How to make sure you buy a sex toy you’ll actually use

If you’ve ever wondered whether that £100+ ‘investment in pleasure’ sex toy is really worth it or whether you should just stick to your £20 rabbit vibrator thankyouverymuch, this article is for you.

Dont judge a sex toy by its price tag - cara sutra at LELO blog

I’m proud to introduce my first outing on the fabulous LELO blog: Don’t Judge a Sex Toy by its Price Tag.

As well as giving you a Jessie J earworm for the rest of the day, you’ll learn what it is about some sex toys that make them a lasting part of your go-to collection, other than simply a high price on the label.

Don’t pay for brand names, fancy packaging or marketing spiel – pay for a sex toy which you’ll actually use.

Find out how, by reading the guest feature at LELO here.

You can find the Cara Sutra LELO sex toys reviews here.


  1. i never owned or bought a toy before i met my current husband. i’d always used my fingers to get myself off, and i did it a LOT at the end of my 1st marriage, and a LOT more after my divorce.
    2nd hubby introduced toys into our daily routine. vibes from bullets to rabbits, anal plugs and vibes, and a LARGE dildo. i can say this, i never knew what i was missing !!

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