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This week’s erotic author in the spotlight is Eliot Waistlin, who will undoubtedly shock you with raw, sensational erotic writing talent. Choosing writing subjects which are arguably an alluring alternative to the norm, you’ll be fixated on Eliot’s stories from start to explosive finish.

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My name is Eliot Waistlin, although that is not my real name. I am a very ordinary person who leads a very ordinary life, and like many others, I have always looked for a way to express the beautiful things inside me. I started writing short stories a while ago, and while there might be beautiful things inside me somewhere, the things that come out in the stories are not always strictly beautiful: they are dirty and perverse. Sometimes they are wacky and silly. Sometimes heartwarming maybe, but usually just dirty.

I like sex. I like writing about it. Usually my stories are little more than a sex scene, with some framework around it. It may be a sin in the world of proper erotica, but I like to just get to the fucking most of the time.

The first story I wrote was about sex between a man and a Transgender woman. The second I wrote was about a girl’s introduction to pissing sex, and things have gone in every direction from there. Generally speaking, regular sex between a man and a woman doesn’t show up very often. That just seems so ordinary somehow. I’d rather have lesbians, bisexual threesomes, stoners, or sex wizards.

It wasn’t something that I planned, but the Piss Diaries series is probably what had I’ve become best known for. The pissing stories are definitely the best sellers of the work I’ve published. That’s okay. They’re fun to write, and I have a lot more up my sleeve for that series.

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from Piss Porn Party (here at

The smell of it struck me. It was a fierce, pissy tang in the air. My stomach twisted a little, but to my shock, my pussy was tingling. I was getting turned on by all this.

The first guy in the room was the black guy in sunglasses. He was naked, and a huge cock swung out in front of him as he stepped in. He was already hard. He stepped up near Natalia and her hand went immediately for that dick, and she took it in her mouth without hesitation, sucking on his big brown cock-head. “Mmmm,” she moaned, taking him in deeper.

“Okay, get ready, baby,” he said, and she released him and leaned back. He held his cock, grunted a few times and then started pissing. He pissed for a moment on her face and she gasped, and then he pissed on her tits, spraying her all over. The piss splashed all around her, collecting in puddles in the bottom of the pool. I didn’t want to guess how many beers he’d had, but he didn’t stop pissing for a long time.

Natalia seemed to love it. I didn’t know how much of that was her desire to be a good porn performer, or if she was actually getting some kind of sexual thrill from having a stranger piss all over her, but the look on her face was blissful. When his stream weakened, she got up close, holding her mouth open just below his cock so his final dribbles ran right onto her tongue.

“Holy shit,” I said as she swallowed a mouthful of it down, opening her mouth wide for the camera to show it was all gone. She wasn’t done with his cock though, and she grabbed him and kept sucking him off until another guy arrived with his own massive cock ready to spray her down.

One after another, they stepped up and pissed on her face, all over her body. Two guys sprayed her at once, soaking her hair, while she sucked another guy’s cock. The boys were getting splashed with each other’s spray, but they didn’t seem to mind the piss so much. I could hear a shower running somewhere, so I presumed the guys who were all done were cleaning up the splash-back.


My work is available at Smashwords.

I also run a blog at The blog usually has short erotic stories and excerpts from my newest work.

You can also follow me in twitter @ewaistlin. My twitter is definitely NSFW.

Books & Stories

Here’s a list of my current titles which you can find at Amazon UK and


Come On In: Transgender Erotica
And Bottom Makes Three: A Transgender Ménage
The Only Time: A Lesbian Fantasy
The Sex Wizard: An Erotic Fantasy
Inspiration: An Erotic Tale
The Pot Diaries #1: The Sex Witch
The Wasteland Diaries


Piss Diaries #1: Piss Porn Party
Piss Diaries #2: Soaking Wet
Piss Diaries #3: By The Water
Piss Diaries #4: Sharing The Bath
Piss Diaries #5: Body Shots

Piss Diaries Bundle: #1-3

– Eliot Waistlin


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