Competition: Share your best sex tip to win one of 50 Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels Sets!

Win one of 50 Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels sets!

FiftyWaystoPlay competition

To celebrate the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer, Durex are giving 50 lucky Cara Sutra readers the chance to win a Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels set. That’s right, there is a mountainous FIFTY sets to give away!

All you need to do to enter is firstly, be a resident of the UK or Republic of Ireland, then share your best tip for heightening the intimacy and pleasure in the bedroom – as a comment on this blog post.

You can also share your tip on Twitter. Just make sure you place the specific competition hashtag in your tweet so that we’re able to find it: #FiftyWaysToPlay.

The competition will end at 9pm Friday 8th August, which gives you some time to think of your best tip(s) to share. You can enter will more than one tip, so get commenting and tweeting!


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Once the best 50 tips have been selected after the competition ends, I will be contacting the 50 lucky winners in order to get their name and address details to let Durex know where to send your prize.

The sets will be sent directly from Durex, in beautiful packaging with discreet and safe outer packaging for the post.

You can also read the Cara Sutra review for the Durex Embrace Pleasure Gels here as well as a guest review here.

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Good luck everyone!

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  1. being blindfolded heightens your other sense make sex more intense and not know what you partner is about to do to you is very exciting


  3. Always let your partner know when things feel good, whether it’s by moaning or by actually saying it. And if things don’t feel good, don’t be afraid to show them/tell them what does!

  4. always talk to your partner, what feels good, what doesn’t, and what you want to try. i would also recommend girls to give blow jobs i didn’t think i would like giving them but i do.

  5. Looking into each others eyes is very erotic and don’t be afraid to try other things.
    Also making time for each other is important – make a date night with each other and keep to it!

  6. Kissing during sex for me is important, such a turn on and makes me feel so intimate with my partner, embracing more than simply shagging.

  7. My wife made me christen my new garden through use of the my work bench. The thought of being outdoors and getting caught by the neighbours is exhilarating. Watch out for splinters though

  8. Instead of diving straight for the clitoris, spend time around the area. Run your tongue over the lips and folds, press it gently into the soft bits, run it around but not on the clit itself. Push your tongue into the vagina like a mini penis a few times in between running it over everything else. This will drive the woman wild and she’ll beg you to lick her clit. This should take a good 20 mins, so take your time and settle in. Then go to the clit and start rubbing gently with the tip of your tongue, then off, then on, building up the time SLOWLY (in between go back to the other areas) until you just focus on her clit. Now is the time to slip two fingers in her. keep going at a steady speed on her clit (DO NOT speed up just because she moans faster) and before you know it she will moan like crazy and have the best orgasm she’s had for years. Oh, and she’ll love you for it and be amazed at your skill 🙂

  9. Try different things. Write down what you would like to try and give it to your partner, we do this every month, its fun and exciting as you don’t know when they will carry out the ask. x

  10. Using oils as foreplay will heighten the woman’s senses. Using scented oils is best but baby oil will do if that’s all you have. Focus on her neck, thighs, legs, arms and back. Be gentle – remember your not a trained masseuse. then breasts, shoulders, etc. Work your way up and then down, front and back. It will really put her in a good frame of mind.

  11. Talk dirty, take your time, lots of foreplay & exploring… Remembering there is no time limit!! Ps durex play tingle is amazing!! Men loved to be touched in many places!! As do us women

  12. Get into the right mood will help for great sex. Do not just grab her and throw her on the bed (unless she likes this of course, now and again is good fun 😉 ). Have a romantic dinner, set the scene, good food, good music, dress the part – woo her, like you did when you first met. Then lead her into the bedroom. Clean, fresh sheets, fresh rose petals on white sheets, scented candles, low lighting. She’ll probably giggle and make fun of you, but she will secretly love it as it makes her feel special that you went to the trouble.

  13. Wear the sexiest outfit you can find. The feel of the outfit will all play a part in how it makes you feel so go for something that has a sexy material (not cotton!) You both will not want to take it off, so keep it on!

  14. Gently lick your partners nipples while gentlt rubbing your lobricated fingers over the anal passage of your partner

  15. A small amount of toothpaste applied to the tip of your tongue immediately before oral sex can work wonders for your partner.

