How can I get free sex toys & become a sex toys tester?


A question I regularly get asked is ‘how can I get free sex toys and become a sex toys tester?’

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to understand that there are two entirely separate parts to that question.

How can I get free sex toys?

Sex toys in the post are rarely free. You’ve either bought them from a sex toys shopping website, someone has gifted a sex toy to you (perhaps from your wishlist) or else you’ve won a sex toy in a giveaway or competition.

Sex toys that are sent to a person in return for a review are just that. They’re not free; they are sent in exchange for work ie. the review.

How do I become a sex toys tester?

If you’re really serious about becoming a sex toys tester (and not just getting ‘freebies’) then there are a few steps you can take in order to make yourself known to sex toy companies and the sex toy reviews community.

Social Media

Using social media really is the best start in ‘joining the conversation’. My favourite social media platform to use is Twitter – it’s fast paced, similar chats are linked using hashtags and there aren’t the same restrictions to chat, content and friends as on Facebook, for example.

Use the search box to find people relevant to sex, the sex industry, adult, sex toys, vibrators etc. Don’t harass these people but follow them and take note of who they speak to and what the current trends are in sex toys and which companies are at the top of their game. You can also group people on Twitter using lists. You may find my list of sex bloggers & sex toy testers helpful, as well as this list of adult businesses & sex toy companies.

Other social media platforms you may find useful are Google Plus, Pinterest and yes, Facebook in order to like others’ pages and set up a ‘toy network’ of friends and contacts there (as opposed to the Facebook account you have your mum & dad on). I am not sure how much longer sex toy community people and reviewers will be able to use Facebook thanks to recent news surrounding the ‘real name use’ policy.


Once you have established which people are the leaders in the sex toy reviews and sex toy shopping fields, you may wish to send a couple of polite (not demanding) emails asking for any help and advice that the person or company can spare time for. Example questions you may ask another reviewer are, “Which companies do you recommend approaching for a newbie toy reviewer?” and “What are your top tips for writing great sex toy reviews?

Questions you may like to approach sex toy companies with, to their customer care email or similar, are “Do you have any community schemes in place for sex toy reviewers?” and “Are there any products you are seeking honest, well written reviews for at the moment?” Avoid begging for free sex toys or making demands for high priced products; this screams ‘greedy’ and ‘newbie’ and may well dissuade the company from working with you right from the start.

Community Chat

Once you’ve followed some of the main people in the ‘sex toy reviews’ scene, no doubt some will have noticed you and this is the first foot in the door with regards to getting known in the community. The next step is to join main ‘hubs’ for toy chat, so aside from giving your honest opinions and thoughts in Twitter and other social media conversations, you may wish to join some of the forums hosted by sex toy shopping websites. One of the largest and most established of these is the Lovehoney forum, which is where I started as a sex toy reviewer. I also have my own forum here, which you are welcome to join.

Start a Blog

I quickly realised after speaking to other sex toy reviewers that a fantastic way of keeping all my sex toy reviews and other sexuality thoughts in one place was to start a blog. Many of my reviewing friends had their own blog and once I started my own, I never looked back. For adult content, it’s best to be self hosted and you may wish to give careful consideration to what your blog will be called, as well as what name you want to go by online. Many reviewers use an alias online due to the sensitive and explicit nature of what we write about. My preference for blogging is WordPress, however there are many other types out there if you do a spot of Googling.

Write Reviews

Don’t wait to be sent sex toys in order to write reviews; write some reviews for the sex toys you already have! This has a few quick-start benefits: your blog won’t be empty when people come visit, you will show the reviewing community and sex toy shops that you’re a serious reviewer who wants to give honest feedback not just gain freebie sex toys, and you will be able to ask for comments and advice on improving your reviews from the community before starting on products actually sent for reviewing purposes.

I hope that this advice helps you get started on the road to becoming a regular sex toys tester. If you have any other questions or thoughts, please leave your comments below and I will do my best to help.



– Cara Sutra




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