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mastectomy lingerie shop at VoluptasseThe industry which focuses on adult needs has finally embraced a grown up solution to a grown up situation. For those affected by mastectomy, from decision making to the post surgery physical and mental issues, finding suitable lingerie which fits and makes the wearer feel attractive has previously been almost impossible.

Thanks to forward thinking company Voluptasse, run by managing director Mel MacFarlane, there is now an approachable and knowledgable outlet for sexy mastectomy lingerie. Voluptasse has brought a few different mastectomy lingerie lines to its stock base, including Nicola Jane and Anita.

Not only is there an attractive, feminine assortment of mastectomy lingerie to peruse and purchase, Mel has shown sincere commitment to her cause. She recently dedicated herself to an intensive training course, which covers all areas of mastectomy lingerie fitting and the needs of those affected.

As well as special mastectomy bras which have pockets for inserts, there are also matching briefs in an assortment of styles such as briefs, high waisted briefs and panty girdles. There are even mastectomy corselettes for added seduction factor.

If someone affected by mastectomy issues requires further accessories, Voluptasse can help here too. Offering bust shapers, bust cups and bra extenders, Voluptasse makes sure your every need is, well… covered.

Mel is also a fully qualified bra fitter as well as mastectomy lingerie specialist, so get in touch if you need assistance finding out your size or that perfectly fitted bra.

Here’s what Mel has to say:

I’m really excited about adding the mastectomy and maternity lingerie to Voluptasse. With the highly publicized preventative mastectomy of Angelina Jolie and the increase of mastectomies amongst younger women, I felt that there was a real need for sexier and prettier mastectomy lingerie in the mainstream adult market.

Through my research, I spoke to women who were frustrated by the lack of pretty but affordable mastectomy lingerie. After speaking with several suppliers I found the perfect range for Voluptasse and began to add products to the site.

In addition to online selling, I also trained as a Bra Fitter and took extra courses so that I could specialise in mastectomy wear. There are so many different types of breast surgery and the additional training gave me the ability to deal with more specific breast issues and the knowledge to deal with a clients individual needs.

I offer a fitting service through the Lancashire area and this is carried out in the comfort of the clients own home.

The mastectomy products also qualify for the £5 off orders over £20 offer.


Voluptasse also offers an exciting array of the best selling, newest and most reliable sex toys on the market, as well as sexual lubricants, bondage sex toys and a wealth of honest sex toy reviews.

The mastectomy lingerie range will be of interest to other types of customers too, with potential interest for transgender people or alternately, the fetish community with regards to cross dressing for personal pleasure, forced femme or sissification.

If you’re interested in other support and resources regarding mastectomy, you may like to take a look at The Songs of Solomon:  A Pillow Book for Breast Cancer Survivors and their Lovers.


– Cara Sutra


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