The 50 Best Sex & Intimacy Tips from the Durex Embrace Gels Competition Winners


If you keep a close eye on all things Cara Sutra (ooh-er) you’ll know that a stupendously popular Durex UK competition ended on Friday night. The competition to win one of 50 (yes, fifty) free sets of Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels. It was easy to enter and the competition was entitled Fifty Ways to Play, in honour of the new 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer release.

Did you leave your best sex and intimacy tip on the competition? If you didn’t, it’s too late now – but you can take a look at the lucky winners and their entries below.

Winners – please email me with your name and address details so a free Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels set can be sent to you as soon as possible! Remember, this competition was open to UK entrants only – so if you’re living in another country please let me know so I can select another winner in your place.

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The 50 Top Sex & Intimacy Tips

1. dynamiteminx
27 July, 2014(Edit)

Keep experimenting with new things so your sex life always stays fresh!

2. Rosa
30 July, 2014(Edit)

Always let your partner know when things feel good, whether it’s by moaning or by actually saying it. And if things don’t feel good, don’t be afraid to show them/tell them what does!

3. Rachael omara
1 August, 2014(Edit)

Watch and hold your partners shaft as he thrusts inside you – a big turn on I find ;0)

4. Richard Hill
1 August, 2014(Edit)

me and the wife love to use toys and blindfolds which help in heightening pleasure

5. Sandra Lane
1 August, 2014(Edit)

Forget the bedroom, try making love outdoors (weather permitting)

6. Glen
2 August, 2014(Edit)

Be equal if you get – give

7. di dilly
2 August, 2014(Edit)

Don’t get caught…….always a passion killer!

8. Christina kuczerepa
2 August, 2014(Edit)

Put on some sexy underwear as the sexy you feel the better the sex, a little pleasure gel is fab too

9. Debbie Astbury
2 August, 2014(Edit)

For the ladies always drink plenty of water before a good session ! helps to keep you moist

10. Tina
2 August, 2014(Edit)

read a little porn to each other to get in the mood-Lesbian porn especially!

11. Toni Bradley
2 August, 2014(Edit)

using ice cubes on hot places and blowing to make a tingling sensation or polo mints, (blindfolded, and handcuffed leaves your partner in control intimacy and trust go hand in hand leading to the best sex ever)

12. Aleksandra
2 August, 2014(Edit)

Some cuddling after experimenting with something kinky, helps your partner feel reassured and loved

13. karin
2 August, 2014(Edit)

pay attention to the mans scrotum slowly and gently taking one at a time in to your mouth drives them wild

14. Katie Browell
2 August, 2014(Edit)

One of the most important things is to be clear about what your enjoying, if you are both getting the most pleasure out of foreplay and sex it will strengthen your relationship and make everything even more pleasurable. Being totally open with each other makes for more powerful and trusting sex. After that find ways of heightening your senses, with oils, orgasm balms, tingle lubes, being restrained or blindfolded. Or if your partner is stressed or nervous try relaxation, massages are very sensual and relaxed muscles will make for better flexibility and movement as well as pleasure. Experiment with what is right for both of you and never be afraid to try new things, as long as you are safe and responsible sex can take you anywhere!

15. Samantha Marquis
2 August, 2014(Edit)

Don’t just keep it in the bedroom! Always take time to try new things and remember to TALK to each other – flirty messages can lead to much more later! Be confident too ♡

16. louise prothero
2 August, 2014(Edit)

Wear the sexiest outfit you can find. The feel of the outfit will all play a part in how it makes you feel so go for something that has a sexy material (not cotton!) You both will not want to take it off, so keep it on!

17. Chris
2 August, 2014(Edit)

Get into the right mood will help for great sex. Do not just grab her and throw her on the bed (unless she likes this of course, now and again is good fun ). Have a romantic dinner, set the scene, good food, good music, dress the part – woo her, like you did when you first met. Then lead her into the bedroom. Clean, fresh sheets, fresh rose petals on white sheets, scented candles, low lighting. She’ll probably giggle and make fun of you, but she will secretly love it as it makes her feel special that you went to the trouble.

18. David Reilly
2 August, 2014(Edit)

Jump into the shower for a quick hot make out session!

19. Nick Hopkins
2 August, 2014(Edit)

Do not skimp on foreplay. Explore many areas of each other`s bodies to find the most sensitive zones.

20. Rikki Paul
3 August, 2014(Edit)

Just before orgasm during intercourse, withdraw then give her oral sex, then when you aren’t near orgasm, resume intercourse and repeat several times. while you save your orgasm, she has millions, in which the one you have right at the end is amazing trust me, it’ll be a night to remember

21. Lauren
3 August, 2014

I think what makes sex fantastic is the work up to it, so begin slowly, teasing, kissing up against the walls, holding each other down. And then once on the bed kissing slowly down your body and the use of ice cubes going down your body and then being blown on.

Always take youR time as well and do whatever you like(as long as your partner does like it aswell though) but let the moments take you away

22. Amy
3 August, 2014

Temperatures. Ice cubes, cool mints, warm wax, warm lubes. @AmyPop26 twitter

23. Gemma Whitely
3 August, 2014

Always be comfortable with each other and always be open to experimenting. these things don’t need to be rushed just take your time to find out what each other likes. but never forget to be intimate with things like a soft name call or gentle caress. Doing this can and will lead to a better bedroom life and intimacy!

