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As a newbie sex blogger, or even one who has been writing about their sexploits and opinions for a while, you might be curious about which blog memes exist specifically for sex bloggers.

What is a blog meme?

A meme is described as either an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means; or an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. [source]

In more understandable terms, a blog meme is a type of post which many bloggers take part in, usually with one central hub for all involved bloggers to link their particular post. It might be a style of photograph post with a theme, a certain topic of writing on a weekly or monthly basis, or other type of blog post which several bloggers can get involved with.

There are a few reasons why you might decide to get involved with blog memes. The most common is that it will lead to increased traffic to your site, with not only the other bloggers involved with the meme encouraged to visit all involved posts and leave a comment, but also the central hub blog hosting the meme advertising the involved posts to their audience.

Another reason why blog memes are great to get involved with is that even for the most unimaginative blogger they are a surefire way of having fresh new content on your blog on a regular basis. Sex bloggers are probably the most imaginative bloggers in the world but we all have off days (or weeks, or months).

Quite besides the practical reasons to get involved in blog memes, they are also fun, inspire new thoughts you may not have considered for a blog post and they get you more closely involved with the blogging community.

So are there any blog memes out there specifically for sex bloggers? Which ones are worth considering for your blog?

Here’s a handy list of sex blogging memes which I have compiled from the ones I’m aware of – feel free to add yours or ones you know about/take part in in the comments below.

Your week of sex blog memes

Masturbation Monday


Twitter @KaylaLords

Hashtag #MasturbationMonday

Meme image to use, with link


Description: This sex blog meme is run by Kayla Lords (read her sex blogger spotlight here and her erotic author spotlight here) and it’s easy and fun to enter. Just write a blog post about masturbation, or one so hot it will inspire masturbation. Simple. You need to include the image & link through on your post, put the link to your post on the Masturbation Monday website post for that week, and use the hashtag #MasturbationMonday if you tweet it out.

TMI Tuesday


Twitter @tmituesdayblog

Hashtag #TMITuesday

Meme image to use, with link

TMI Tuesday

Description: TMI Tuesday isn’t strictly a sex blogging meme but there are often questions of a more intimate nature than you’d get from a mainstream blog so it’s worth taking a look. The format is a Q&A style each week and you can answer the questions on your own blog and link back, then post your link on the TMI Tuesday post in the comments so that everyone can find your post. Try including the @TMITuesdayblog & #TMITuesday hashtag in your tweet about it too, the hosts are great at retweeting those who get involved.

Toy with me Tuesday


Twitter @ToyTuesday

Hashtag #ToyTuesday

Meme image to use, with link


Description: Toy with me Tuesday is a good meme to get involved with if your blog focusses mainly on sex toys, sex toy reviews or you’re just an avid fan/collector of vibrators, dildos and the like. Photograph your sex toy of choice in an unusual location (no jokes at the back) or create an artistic shot then share with your audience through a blog post. Place the image & link through above in your post and put your link on the Toy Tuesday post at Ness’ site. Use the hashtag if you tweet about your post.

Wicked Wednesday


Twitter @RebelsNotes

Hashtag #WickedWednesday

Meme image to use, with link

Wicked Wednesday

Description: Wicked Wednesday was a welcome replacement for the retired ‘Wanton Wednesday’ meme that many sex bloggers had enjoyed for years. Hosted by Rebels Notes (read her sex blogger spotlight here), this meme offers a weekly theme or question to write about, although you can submit a blog post about any sex related subject you choose. Place your link on the Wicked Wednesday post for that week, and use the hashtag when tweeting about it.

Half Nekkid Thursday


Hashtag #HalfNekkidThursday and/or #HNT

Meme image to use, with link


Description: Half Nekkid Thursday dates back all the way to 2005 and was started by someone who doesn’t seem to be a sex blogger at all – but you can understand why sex bloggers were interested in this meme above others. There’s an emphasis that it’s definitely half nekkid (not naked, nude or otherwise) and the photograph you submit on your post doesn’t need to have a sexual theme and isn’t intended for pornography. It’s a good place to try some more erotic and artistic shots. There isn’t anywhere for you to place your link on a central hub, but the hashtag is still viewed and it’s a great incentive for people to come and view your site when you place the link on your social media. You should still use the image above (or another from the original post) with a link back, out of respect for the original blog host.