  16. Don’t just keep it in the bedroom! Always take time to try new things and remember to TALK to each other – flirty messages can lead to much more later! Be confident too ♡

  17. Take your time. The more you learn about how your partner reacts to touch, the better you will be in pleasuring your partner. Remember – what you put in is what you get back!

  18. Never be too squeamish about trying new things. Legality of things should be the boundary – not your prejudices or misconceptions.

  19. Foreplay really helps ensure the erection is at it’s highest, therefore pleasure is much more fulfilling. Also when having sex my partner loves my orgasm, it turns him on more.

  20. Remember – blackmail of any sort (“if you really loved me, you’d to this”) does not have any place not just in a bedroom, but in a healthy relationship at all. Equal partnership should be about finding a compromise, a little give and take, and also about respecting each other’s boundaries.

  21. One of the most important things is to be clear about what your enjoying, if you are both getting the most pleasure out of foreplay and sex it will strengthen your relationship and make everything even more pleasurable. Being totally open with each other makes for more powerful and trusting sex. After that find ways of heightening your senses, with oils, orgasm balms, tingle lubes, being restrained or blindfolded. Or if your partner is stressed or nervous try relaxation, massages are very sensual and relaxed muscles will make for better flexibility and movement as well as pleasure. Experiment with what is right for both of you and never be afraid to try new things, as long as you are safe and responsible sex can take you anywhere!

  22. I say as long as it light you have eyes open watch him watch you, a few gentle toys of forplay, followed by some intense loving, if hes pleased im turned on. If you wanna hold out longer tease tease tease x

  23. Making time for one another, be spontaneous and try new things, the feelings of the unexpected is always a pleasure heightener

  24. Hold your cock with your hand and let it in only a bit at a time… Imagine it is a pen and you are writing inside her.. I’ve noticed it drives her wild when I spell out ‘I love you’ and bite her sharply on the neck…

  25. a few glasses of mind so you are more open to try new things. Making sure both people are relaxed and you have a safe word so each person knows when to stop. Even if you are feeling unsure about something try it if you don’t like it you know not to do it again and you know you have your safe word to make it all stop.

  26. Sex isn’t dirty, sex is amazing. You should never feel ashamed. Enhance your life and don’t be afraid to try new things. Let go of your inhabitants and enjoy it 🙂

  27. using ice cubes on hot places and blowing to make a tingling sensation or polo mints, (blindfolded, and handcuffed leaves your partner in control intimacy and trust go hand in hand leading to the best sex ever)

  28. tell your partner what turns you on and make sure you ask them (after a session of course, don’t want to spoil the moment) so that you can focus on the best bits and get full enjoyment

  29. sexy underwear, scented candles, some nice smelling massage oil, a partner and a tube of toothpaste for some tingling experiences

  30. Loads of foreplay and relax. Also take a mouthful of cold water before giving a blow job for a different sensation and don’t forget the balls.

  31. make sure the room is warm you wont be interrupted relax in a nice bubbly bath with a glass of something nice but most of all communicate!

  32. Always make it interesting, it feels so much better with a rush of excitement or adrenalin coursing with the climax trust me 😉

  33. Ifind a good old blowjob heihtens the mood for me and my partner then plenty of play with eacher sex lasts for hours lol

  34. Don’t get straight to it take your time and enjoy the foreplay touch, kiss and caress each other and tease each other for a bit. It will excite you both a whole lot more and make the moment a lot more passionate and intense.

  35. Don’t rush anything, time and patience, don’t rush in start off gently and stay gentle if thats what your partner wants or prefers, not everybody is into rough sex, in fact most are not, you both need to pass on your needs to each other, understanding goes a long way.

  36. Dull the lights. Let him put on some nice R&B slow jams, while you go into the bathroom to get changed into your sexiest lingerie. When you’re done go back to him, push him on the bed and dance on him, go with rhythm of the song playing. As your dancing on him, give him gentle kisses, especially on his neck, then start undressing him. You will know what to do from there

  37. don’t rush take your time, and make sure you do lots of forplay to make the woman cum as many times as you can before you do 🙂

  38. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to be confident. It makes a world of difference when you shake off the feeling that things are to embarrassing to say or do and really get involved with the experience, and I tell you, when you get started saying and doing things confidently, you not only start sounding like a suave James Bond type lover, but you realise there are a lot of things you didn’t know you could do, or even things you didn’t know you liked! Thanks 😉

  39. Mix it up! Never be afraid to try something new as you’ll probably end up having mind-blowing sex just by making small changes!

