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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Rosalie Stanton, a multi published author who writes superb erotica that you really need to sample. read on to find out more about Rosalie herself, as well as enjoying two free excerpts from her sexy books.

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Rosalie Stanton Photograph Spotlight Cara Sutra

Thank you very much for hosting me. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

When I first began writing erotic romance, I didn’t know that was what it was called. The entire genre was somewhat mystifying to me—it wasn’t until I picked up my first honest romance novel that I realized explicit sex wasn’t something avoided by all publishers. Before that, I thought all romance stories with explicit sex were relegated to the darker corners of the internet. Granted, I was a teenager at the time, and had grown up in a somewhat repressed bible-thumping environment. For me, erotic romance was a safe way to explore my sexuality—to fantasize without being threatened. I didn’t do the whole sexual journey in college, as I was a shy girl with body issues. Putting myself out there was difficult, ergo romance novels. Burying myself in a good story never disappointed, and concocting my own satisfied that part of me that craved intimacy.

So I wrote. A lot. And eventually, I came out of my shell and found my own Prince Charming.

On that note…

I’ve heard the entire romance genre disregarded as giving women unrealistic expectations, and honestly, when I began dating (I was a late bloomer) I kept this in mind. Ladies, romance novels didn’t give me unrealistic expectations. They gave me decent ones. They taught me how to look out for myself and go after what I wanted, and not settle for something that didn’t fulfill me. For all the garbage we hear about the industry, that is the one thing I can say it truly gave me—a profound sense of what I deserved in a partner. And that was what I got.

My upbringing plays a lot into my works. My series with Totally Bound, Sinners and Saints, is the marriage of my love affair with romance novels and my own answers to existential questions I found myself asking as I completed my religious studies courses. As I mentioned above, I grew up in a bible-thumping environment, but that’s not where I ended up. My grandfather is a fundamentalist preacher of the fire and brimstone variety. My mother, devout as she is, was always more liberal in her theology. For this reason, the world I created in the Sinners and Saints universe is by far my favorite of any that have come before or sense from my own pen. Or computer. Or whatever. There will be eight books in total. The first two, Lost Wages of Sin and Sex, Sin and Scandal, are already available in ebook and print, and the third, Flip Side of Sin, is scheduled for release in January 2015.

Thank you again for hosting me, and letting me ramble about myself. Hopefully I didn’t let anything too embarrassing slip by.

Lost Wages of Sin

Rosalie Stanton Lost Wages of Sin

Working for Lucifer is the best job in the universe, until the day it’s not. Then you’re on your own, with Hell at your heels.

Ava, Sin of Greed, has had a rough week. The angel she planned to make a life with left her with nothing but a Dear Jane letter. Even worse, Lucifer believes she spilled Hell’s secrets to her ex, and her boss’s temper is notoriously apocalyptic.

For centuries, Dante has kept his feelings for Ava under lock-and-key. The one time he pursued something more, he nearly lost her for good. Lesson learned. However, when he hears of her planned elopement, all bets are off. Not having Ava was a reality he could have accepted. Losing her to an angel is something else entirely.

Now, Ava, once Hell’s golden child, is fleeing for her life. When her old friend Dante shows up, her first instinct is to send him packing. But Dante is more than a friend—he’s the only other man who tempted her, and his fierce loyalty challenges everything she thought she knew about him. As Ava prepares to battle the devil himself, she can’t keep from getting closer to Dante…though given what happened the last time, she doubts her heart can survive another break.

Free Excerpt from Lost Wages of Sin

“No,” he replied coolly, wiping the stray speck of blood off his otherwise pale, pristine skin. “I came here for you.”

Everything in her stilled. Though she’d heard him the first time, the words had a way of really sinking in upon repetition. As though it took a time delay for her to realize there was no reason aside from her current problem that Dante should be out here with her—or here at all. He wasn’t the sort of guy to crash in antebellum tourist traps.

“You came here for me,” she echoed. “Why?”

He shrugged a shoulder, his face blanking the way it did when he wanted to appear blasé. “Why not?”

“Come on.”

“Thought you could use a friend.”

Ava stared at him a moment longer, then sighed heavily and tore her gaze to the ground. Yeah, she supposed she could use a friend. Or a whole army of them. And though Dante wasn’t the first person she would have called, she couldn’t deny she was happy to see him.

Not that his presence answered her questions. If anything, he added to the pile.

“I take it Merle gave you the message,” she murmured. “About…”

“The angel?” One perfect eyebrow arched. Actually, there wasn’t much about Dante that wasn’t perfect. Physically, at least. One of his most annoying qualities also happened to be his most prized. There was nothing worse than a man who knew just how damn good he looked.

Truly, Dante had always seemed a bit too perfect when it came to the male form. He was only a few inches taller than she and had a body built for debauchery, complete with strong arms and a marble-carved chest. Tonight, he was wrapped in a snug pair of jeans and a form-fitting long-sleeved navy tee, which made his pale skin seem paler. His hair was coal black and his eyes sparkled blue. Ava had always loved his eyes.

