Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Rebel’s Notes


This week’s sex blogger in the spotlight is the lovely Marie Rebelle from Rebel’s Notes.

Marie is a fearless (can we say intrepid) sex blogger and educator, discussing matters of sex both between the sheets and when it comes to relationships, BDSM experiences and opinion pieces and her personal sex life. If you want a sneak peek into – no wait, more than just a sneak peek into a real life kinky sex life, then you need to hop over to Rebels Notes and bookmark this awesome sex blog.

First though, check out all the info Marie Rebelle has shared with Cara Sutra readers in her spotlight below! Thanks for being this week’s guest, Marie.

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I am the owner and author of Rebel’s Notes, a website where I write about my sexual experiences, my erotic fantasies and my writing adventures.

Even though I reside in the Netherlands, my blog is in English. The first and probably most important reason for this is that my website has a bigger reach in English than it would have had in Dutch. Secondly, Dutch is not my native language. I was brought up bilingual and English was one of those languages.

For several years before I started my blog I have been using the chat handle ‘Rebel’ on different chat sites and in MSN & ICQ. When I decided to start my blog back in January 2010, I wanted it to be a place where I could not only pen down my fictional stories, but I also wanted to put notes about my real life on the blog. I wanted it to be a portrait of me, but I still wanted to protect my real identity. It was a small step to deciding that the blog would be named Rebel’s Notes.

Back when I was a kid, I read an awful lot. Every book I could lay my hands on, I read at least once, but mostly more than once. I was a frequent visitor to the school library, as well as the library in town. I never attempted to write stories back then, only essays for school and I always loved doing so. Then, when I was about 14 or 15, I decided that I was going to write a story. Had my parents read my story back then, they would probably have been angry with me, as it already had some eroticism in it. I completed the story, started editing it, but then life happened and I stopped writing. It took many years before I started writing again, but when I did, all of it was erotic stories. I felt the urge to share it with others and therefore I started my blog.

On Rebel’s Notes you will find a mix of some of my erotic fiction, real life sex experiences, sex toy and book reviews as well as photos of myself, either taken by me or my Husband. Most of the real life sex experiences is about the D/s relationship my Husband and I are in, and some of our sexual encounters with other people. I do the occasional toy- and book reviews, but that is not the primary goal of my website. However, I do like to share my experiences with new toys or my opinion of books I have read, and occasionally I share some sexual information I have found.

I love that I have a place to put my words, to express and expose myself. I am an exhibitionist by nature, albeit a shy one. I find it easier to express myself on paper and in pictures than I do in real life. Other than having a place where I can express myself, I love the interaction with like-minded people and making friends around the globe. Through my website and attending erotic meetings such as Eroticon, I have met a lot of lovely people and it has even given me more self-confidence.

My self-confidence grew so much that I agreed to start a Dutch group for erotic creatives. At the moment I have several people who come to the meetings every other month and most of them are writers. We hope to grow the group to include erotic photographers, erotic artists and maybe erotic performers too. When we meet we give each other feedback on our erotic work. Yet again, running this group has really helped with my self-confidence.

Because I want to avoid a slip of the tongue during conversations, I have told my close family and my closest colleagues that I run an erotic creatives group and that I own an erotic website. Obviously I did not give them the name of the website and I am always very careful not to mention the name by accident. I have not received one negative reaction when I told them about it. In fact, everyone seemed truly interested and respectful. None of them has treated me differently after I told them than before.

Besides Rebel’s Notes, I also run Wicked Wednesday, which is a weekly meme, and The Fellatio Project, which is an ongoing meme. Other than these two memes, I partake in Sinful Sunday, Scavenger Hunt, Toy with me Tuesday, Kink of the Week, A Darker Flame and there are several others that I have written posts for, but that unfortunately do not exist anymore. And, to top that all, I have also started with a 365 project in 2014 and I already think about continuing it in 2015. I have no plans at all to stop blogging. In fact, I think I will just go on until I’m a pensioner. And beyond!

The one thing I would want to change is to start earning money with my website. I have sold the occasional advertising spot, but I would love to do more. Actually, it would be great if I can make enough money through my website to support me working only three days, instead of five. And even better, I would love to make this my full-time job, to be able to pay the bills from it, but I have no idea how to get started to make this dream come true.

Erotic Writing

Other than for my blog, I also write erotic fiction for anthology calls and I have been published in two anthologies, with more stories in the pipeline. The anthologies I have been published in are:
* Southbank (edited by Ruby Kiddell)
* The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales (edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel)


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