The Act Itself: A brand new print magazine devoted to the world of erotica

The Act Itself is a new print publication which is issued three times a year. This glossy backed magazine showcases the perfect combination of skilfully penned words and evocative imagery, making it the discerning choice for all lovers of the world of erotica whether erotic authors or fans.

Each issue has a staggering 150 pages of erotic treasure and the publication dates are set for the end of April, August and September.

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I was delighted to receive the debut issue of The Act Itself recently, free of charge in exchange for an honest overview and communication to my erotica loving audience here at Cara Sutra. My first impression upon opening the discreet, well wrapped package was the size of the magazine. Instead of little more than a leaflet which I was expecting (print is very expensive), I held in my hands an A4, glossy leafed book, rather than a magazine. With 150 pages to leaf through (which are admittedly in black and white unlike the outer cover) I knew that this was a magazine which would easily see any avid fan of erotica through four months until the next issue arrived on the mat.

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Spring 2014 is the premiere issue of The Act Itself and contains a variety of fascinating pieces, from fiction through to sex positive and adult education articles as well as sexy yet tasteful erotic images and photographs. For example, there’s a sizeable extract from the autobiography of legendary porn star John Holmes, as well as a study of the background of the book’s creation by Jill C Nelson entitled Writing Down The Inches. There is also an essay entitled Sex Positive: Accepting is Freeing. In all, there are 11 works of erotic fiction and 6 sets of erotic imagery.

The Act Itself is also available as a digital edition (PDF eBook) for the same price per issue, $14.95.

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In my opinion The Act Itself represents fantastic value for anyone looking for a publication devoted entirely to the stimulating world of erotica.


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– Cara Sutra

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