And thinking about his perfect eyes right now on the cusp of a broken heart while all of Hell nipped her heels was probably the last in a very long line of bad ideas. At once she felt overtly vulnerable, exposed. Standing in a strange town under strange circumstances with him, her oldest friend, seeming one part savior and one part…pissed.

Nothing in her world made sense right now. Dante had just muddied things up even more.

“Yeah,” she said when she remembered to speak. “The angel. Merle told you.”

Dante nodded solemnly. “That was the plan, right?”

Ava released a shaky breath, her mind spinning so fast it was a small wonder she remained standing. Looking at Dante now with everything that had happened in the past week still heavy on her heart, with the uncertainty of her future, took her suddenly oddly-shaped world and turned it on its head. She felt like she was living in the funhouse mirror version of her reality. Sebastian, then the Binsfeld Six, and now her vampire.

At some point she had to wake up.

Sex, Sin and Scandal

Rosalie Stantaon Sex Sin and Scandal
She can handle lusting after a target, but loving one might bring all of Hell to its knees.

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

It’s an order Luxi never saw coming. She is the Sin of Lust, and adultery is her bread and butter. Yet for the first time, Lucifer sends her on assignment under orders to not play the seductress.

Her target? A preacher-turned-politician…who happens to be sex on legs.

Since his wife’s infidelity, Grayson Bailey has avoided opening his heart to anyone. This changes when Luxi, his new intern, walks into his office. The intensity with which his heart and libido react makes for rotten timing. He is not one of those politicians. Yet nothing, not even the increasingly bold death threats in his inbox, can keep his mind—or his hands—off Luxi.

Resisting Grayson is the largest challenge Luxi has faced, and the more Lucifer dodges her questions, the more she wants to break the rules. Luxi knows the devil has an agenda and fears it involves a crazed assassin. With her heart compromised, Luxi is willing to do anything—even take on Hell itself—to save the life of the only man she has ever loved.

Free Excerpt from Sex, Sin and Scandal

Luxi moved without thinking, her fingers tingling with the need to feel his skin. The remainder of her cashew chicken spilled onto her lap as she climbed onto his, but she didn’t care. She just needed.

In two thousand years, no one had ever looked at her the way Grayson did. No one had ever looked at her for anything but her breasts or what she did once she had a man on his back. No one had ever listened to her—ever questioned her words beyond the script she was issued or asked about her welfare with genuine concern. No one had bought her dinner without the expectation of getting their dick sucked at the end of the night. And though she knew she shouldn’t, Luxi trusted Grayson when he said he’d come here just to make sure she was all right—that the day’s events hadn’t spooked her.

In her world, everything was physical. Love was reserved for her siblings, affection for her friends and boss, and nothing in touch had any higher meaning. Until now. Until realizing just feeling him against her had her skin buzzing and her hands trembling.

Holy shit.

Luxi had only been scared—truly scared—once, and that had occurred just weeks before when she’d thought she might lose Ava forever. Now, finding herself astride Grayson, and his wide brown eyes threatening to swallow her whole, she couldn’t keep her body from shaking.


Words would ruin it, and she wasn’t ready for the spell to break. Determined to beat the silence, Luxi closed the space between them and her mouth found his. At first he fell still beneath her, stoic and unresponsive, even as she nipped and nibbled, tracing his lower lip with her tongue. Then, slowly, he sighed and opened to her, returning her soft strokes with light, feathery touches. Luxi steadied herself, gripping his shoulders as she lost all sense of self. Kisses of the past had been nothing like this—all sex and promise, grinding against cocks as a prelude to the good stuff. Never before had a kiss itself been the good stuff, and though she couldn’t keep herself from writhing against his growing erection, there was no want of anything else. She needed it real, and Grayson tasted as real as they came.

“We’re making a mess,” he whispered when their lips parted. He was right. What remained of their takeout had mashed between them, but fuck, she didn’t care. She just needed him.

“Kissing stopped,” she replied breathlessly.

Grayson pulled her down again, his mouth more aggressive now. Yet even still he didn’t demand, rather guided. He didn’t take, but encouraged. He cupped her cheeks, thumbs stroking soft circles into her skin. Whether or not he realized he was thrusting his cock against her pussy was beyond her, but she didn’t care. Rather, she took him by the wrists and placed his hands on her breasts, grinning as he sighed into her. Careful—he was so careful. So mindful not to push or offend. So careful…

Yearning, unlike anything she’d felt, swept through her veins, heat pooling between her legs. In easy seconds, she could be impaled on his cock, squeezing him cross-eyed as she rode him to oblivion. She needed his hands on her bare skin, fingers exploring her cunt and strumming her clit. She needed his mouth on her breasts, his cock pushing inside her body. She needed him, and Luxi never needed anything.



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