Sun, Sea & Sex: How to Bag a Holiday Hottie & Have The Trip of a Lifetime!

Sun, Sea & Sex: How to Bag a Holiday Hottie & Have The Trip of a Lifetime!

If you’re hankering for some holiday romance / a holiday hottie but don’t know where to start, then look no further!

Jetting off to sunnier climates is a great way to rest and relax. However, if you are looking for a hot local or a tempting tourist, it can be good to know what to do and where to go. So to get you started, we’ve compiled a holiday checklist the likes of which you have never seen before.

Sun, Sea & Sex: How to Bag a Holiday Hottie & Have The Trip of a Lifetime!

Do some research

Finding out a bit about the local area is vital if you are looking for some holiday fun. Do your research before you jet off, and book yourself into a hotel that is close to any attractions. Find out about any bars, clubs or restaurants that could lead to a potential holiday hook-up, and pay them a visit! After all, you certainly won’t meet anyone from booking into a hotel in the middle of nowhere, or staying a great area and never leaving your room! Of course, never leaving your room can be a very good idea once you’ve netted your dream man…

Learn the language

Mastering a little bit of the local lingo is a good idea if you are travelling to a non-English speaking country. You may not be able to have an in-depth conversation, but a few key phrases will be enough to establish if A) you have any way of communicating and talking properly, and B) if you actually have anything in common. You could end up being surprised at how far a phrase book and a friendly smile will get you! Also, flirting in another language is a good skill to bring home with you!

Look amazing

Looking your best from the moment you arrive will definitely improve your chances of bagging a holiday hottie. Hair, makeup and clothes are the three main aspects of looking fabulous. Natural, flowing locks, flawless makeup and an outfit that showcases your body to its best advantage are all ways of snaring that holiday catch. Don’t forget to pack that all-important bikini and some stunning underwear! It may not stay on for long, but first impressions are everything!

Get chatting

If you do get talking to a potential holiday squeeze, be friendly and inquisitive about their life back home. Are they a local, or are they a fellow tourist? If conversation flows freely, it’s a good sign that you’ll be compatible in more ways than one. So find out if you have any common ground aside from being on holiday together, and wait for those all-important sparks to fly! Of course, flirt away too. Being cheeky and suggestive is definitely the way to unlocking a man’s most primal urges. Which leads us on to our next point…

Be adventurous

Going on holiday is all about leaving boring everyday life behind, so why not let your holiday escapades reflect that? If you’re meeting someone and having sex with them for the first time, it’s time to shed your inhibitions and do what you have always wanted to do in bed. Whether it is a new position or having sex in public, as long as your partner is into it, then don’t hold back. You won’t be worrying about what pre-conceptions your hook-up may have of you, and as long as you are safe, your fling need not have any lasting consequences. So pack some confidence into that suitcase of yours too, and you’ll have gorgeous guy’s queueing up to get up close and personal with you.

It’s time to jet off!

So whether your trip is for business, pleasure or a bit of both, spending it with a dreamy hook-up is the best way of unwinding! Finding a hot hunk to while away those sunny hours with couldn’t be easier thanks to our handy hints. You’ll have such a good time, you’ll never want to come home!

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