Win the brand new Stories of O: Orgasmic Erotica e-book (plus: how to get a free erotic paperback)

Win the brand new Stories of O: Orgasmic Erotica e-book

It’s another exciting erotica giveaway here at Cara Sutra, thanks to the wonderful people at Cleis Press. Stories of O: Orgasmic Erotica is a kinky anthology of hot erotica edited by Alex Algren and published by Cleis Press. This brand new publication is sure to get you hot between the sheets – or wherever you dare leaf through the pleasure packed pages.


Think back to the first time you came so hard you cried out. The first time you surrendered fully and spiraled into euphoria, every inch of your body consumed by pleasure. You didn’t care who heard your gasping, open-mouthed cries of passion—all you could focus on was the ecstasy. That’s what you’ll find in this collection—tale after tale of characters lost in the bliss of orgasmic perfection your mind (and especially your body) won’t soon forget.

Warm up with Saskia Walker’s steamy “Communal,” a story about a college girl who seduces other students in shower stalls. Next, a couple discovers a devious use for their spatula while cooking breakfast in Kristina Wright’s “(S)pan(k)cakes.” In A. D. R. Forte’s “Endymion,” two models with statuesque bodies succumb to their mutual lust inside an artist’s studio. A woman uses Kegel exercises to send her lover into sexual nirvana in Donna George Storey’s “The Big O.”

In “Not Without Permission” by Sinclair Sexsmith, a dom considers allowing her submissive to orgasm, but not before she’s had some fun with her strap-on first. And finally, in Thomas Roche’s “Butterfly’s Kiss,” an inexperienced dom visits an underground sex club and discovers a new bag of tricks.

What’s up for grabs?

It’s an e-copy of the brand new kinky antho, Stories of O: Orgasmic Erotica edited by Alex Algren. The competition is open internationally and your e-book will be dispatched to you by email once you’re confirmed as the lucky winner.

Important bits

The competition will run from 10am 15 August and ends 9pm 1 September 2014.

The times shown are UK times.

The competition is open internationally and your prize (electronic book) will be sent to you via email.

A badass bonus

Not only could you win a free copy of this book, you are guaranteed a free paperback/print erotic book from Cleis Press when you buy Stories of O: Orgasmic Erotica from Cleis Press and follow the instructions shown on that page. Can’t say fairer than that.

The book you’ll receive is a surprise, but that just adds to the excitement in my opinion.

How to enter

There’s loads of ways to gain entries into the main competition, so take a moment to fill out the widget below. You can tweet every day for additional entries and a greater chance of winning.

Good luck everyone!


Stories of O exclusive excerpt

From “Endymion” by A. D. R. Forte


“You ready yet, Ari?”

“Just about,” she called back. She stuck a final hairpin into the loose twist of hair atop her head and surveyed the effect. Not period correct, but it looked close enough for Will to get the right effect. And close enough to be becoming for the eyes of her fellow model. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror, and wondered if Will had told him yet that this was to be a nude study.

Evidently not. She walked out of the bathroom in slippers and nothing else, and felt the gaze of both men turn her way—one cool and appreciative, one hot with shock and unspoken lust. Color stained Jesse’s cheeks, but his expression remained unchanged as he lifted his eyebrows and turned to Will.

“Please tell me we’re covering up somewhat.”

Will looked away from her, and at Jesse with an expression of perfectly innocent surprise.

“Oh, no. This is the seduction, where Selene comes to Endymion as he sleeps. But don’t worry, you have your eyes closed, since you’re supposed to be asleep.” He looked down at his brushes with a grin, as Jesse stood quickly from the stool where he had been perched.

“I really can’t do this…” he said, but he was still looking at her, his eyes fixed on her face. He always made a point of looking at her eye-to-eye when they were at work, and she wondered why. Perhaps he didn’t trust his gaze to venture anywhere else, but how could he possibly avoid it now?

Her nipples stood erect from the touch of the cool wind blowing through the windows, as well as from the attention of her companions. The upsweep of her hair left her neck and shoulders bare, and the trimmed, dark triangle sheltering her womanhood did more to entice than conceal. She was in her element. Grinning, she tilted her chin at him.

“Go on, get undressed.”

He shook his head. “This is a bad idea.” But he took off his shirt, and his sandals, and his jeans, and finally his briefs.




  1. only started reading this type of book recently and i can tell you i will never purchase a different genre to this again i have fell in love with these books

  2. This looks like a book I’d purchase anyway. I really enjoy well-written short erotic stories, and am always delighted to find some amongst the oceans of so-so ones available

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