Together for four years – and this weekend we try something new

Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve a tunnel plug, a cactus and 5lbs of butter.


We’re actually staying in a hotel room, for two nights, the two of us (my man and I) without anyone else. For most people in a relationship this long, this would have been out of the way and done with in the first 6 months, a year at most. Definitely before having a child, in any case. Not us. We’ve always had someone with us when we’ve stayed anywhere, from ex partners to the chauffeur slave who attends events with us.

I’m so excited that I’ve gone beyond any reasonable, rational and safe level of joy.

The one thing I am seriously hoping they have is temperature control, as if the weather is anything like it’s been the rest of this month, it will be absolutely scorching. Although I wrote an advice post about having sex in the heat of a mad hot summer, I would still prefer some air con to resorting to stuffing our orifices full of ice cubes. I don’t mean just our mouths, but you probably picked up on the innuendo.

We’re heading to the bright lights of the city for an amalgamation of celebration. It was his birthday on Tuesday and mine will be on Saturday, which also marks our 4 year anniversary together. It’s an anniversary of living in sin, I guess – although I am not sure how much the term ‘sin’ is really relevant if of course it ever was. There needs to be a new term for the anniversary of those people who ‘get together’ but don’t feel the need for a legal contract. A Very Happy UnWedding Day, perhaps.

I’ll no doubt take a million photographs (no, not THAT kind – well, maybe) so expect a post-weekend update next week. We’re hoping to fit in a couple of cultural events too as well as bed related activities. Some fine dining… a tipple or two…

Oh, I’m there already!

– Cara Sutra


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