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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Megan Morgan who writes erotic fiction with a focus on urban fantasy and the paranormal. Perfect for pre-Halloween reading, but equally hot all year round!

Read on to find out more about the wonderful Megan Morgan, and discover a taste of her talent in the two free excerpts further on. Thanks for stepping into the spotlight, Megan!

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Megan Morgan erotic author

Megan Morgan is a paranormal romance, erotica, and urban fantasy author from Cleveland, Ohio. Bartender by day and purveyor of things that go bump at night, she likes her fiction scary and sexy. She’s a member of the RWA and trying to turn writing into her day job, so she can be on the other side of the bar for a change. Currently published with House of Erotica and Muse It Up’s erotica imprint Muse It HOT! She is also the author of a three-book urban fantasy series coming in March 2015 from Kensington.





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The Jet Set Life, in Landing Strip from House of Erotica

Landing Strip free excerpt Megan Morgan

The rockstar life can be such a drag–especially when your job is to take care of one who needs a babysitter at all times. The only thing that makes personal assistant Mikael Dandridge eager to fly all over the country is Sasha Blake, the sexy flight attendant on his rockstar employer’s private jet. Sasha has a passion for service, but also for being served. Mikael gives her some first class treatment and gets to be the one indulging in decadence for a change.

Free Excerpt

One unchanging factor in Mikael Dandridge’s ten years working in the entertainment industry was rich celebrities spending their money in the most ludicrous ways possible. Certainly, they would drop a few hundred thousand dollars on charity now and then, but only so they didn’t get criticized for spending an equal amount on something unnecessary and asinine later.

This was why Mikael had to accompany his employer on no less than three cross-country flights over Labor Day weekend, so the man could attend three parties on opposite coasts. Mikael had landed in the position of personal assistant to an incredibly well-known, outrageously admired, overindulgent party-loving musician, the kind of man so famous they had to check him in everywhere under a fake name–including rehab, once. He was also the kind of man who had so much money he held no qualms about going to parties in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta in three days, merely to be ‘seen.’

The only reason Mikael didn’t pretend he had other plans and hand him off to one of his other assistants was Sasha Blake, Rockstar Airlines sexiest and most capable flight attendant.

Of course, it wasn’t called ‘Rockstar Airlines,’ that was what Mikael called it under his breath. The whole of the airline consisted of several private jets owned by his employer. The man had a legion of helpers: people to take care of his bank accounts, clean his houses, walk his dogs, read his fan mail, and for Mikael, organize his schedule. Sasha had worked on Mr. Rockstar’s planes for the past three years or so, having made the transition from commercial flight attendant.

Tonight, she was as efficient, friendly, and eye-catching as ever.

“Hot towel, sir?” she asked, bending down to his seat–so he could see right down her white blouse, the top few buttons undone. She had a blood-red lace bra on.

For a moment he couldn’t speak. He blamed his distraction not just on the bra, but on Sasha having such wild, dark, touchable curls and deceptively vulnerable big brown eyes, never mind her exquisitely delicate jaw and pale cupid’s-bow lips. Although, these latter things were more the fault of her parents, he supposed.

“I don’t even know what the hell you use a hot towel for,” Mikael said. “Is it really something people look forward to?”

She stood upright, smirking, and sashayed past his seat, her hips swinging out an invitation he wouldn’t long be able to resist.

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What the Doctor Ordered, in Smut By the Sea Vol. 3 from House of Erotica

smut by the sea volume 3 megan morgan free excerpt

After her divorce, April Winegarden relocates to Daytona Beach to start her life anew. The surf and sand are revitalizing for a woman in her forties trying to start again. The sun is hot, but even hotter is Hunter Zhào, the sexy twenty-something Chinese American college boy who works as a busser at her favorite seaside restaurant. The two strike up a friendship, with April trying to suppress her naughty fantasies about a boy young enough to be her son, until Hunter invites her to a party and they get to know each other even better. April gets her groove back when she takes him home with her that night–and finds out an old dog still has the best tricks.

Free Excerpt

A spacious, pink-tiled patio of a swanky bar, looking out on the Atlantic Ocean, on a bright, breezy, beautiful July day – just what the doctor ordered.

In April Winegarden’s case, the doctor was her therapist, who said a fresh start in a new place was the perfect remedy for putting a messy divorce after twenty-three years of marriage behind her. The truth set her free, literally and figuratively. She sold the house – too many memories she didn’t want – transferred within the marketing company she worked for, and now, a year later, every day was sun and sand and the ocean breeze. She didn’t even care about what’s-his-name and his young, hot new girlfriend. Instead, she was busy enjoying her beach house, jogging along the ocean’s edge at sunrise, and hanging out with her tan, happy, fun new friends.

Also, she loved visiting her favourite seaside bar and restaurant in Daytona Beach, The Paradise Grill. Often she met her friends there for happy hour, and took clients there for dinner. Today she got out of work early and decided to head there to lounge for a bit and read a book on the patio, with a glass of white wine, before the evening crowd showed up. She enjoyed the ambiance, the open air, the view, the drinks, the food…and certain members of the staff.

“Hey, Miss Winegarden, you’re here early today.”

April looked up from her book. She sat in the corner of the patio, sun hat on, wearing her favourite pink, knee-length, strapless sundress. The colour made her tan look nicer. The dress and hat were teamed with her new open-toed sandals, to show off her matching pink pedicure. She stopped by home after leaving work and changed her clothes, pretending she wasn’t trying to dress sexy on purpose.

“Got out early today,” she said to the bus boy, a few tables away clearing up dishes. “I thought it was too nice a day not to enjoy it. And stop calling me Miss Winegarden, Hunter. I told you we’re friends now.”

“Sorry, April.” He flashed her a wide, brilliant smile. “Lucky you! At least I get to work outside.”

Hunter Zhào started working there about six months prior – at least she assumed, because she hadn’t seen him before that, and she definitely would have noticed him. He was a gorgeous young man, with thick, jet-black hair, cut in a stylish fringe across his forehead, dark eyes, and a smile brighter than the summer sun. He also had a lean, sinewy and sexy body, like so many young men on the beach. April had only ever seen him in jeans and a t-shirt with his long white apron over the top, but she could imagine what he looked like when he wasn’t working.

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