24. lou
3 August, 2014

Lots of foreplay. If you are planning to make love tonight, tease each other a lot during the day. Send a SMS, text, picture or video or call each other to tell how excited you are looking forward to the night time. Run a warm bubbles bath with aromatic candles, dim the lights, put on the music and tell each other how you want to be teased, to heighten up the tension! & into the bedroom, play with each other, discover every inch of the bodies like never before before you go into it! Whisper and feel for each other!

25. laura
3 August, 2014

Wear something extra sexy start with foreplay, kissing massage licking fondling etc, men don’t go straight downstairs make her tingly and wet. Use the erogenous zones to your advantage. There are ways to make her “cum” without penile entry

26. Josh Harris-Jones
3 August, 2014

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to be confident. It makes a world of difference when you shake off the feeling that things are to embarrassing to say or do and really get involved with the experience, and I tell you, when you get started saying and doing things confidently, you not only start sounding like a suave James Bond type lover, but you realise there are a lot of things you didn’t know you could do, or even things you didn’t know you liked! Thanks

27. Rach
4 August, 2014

Emotional intimacy can be as sexy as physical closeness

28. sean
4 August, 2014

Simply turn down the heating (in this country, erect nipples are an easy way to show heightened erogenous zones – and with delicate touching, you’ll shiver not just from the chill), turn down the lights (best achieved night not morning!) but turn up the body contact and share your pleasure. Soft, sensitive touch to lighten the mood, and even some playful tickling – nothing as sexy as a woman’s giggle. All the fun you want, and even save money on those reduced energy bills!

29. Julia Plummer
4 August, 2014

Being blindfolded and your partner using a feather definitely heightens your senses, using a dimly lit room with scented candles also sets a lovely romantic atmosphere! Just make sure you always have a safety word, just incase things get too much and you need a break! Also a durex vibrating ring is lots of fun for both of you! Hope I win and get to try this prize I can’t wait to try it!

30. stacey robinson
4 August, 2014

dressing up makes things exciting as well as using blind folds and spur of the moment spontaneous sex if great fun

31. becca staples
4 August, 2014

Communication is key, but spice things up abit and don’t get in routines

32. Jade Clarke
5 August, 2014

Blindfolds really work to enhance the other senses increasing pleasure

33. sarah haffenden
5 August, 2014

have scented candles burning and one of blindfolded while the other starts foreplay of your choice….. light different scents through to change the mood as you change play…

34. Phil Jenkins
5 August, 2014

Blindfold and Handcuffs and just let your partner do whatever they want with you…

35. victoria bundy
5 August, 2014

Set the scene for intimacy with sensual music, candles, a shift in place Don’t limit intimacy to the bedroom create a stage for an encore performance in the living room, kitchen. stairs, bathroom right lighting, right mood and sets. Stimulating your creativity as you prepare actually stimulates the sexual drive.

36. john
6 August, 2014

when going down on your female partner suck on an ice cube as the coldness heightens their sensation and gives a better orgasm and when giving a blowjob use a breath mint as it will also make his experience more pleasurable

37. Misskitty
6 August, 2014

Eye contact intensifies everything!

38. paul
6 August, 2014

When doing anal tilt your pelvis forward to relieve any uncomfortable pain and enjoy your best orgasm ever

39. Danielle
7 August, 2014

Using a bullet vibrator to stimulate the Clitoris, gives a free hand to move gentle around the females body to encourage an orgasm

40. Jackie Chapman
7 August, 2014

Talk to each other. Always let your partner know what you like and what you don’t like

41. Kay panayi
7 August, 2014

I like to put a pillow under my bum so when my partner goes In me slowly to start then hard it goes proper deep (Twitter – @kaypmumof3)

42. David Robinson
8 August, 2014

Plenty of foreplay and don’t forget the ice cubes to heighten the sensation

43. Shaw 91
8 August, 2014

My tip would be a 69er as foreplay, makes the sex amazing! Also to be able to talk about what is good and what hasn’t been so good in sex, makes sex hotter when you know what each other likes and knowing it’ll be great.

44. beckie
8 August, 2014

try eating mints before oral sex, the feeling is amazing for both parties, the cool mint feels amazing and should have you reaching climax really quickly

45. Sue McCarthy
8 August, 2014

When I was younger I was always too shy and scared of getting pregnant to do lots of “sexy” stuff.

However, after being widowed twice by the age of 40, I have realised (after having an amazing sexual relationship with my boyfriend 13 years my junior) that life is too short to be shy & scared. My advice would be to try different things, after all if you don’t like it, you can stop there and you don’t have to do it again.

A confident woman is the biggest turn on for a man; he won’t even notice your spare tyres or wobbly bits.

But the guilt I carry is immense now I realise what an amazing sex life I could have given both my husbands…

46. lindsey
8 August, 2014

Don’t be scared to explore your fantasies be brave and discuss this with your partner

Spice things up, do some role play!!! WOW mega fun and full of pleasure and sparks hehe

47. laura
8 August, 2014

Before giving a blow job spend time stroking and sucking balls, licking and playing with penis – build the anticipation.

48. cath brace
8 August, 2014

light candles and have dimmed lighting

49. Daniel Reid
8 August, 2014

A sensual massage helps get things warmed up

50. Grizzly
8 August, 2014

The best tip for increasing intimacy is communication. The more you communicate with your partner, the more new experiences you will both have!


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