Feel More Attractive, Sexy & Confident – 10 Ways to Give Your Self Esteem a Much Needed Boost

Feel More Attractive, Sexy & Confident – 10 Ways to Give Your Self Esteem a Much Needed Boost

Lots of women would like to feel sexier, but feel as if something is holding them back. So how do you go about becoming more confident?

Feeling confident 24/7 is no easy task, and there are very few people who can say that they are a hundred percent happy with every aspect of their self. Being completely satisfied with yourself requires a high level of confidence, and we all know how important it is to feel comfortable in your own skin. So if your self-esteem is a bit sluggish then here is our ten step route to complete self-satisfaction.

Feel more attractive & Sexy & confident

Think positive

High self-esteem all comes from the mind, so it’s important to start here. Start the day off with good thoughts, and try to keep those nagging self-doubts at bay. Forgive yourself for silly mistakes and focus on the positive by applauding what you do well, and skills in the bedroom definitely belong in this category. If you’re a real pro at a certain type of naughty activity, then give yourself a pat on the back!

Find out what you like

Knowing what you like in and out of bed is always good for your self-esteem, but we’re going to focus on between the sheets for this one. It can be difficult to feel confident in bed if you are unsure about what turns you on, so do some research! Treat yourself to some alone time and satisfy your curiosity – that means experimenting with toys, movies and whatever else takes your fancy. When you are more confident about what brings you pleasure, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to be more assertive. That’s out of the bedroom too!

Dress nicely

Dressing in something that you know to be unflattering is a sure-fire way of sending your self-esteem south. Find clothes that suit your shape, and don’t just be swayed by trends. Once you have found that elusive perfect style, stick to it. If you know that you are looking your best, you’ll be feeling your best. Of course, wearing some sexy underwear will make your confidence soar, even if no one else can see it. The same goes for no underwear at all!

Pamper yourself

The same goes for your skin and hair. Greasy locks or spotty skin will do nothing for your self-confidence, so take care of those. Face masks, moisturisers and makeup all keep your skin looking radiant, and your hair will thank you for regular trips to the hairdresser. Your significant other will certainly appreciate it too!

Don’t compare

Comparing yourself to others is an easy trap to fall into, but there really is little to gain from it. Sure, your fellow ladies may have something that you don’t, but that can also be applied the other way around. Learn to appreciate others, but never at your own expense.

Learn something new

If there is a weakness that you find yourself focusing on, then why not do something about it? Learning a new skill, such as dancing or a language can make your confidence soar. Or if you feel as if your skills in the bedroom need some brushing up on, then identify what you want to get better at. We’re sure that your partner won’t mind playing teacher with this kind of lesson. Trust us.

Love yourself

Take the time to stand in front of the mirror every day and tell yourself just how wonderful you are. Sounds silly, but it works wonders for confidence. So next time your bum looks amazing in that dress, tell yourself, loud and clear.

Take compliments

If you can give compliments to yourself, then receiving and believing ones that come from other people is vital too. If someone comes up to you and tells you how beautiful you are, believe them! Knowing that you’re a real hottie can do wonders for your confidence, so lap up every bit of praise that comes out of your partner’s mouth as well.


As well as keeping you looking good and feeling fit, exercise also releases mood-lifting hormones. So those sit ups planned for this afternoon might not sound so appealing right now, but you will be thankful for them soon after! Or you can skip the sit ups and have sex instead. It’s a much more appealing work-out plan, isn’t it? Plus that panting, breathless feeling that you normally hate from exercise, is something that you relish when enjoying a steamy session!  Having more sex will also re-assure you about any insecurities, so it’s a win/win situation!

The simply answer? Have more sex

Like we said, good sex equals good self-esteem. Now that you know all about improving your confidence, why not put it to the test in the bedroom? Tell your partner that you’re in charge tonight, and watch them come apart beneath your hands. The adrenaline rush of power is the perfect antidote to any worries, and your partner will be waxing lyrical about just how sexy you are.

Self-conscious? Me? Never!

Now that you’ve read our self-esteem boosting guide, there’s no reason for you to be down in the dumps for any longer. Your partner will be enthralled by your new found confidence, and you’ll feel like a whole new woman!

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Krissy is an Escort for 247 London Escorts and believes that every single woman can be sexy, it is just a matter of knowing your strengths!

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