This new sex toy promises to fit your love life like a glove…

The Glov has been labelled a ‘revolutionary breakthrough in sex toy technology’

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The makers of The Glov at Glovin Life (based in Tampa, Florida) have gone back to the drawing board as far as sex toys and sex toy accessories are concerned. The result, a chargeable, electronic glove to fit over the user’s hand, hopes to make using sex toys even easier and more comfortable than ever before.

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Patent is pending and the founder of the company, Steve Scrase, believes that The Glov is revolutionary in the true sense of the word.

“Take the wooden wheel for example, it was invented thousands of years ago and it served its purpose.  With the invention of the rubber wheel, wooden wheels were quickly replaced.  We feel The Glov will do the same thing for sex toys.  Why would you want a wooden wheel if you can have a faster, more exciting rubber one?” – Glovin Life founder, Steve Scrase

The company goes on to explain:

Traditional insertion sex toys do not provide the user with an easy way to use the device because of the odd angle necessary for optimized use. The device must be gripped by the user and held at a 90-degree angle to the erogenous zone. This positioning, combined with the need to engage the wrist, forearm, and upper arm in the process, creates unnecessary strain on the body’s biomechanics ultimately leading to diminished potential of the orgasmic experience.

Glovin Life offers unmatched innovation and technology to solve these fundamental issues!  It accomplishes this with The Glov!  This unique sex toy starts with a sexy and comfortable glove that goes on the user’s “play” hand.  A finger bracket over the first three fingers provides a place to connect the desired attachment (dildo, rabbit, clitoris stimulator, etc.) on the inside of the hand. The hand is then positioned palm facing the erogenous zone. This set up completely eliminates the need to grip the device in the traditional manner. The user then operates the device by simply flexing their fingers up and down without the need to contort their body to insert and maneuver the pleasure device. This allows for a more natural and rhythmic experience.

Another area The Glov improves upon is the overall functionality of a traditional sexual stimulation device through the orientation of the motor controls.  These controls are traditionally placed at the base of the shaft of the device, facing down and away from the user. This position often blocks the view of the motor controls. This makes it highly difficult for the user to easily change the speed, mode, and/or thrust of the device when in use without stopping the session to do so.

Glovin Life conducted great amounts of research and testing to perfect a system that allows for fluid, natural motions to control the device without causing a disruption in the user’s attention.  The controls are positioned in a way that allows the user to adjust them seamlessly and effortlessly.

The Glov is also a multi-attachment system with nearly endless possibilities and can replace and improve manual sex toys with an enhanced experience.  The first units released will offer two attachments, the rabbit and the dildo.  After this initial phase, more pleasure attachments will be developed that will provide an even greater variety of playtime options.

Right now, Glovin Life is hoping for crowdfunding to support the largescale manufacture and distribution of The Glov. You can find the Indigogo campaign page here. If you provide support to The Glov’s campaign, you could even own your own for up to 50% less than the planned retail price.


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