  40. Wear something extra sexy start with foreplay, kissing massage licking fondling ect, men don’t go straight downstairs make her tingly and wet. Use the erogenous zones to your advantage. There are ways to make her “cum” without penile entry

  41. Lots of foreplay. If you are planning to make love tonight, tease each other a lot during the day. Send a SMS, text, picture or video or call each other to tell how excited you are looking forward to the night time. Run a warm bubbles bath with aromatic candles, dim the lights, put on the music and tell each other how you want to be teased, to heighten up the tension! & into the bedroom, play with each other, discover every inch of the bodies like never before before you go into it! Whisper and feel for each other!

  42. It’s good to change sex dynamic to surprise and excite your partner. For example, be more active if you’re normally passive.

  43. lv 2 put on romantic music n sexy underwear push my partner on 2 bed wind him up by doing a sexy dance n bobs ur uncle omg the love making me n my partner do is out of this world its amazing if I could die in his hands naked I would b 1 hell ov a lucky lady my man knw how 2 pls me n same bck.soz guys off 2 bed 4 mad passionate love making even after 9yrs sex is still lyk it was frm 1st day we met lv my man so much im off peeps iv got my man waiting Mmmmmm

  44. Always be comfortable with each other and always be open to experimenting. these things don’t need to be rushed just take your time to find out what each other likes. but never forget to be intimate with things like a soft name call or gentle caress. Doing this can and will lead to a better bedroom life and intimacy!

  45. Just before orgasm during intercourse, withdraw then give her oral sex, then when you arent near orgasm, resume intercourse and repeat several times. while you save your orgasm, she has millions, in which the one you have right at the end is amazing 😉 trust me, itll be a night to remember 🙂

  46. I think what makes sex fantastic is the work up to it, so begin slowly, teasing, kissing up against the walls, holding each other down. And then once on the bed kissing slowly down your body and the use of ice cubes going down your body and then being blown on.
    Always take youR time aswell and do whatever you like(aslong as youre partner does like it aswell though) but let the moments take you away

  47. When giving a blow job lick from the balls right up the shaft and the tip of the penis then suck as much as possible whilst digging nails into their right thigh. 😉

  48. Whoever said ‘A bit of what you fancy does you good’ .. absolutely nailed it … ‘scuse the pun! 😉

  49. Never hurry the moment, run your tongue from her ears to her feet. Usually give her an orgasm with your tongue first to totally relax her and make her feel like the queen she is. Say no to wham ,bang, thank you mam.

  50. dressing up makes things exciting as well as using blind folds and spur of the moment spontaneous sex if great fun

  51. be open minded and spontaneous. have things hidden around the house so just because your having a quickie in the kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t play 😉

  52. Listen to some heavy metal music while having sex!
    Also glide ice cubes along your partners inner thighs and lower arms! 😉 x

  53. Eating a couple of mints before a blowjob …apparently feels amazing …then blow gently on the tip after and it sends chills down ur mans penis 🙂

  54. Be open with your partner, know what they want to try. Always talk and change positions and technique so it doesn’t get boring

  55. Being blindfolded and your partner using a feather definitely heightens your senses, using a dimly lit room with scented candles also sets a lovely romantic atmosphere! Just make sure you always have a safety word, just incase things get too much and you need a break! Also a durex vibrating ring is lots of fun for both of you! Hope I win and get to try this prize I can’t wait to try it!

  56. Simply turn down the heating (in this country, erect nipples are an easy way to show heightened erogenous zones – and with delicate touching, you’ll shiver not just from the chill), turn down the lights (best achieved night not morning!) but turn up the body contact and share your pleasure. Soft, sensitive touch to lighten the mood, and even some playful tickling – nothing as sexy as a woman’s giggle. All the fun you want, and even save money on those reduced energy bills!

  57. Ladies, don’t stop a blowjob three seconds before your partner comes just to avoid taking cum in your mouth – learn to like the taste of cum, and also don’t stop until good ten seconds after he comes – penis is very sensitive at that point, so mega pleasure is to be derived from this!

