Sex news: Volunteers wanted for Sunny Megatron’s New Sex Positive Education TV Show

Are you living in North America? Would you like to participate in a new sexuality education TV series filming this summer? Then Sunny Megatron is looking for YOU.

  • Both individuals and couples are requested to volunteer, and the participants will ideally be interested in:
  • Trying out sexually adventurous experiences (threesomes, BDSM, orgasmic meditation, to name just a few!)
  • Participating on camera if required
  • Discussing myth busting and breaking down taboos relating to all aspects of sexuality, kink and BDSM

The TV show will air on pay cable channels in Canada and the United States and will be hosted by the one and only Sunny Megatron. Sunny is the famous and award winning sex educator based in Chicago, IL.

sunny megatron new tv show sex education positive 2014

Definitely interested by now? Good. All you need to do is get in touch with Sunny Megatron at and supply the following info:

• Where you’re located
• What kind of new sexual experience you are interested in exploring
• If you are looking to explore solo or with your partner/s
• If you have any kinks, fetishes, or alternative sexual practices you indulge in regularly or are very experienced in




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