Your Guide To Preparing For A Steamy Session If It’s Been a While

Your Guide To Preparing For A Steamy Session If It’s Been a While

Ok, so it’s been a while and you’re thinking ‘Oh god, oh god, oh god, where so I start?’ this guide will help you to stop thinking ‘Oh god’ and have you fully prepared to have you screaming ‘Oh god…’

Stop, take a breath… it’s all going to be just fine. This is the point where you should be excited! Sex can be a little daunting if it’s been a while, but it’s not hard (well… apart from one thing we hope!) relax and just think about how good you’re going to feel.

Your Guide To Preparing For A Steamy Session If It’s Been a While


Now, this might seem like the obvious but prickly legs and fuzzy arm pits aren’t a massive turn on. You have been lured into the comfort of going au naturale for too long, and it’s time to get the razor out. It may seem like a big job-depending on how long it’s been- but I can guarantee you will feel ten million times sexier afterwards! You could even treat yourself to book yourself into a salon for an afternoon of de-fuzzing and pampering, and marvel at your silky smooth skin.

Prepare Your Skin

You are going to be getting up close and personal so once you have removed your winter coat you need to give your skin a little TLC. Knowing that your skin has been exfoliated and moisturised will not only make him want to touch you all over, but it will make you feel good. Men love women with soft and supple skin, so get your exfoliating gloves out and scrub away! Find which lotions and potions work the best kind of magic on your skin, and take some time every week to spoil yourself with a deep cleansing face mask or wash. You want to give him every reason to paw away at every inch of your body, and what’s a better way of doing that making your skin deliciously touchable.

Smelling sweet

Every woman has her own signature scent, and everybody likes a man or woman that smells good. Choose something that reflects your personality, whether it is light and breezy or deep and sultry. Make sure you smell good enough to eat (In more ways than one!).

Taking care of your hair

Whether you are a sultry brunette, a fiery red head or a cool and commanding blonde, your hair can say a lot about you. That’s why it’s important to take good care of it, surprisingly men take a lot of notice of your hair! Men tend to prefer woman with soft hair, and anything to well-groomed is a no-no. So let your hair down, while he’s enraptured by your flowing locks!

Trimming those talons

Neat and trimmed but still shapely and elegant – we want him marvelling over your hands for all the right reasons! Bitten down stumps or chipped nail polish are both a big faux pas, so whenever you have a spare moment, check your nails for any damage. Red nail varnish can be very sexy, and it is the little things like nail polish that give you that extra confidence boost!

The power of make-up

Most men are drawn to your eyes, so make him buckle at the knees with long, lustrous lashes. Whether they are false or helped along by some mascara, fluttering them always seems to work wonders! Finish off with some black eyeliner for a sexy effect. Ensure that his eyes are on you for the entire night by choosing a stunning lipstick. Red, pink, peachy – it’s up to you! Just choose one with staying power.

An outfit to die for

Matching underwear, some sexy stockings and suspenders are unbelievably sexy! However, if it’s your first time in a while, the sex may not be ‘organised’ as such, so you don’t want to come across too presumptuous. Stick to the classic matching sexy lingerie and then you can pull off the ‘I am so sexy that I always where lingerie like this’ look. Now, us girls know that this is simply not true, and that we all would prefer to be in our big old Bridget Jones knickers, but he does not need to know this! Ultimately what you wear is up to you, but make sure that you are happy and comfortable in it – he will be just as enchanted by your confidence!

Ready, steady, wow!

Now that you’re equipped with this mini style and beauty bible, there’s nothing getting in the way of you having the hottest sex of your life!


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Alice is an Escort for 24/7 London Escorts, and loves giving women the confidence to go out and get the man that they want and deserve.

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