  58. Don’t be embarased to tell your partner what you like. Be careful how you say it so it doesn’t come across as though what he or she have been doing is wrong or bad. Everyone is different, so every partner isn’t necessarily going to like things done the same way. Asking or telling a partner how to turn you on is a turn on in itself

  59. Talk about everything! Your likes, dislikes, turn ons and turn offs. If you want to speed up or slow down. The key to any successful sex life is a proper understanding of each other.

  60. gently bind your partner so there movements are restricted and gently kiss and massage them .then suck there cock till they are beggin you to stop .

    Set the scene for intimacy with sensual music, candles, a shift in place Don’t limit intimacy to the bedroom create a stage for an encore performance in the living room, kitchen. stairs, bathroom right lighting, right mood and sets. Stimulating your creativity as you prepare actually stimulates the sexual drive.

  62. Communication is key to sharing the best of sexual intimacy. Being open & honest about what you both like & don’t like before you start makes the act of having sex so much more pleasurable. The heightened arousal from the talk will be amazing every time. Spend more time focused on the foreplay and don’t look at foreplay as the precursor to the act of sex, view it as an equal and essential part of sex. The last thing you need to remember, always have lube on hand and right by you so if and when it is needed, it is ready and waiting and you don’t loose the mood going on a search for it.

  63. have scented candles burning and one of blindfolded while the other starts foreplay of ur choice….. light different scents through to change the mood as u change play…..

  64. The man should cook a romantic candle lit meal followed by a bath full of bubbles and scented candles and then take charge in the bedroom for a night of fantastic intimacy.

  65. I make almost everythink with mens, but I now one think respect, lisen you can make the most crazy think but dont forget to respect your partner needs.

  66. Be natural, relax and enjoy. Share the experience…..and yes that may mean multiple partners. Be safe and always use Durex…it will stop a visit to the Dr for STI’s and Pregnancy !

  67. when going down on your female partner suck on an ice cube as the coldness heightens their sensation and gives a better orgasm and when giving a blowjob use a breath mint as it will also make his experience more pleasureable

  68. I like to put a pillow under my bum so when my partner goes In me slowly to start then hard it goes proper deep

    Twitter – @kaypmumof3

  69. Using a bullet vibrator to stimulate the Clitoris, gives a free hand to move gentle around the females body to encourage an orgasm

  70. The best tip for increasing intimacy is communication. The more you communicate with your partner, the more new experiences you will both have!

  71. don’t hold back, do what you feel, be spontaneous, act out your fantasies, have fun! And most of all don’t keep it in the bedroom!!!

  72. Be in love. When you are in love with the person you are having sex with, there’s a much better connection, heightening the pleasure!

  73. Before giving a blow job spend time stroking and sucking balls, licking and playing with penis – build the anticipation.

  74. Dont be scared to explore your fantasies be brave and discuss this with your partner
    Spice things up, do some role play!!! WOW mega fun and full of pleasure and sparks hehe

  75. When I was younger I was always too shy and scared of getting pregnant to do lots of “sexy” stuff.
    However, after being widowed twice by the age of 40, I have realised (after having an amazing sexual relationship with my boyfriend 13 years my junior) that life is too short to be shy & scared. My advice would be to try different things, after all if you don’t like it, you can stop there and you don’t have to do it again.
    A confident woman is the biggest turn on for a man; he won’t even notice your spare tyres or wobbly bits.
    But the guilt I carry is immense now I realise what an amazing sex life I could have given both my husbands…………

  76. try eating mints before oral sex, the feeling is amazing for both parties, the cool mint feels amazing and should have you reaching climax really quickly

  77. My tip would be a 69er as foreplay, makes the sex amazing! Also to be able to talk about what is good and what hasn’t been so good in sex, makes sex hotter when you know what each other likes and knowing it’ll be great.

  78. 4. Practice being present outside of the bedroom.

    Presence is like any other skill—it take time to develop. For most people, it’s usually easier to learn how to be present during activities other than sex first. Try spending five minutes a few times a day sitting quietly and paying attention to your internal world. Practice noticing your body when you’re in motion, perhaps as you’re walking down the street or as you’re working out.

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  80. when giving a blowjob, squeeze your thumb between your fingers and it stops you gagging, i didnt think this would work but i tried it and ti works a treat!

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