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This week’s sex blogger in the spotlight is Millennia Toy Box who conscientiously writes honest sex toy reviews and shows a deep passion for both sex positivity and furthering a fantastic attitude towards masturbation. As well as well articulated product reviews, there are personal blog posts and even an advice guide or two. Go check out the site!

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millennia toy box sex blogger spotlight series
I’m at university, where I’m getting a degree in electrical engineering, and a minor in womens’ studies. I didn’t realize how important feminism was until I got to college, where I would be berated, objectified, and judged because there’s not many women in engineering, and women aren’t supposed to be “smart.”
I started this blog, because I think that sexual autonomy is so important, and I hate that there’s a stigma surrounding masturbation. Everyone can do it, and everyone should! I hate how there are relationships where partners bring toys into the bedroom. My life is the opposite, and I’m trying to be as open about my exploits as possible so more people see it as a natural thing, and stop believing that a vibrator is a last resort when you don’t have a partner, and are sad and lonely.

I review sex toys, and am trying to write more general posts – look for posts on consent, shame, sexual autonomy, and industry regulations within the next few months!

Anywhooo, onto the questions:

What’s your blog name/online handle and how did you come up with the idea?

Right now, it’s millenniatoybox. I had an AMAZING name in mind that I’ve been using in different capacities for years (usernames on gaming platforms, etc.) but I don’t self-host my site yet, and the website builder I used wouldn’t allow it. I’m hoping to be self-hosting within a few months, so then I can finally pick the name of my dreams. I picked the current one on impulse, because I am a millennial and I like sex toys. I am much more creative than that, I swear!

Why did you start a sex blog or reviewing sex toys?

I explained a bit of this in the first paragraph, but I’m sick of the stigma. Women in their early 20s are looked down upon for playing with sex toys, because they’re young, beautiful, and should be able to go out and get sex. Well, I don’t agree with that one bit! You can and should explore your body at any age, however you choose, whether it’s with your fingers or a vibrator, or anything really. It’s not just for single women in their 30s. If you know and understand your sexuality, you will have a much easier time with partner sex. I also hate how it’s perfectly fine for 13 year old boys to wank into their dad’s playboy (sorry, that was a bit heteronormative) but for a 13 year old girl to touch herself, it’s taboo. I just can’t accept that. If I have kids, and if I have a daughter, I’m going to teach her that there is no shame in masturbation, that it’s beautiful, natural, and feels amazing. And as soon as she’s ready, probably about 14 or 15 (it depends on who she is, what she wants, how comfortable she is) I will absolutely buy her a vibrator. She shouldn’t be denied orgasms just because it’s not as easy for pubescent girls to achieve them as it is for boys.

Share with us a funny or interesting experience that’s happened to you in the course of your blogging.

Oh, christ. Well, about a month after I started blogging, I really wanted to start exploring my G-spot. The shape of the Lelo Gigi looked promising, but I’d heard that it was too short, and couldn’t get the job done. So, I opted for the Picobong Moka. The head was quite large, so I lubed it up, stuck it in, and was on my merry way. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that my vagina’s a bit narrow. so the head of the toy was lodged under my pubic bone, and it was stuck. Like, I couldn’t get it out and I tried everything. Did I mention that I was at my boyfriend’s parent’s house when this happened? So I yelled for my boyfriend to come help me remove it, but I guess he didn’t hear me. My boyfriend’s mom comes up the stairs and knocks on the door to see if I’m okay. She comes in, and I was under the blankets, but there was still lube everywhere and I was sweating profusely from trying to get it out. So she went and got him for me, and he yanked it out. I haven’t used it since. It was pretty awkward. I’m all for being open, and I encourage it, but I don’t want to put anyone else in a bad position. It’s kind of like, every kid knows their parents have sex, but they don’t want to hear it or know when it’s happening, but I definitely shattered any secrecy I once had.

Will you still be blogging in 5 years time?

I hope so. As long as people keep being interested in what I have to say, I definitely will. I love it. I also love seeing how the industry changes over time- mostly small changes here and there, but still. In the past five years, there have been huge changes in the types of companies that are making products. The companies that make body-safe products are finally front and center, and more people are gaining awareness of all the nasty shit that can be in toys. A fellow blogger, DangerousLilly, is a huge crusader for sex toy safety and fiercely educates and spreads awareness about the lack of regulations. Dildology is great, too. If a company claims their product is silicone and it seems kind of sketchy, you can raise money to send the questionable toy to Dildology and they have scientists who will test the chemical properties of the material to see what it truly is. There’s still a lot of gross jelly dongs out there and sex toy newbies who don’t know any better, but there’s definitely way more quality products to choose from than there were 5 years ago, and that in my eyes is a huge improvement.

Tell us about three other bloggers you admire, and why.

Well, I love Lilly, but I already explained why. Oh, this is hard to choose! I can break it up into categories, though!

I love Epiphora, from HeyEpiphora, with an unrelenting force. She doesn’t care what companies think of her, she cares about her readers, and is one of the most loyal and honest people currently on the internet. I hope I can meet her some day, because she has the same dry sense of humor that I do, and she makes me laugh so hard. her reviews are unique because they’re not filled with anything you could find out anyway from googling. She stays away from shoving promo and product specs down our throats, and focuses on experiences. As she once said, something can make me orgasm, and I can still hate it. And with her reviews she explains how the toy makes her feel during, before, and after use. She is a force to be reckoned with, and a personal hero of mine.

I love Dizzygirl (noveltiestoymeetsgirl) and Marvydarling/sarah (marvelous-darling) because they are honest, and blog about their lives as well as sex toys. Dizzygirl swings, Sarah lives in Europe with her cutesy dog, and while they’re both very different people, they’re both interesting, poignant, and honest.

And, finally, I love Erika Moen (ohjoysextoy) and JoEllen (redheadbedhead) because they also give us insight into their lives. They both have this frankness about them, they’re both strong, care about spreading important information, teaching, and give different perspectives into the lives that everyone is curious about.

If you review sex toys, what are the top three toys you wish you could get your hands on next?

This is really hard to decide, but…

1. Limon by Minna Life
2. Fun Factory Stronic Eins
3. Key Comet II by Jopen

Who is your favourite adult shopping company, and why?

Hands down, Shevibe. They are ethical, they have a huge selection of companies a lot of other retailers don’t carry, are friendly, and their art is amazing. Check it out. I seriously wish they did comic books about sex toys.

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