Fetish Friday


Twitter @TheCaraSutra

Hashtag #FetishFriday

Meme image to use, with link


Description: I began Fetish Friday as a way to kink up the week. I mostly personally share kinky erotica or bondage & BDSM advice style articles through this meme now, and use the hashtag when tweeting about it. I should make a way for people to post their link on a weekly post really – I will get around to that! Email me if you’d like to get more involved. Your Fetish Friday post doesn’t have to be an article or written – it could just be a photograph of something kinky, whether you in a certain position, location or a fetish accessory you own. Use the image above in your post with the link through.

Read my Fetish Friday articles here.

Sultry Saturday


Twitter @SultrySaturday

Hashtag #SultrySaturday

Meme image to use, with link


Description: Beck from Beck and her Kinks is the host of this meme and you merely need to create a blog post with a sexual theme. You can read more about the rules & types of posts that are appropriate on the about page here. It’s also open to Tumblr blogs and anonymous submissions, and you can combine it with other memes such as Wicked Wednesday and Sinful Sunday. The entries page is open from Mondays at 12:00 am eastern time and closes on Wednesday of the following week at 11:59 EST. The following Saturday a round-up of Beck’s top 5 will be published. Use the above image and link through in your post.

Note: I have since been informed that sadly, Sultry Saturday is no longer running.

Sinful Sunday


Twitter @Mollysdailykiss

Hashtag #SinfulSunday

Meme image to use, with link

Sinful Sunday

Description: Sinful Sunday is a very popular photographic based meme from Mollysdailykiss, with the ethos that it’s ‘all about the image‘. If you take part in this weekly meme then your post must be mainly about the image you submit, which is a work of your own – no-one else’s. A description or minimal text can accompany the main event of the photograph. There’s a weekly round up of the top entries as judged by Molly and/or a selected panel, as well as regular competitions where you can win sexy prizes. Use the image above at the end of your post with the link through, and the related hashtag when you tweet about it.


Kink of the Week


Twitter @PiecesofJade

Hashtag #KinkoftheWeek and/or #KOTW

Meme image to use, with link

KOTW Kink of the Week meme by Pieces of Jade

Description: Thanks for letting me know about this one, Molly! This sexy, kinky meme is run weekly and is hosted by sex blogger Pieces of Jade. Each week there is a new, kinky topic for everyone who wants to be involved to write about. Posts can be a photo journal, opinion, factual, educational or fictional erotica. All posts need to be original work from the blogger involved, and include the linked badge shown above. Link to your KOTW post on the Kink of the Week site, in the relevant spot for that week, and tweet or facebook about your post using the hashtags shown. KOTW runs from Monday to Sunday every week.

Sexy Round Ups



Twitter @Hedovibes

Hashtag #Hedovibes 

Meme image to use, with link

hedovibes sex toy review round up blog post

Description: If you write sex toy & adult product reviews, you really should consider taking part in this round up. Every time you publish a review, head over to Hedovibes to submit it. Each Monday a round up post is published on the site which all those included must republish as a new post on their blog. This is a great cross linking exercise for strong backlinks and/or extra traffic. There’s also an option of submitting your best product pictures which may be chosen to head up one of the Hedovibes post, with your image and link therefore making it on to everyone’s blog who takes part that week if your pic is selected. You can also submit adult product competitions & giveaways, making Hedovibes an excellent resource for competitions too. Hedovibes is the much welcomed and needed replacement for the now retired Pleasurists.



Twitter @e_lust

Hashtag #elust

Meme image to use, with link


Description: Elust (aka e[lust] or e lust) is a monthly round up of the best sex blogs’ posts out there. Every month you have a limited time to submit what you consider to be your best post from the previous month, or one you particularly want to draw more attention to. Elust is very definitely NOT for product reviews or photography, although you may submit an image to be selected for the main top image of the resulting post. An image you posted during the month may also be selected (with your permission) for the sidebar of Elust for a month’s duration with a link to you. Elust is hosted and organised by Mollysdailykiss and is a long running and popular round up of sex blog articles. There are many categories to choose from when submitting your post. Make sure that when you republish the monthly edition of Elust (all who are involved must republish the finished roundup) that this post includes the image above and the link through.

Sex Bytes

Another fun & informative sex bloggers resource & community effort is Sex Bytes, an off-shoot from Elust. Here, you can upload interesting sex themed blogs & articles whether your own, or those you’ve found in the community. The related Twitter is @SexBytes1 and any uploaded article links will be posted to the Twitter feed for additional exposure.


Don’t forget that if you know of any other sex blogging memes or have any questions, I will welcome your comments below.

Have fun with your sex blog memes!

– Cara Sutra


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