girl show us just how exciting and glamorous the life of an escort can be. That’s one reason why most women secretly want to be an escort. The sexy outfits, the elaborate events, the gifts from clients – it’s a lifestyle that many of us could quickly become accustomed to. High class escorts are not part of a seedy profession, but instead are earning a great amount of money and seeing places that they never would with a 9-5 desk job. That’s where the desire to become an escort kicks in. For most women, it’s just so different to what they do now, so alluring and sensual. For a woman to do such a thing every day to earn money is such a risqué notion, therefore it becomes very very appealing indeed.

Male Attention

The thought of being seen as highly desirable when you go to work every day is very appealing. To have men worship you on a daily basis sounds almost too good to be true. Yet escorts get to experience that very thing! For a woman who is stuck in a rut with her partner or just isn’t satisfied by relationship, fantasising about being the sole focus of a man’s attentions is something that will get her very turned on. It’s a chance for a lady to unleash her sexy side, and to be the bad girl she has always dreamed of becoming!

Female Fantasy

For a woman who hasn’t been out with many people, imagining working as an escort can be very alluring indeed. Imagining a completely different way of dating will certainly get a lady’s imagination running at full speed! As we know, a woman’s imagination is one of the most powerful tools she can use to become aroused. So to imagine herself as an escort, or ask her partner to indulge in some role play with her would be seriously steamy at the very least. It’s this vast difference to her own life that makes the escort fantasy so alluring, as the unknown always holds some kind of excitement.

It may be surprising to some that so many women fantasise about it. The most women secretly want to be an escort. To be seen as alluring, powerful and with an exciting lifestyle doesn’t sound bad though, does it? It’s the thrill of becoming someone so different from their everyday self that makes the escort fantasy so popular. It might be a career choice, a fantasy that remains confined to the bedroom or a sexy thought that appears now and then. But almost every innocent woman dreams of being a naughty, naughty lady.

About the writer: Lauren Miller is a Mayfair Escort for the well-established escort agency- 247 London Escorts. Lauren is often told by women how they would love to do what she does, her answer? Any woman can do it, all you need is confidence!

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