Shadow of Sin

In the spirit of the June prompt for Sinful Sunday, Black and White, I have included both colour and black and white photography this week.

As I was trying on some new lingerie for a review earlier this week, my man and I were playing. I was teasing him with my lace underwear, giving him a peek of what lay beneath. It was then that I realised the light shining through made some very pretty patterns. I snapped this shot so I could share my saucy, sinful shadow!

Which do you prefer?

Sinful Sunday: Shadow of Sin Black and white

Sinful Sunday: Shadow of Sin Colour



  1. I prefer the black and white, although both are beautiful. I hope your man was appreciative of the tease. 🙂

  2. The black and white seems to stand out more. However, the colour version is softer, more feminine in feel.

  3. I prefer the colour version, the patterns seems clearer on the warm tones of your skin and that image makes my fingers tingle…. with the thought of tracing those patterns with my finger tips


  4. What a sexy shot! I prefer the black and white since the purple in the color distracts from the lacy shadow in my opinion.

  5. Beautiful shots! We love how vividly the shadow is captured. Our favorite is the black and white one, though both are very erotic!

  6. With all the pattern play you want to linger a bit on the image to figure it out. Really delicate yet striking at the same time.

  7. Oh, I like both of them! Each of two have different sensation . Beautiful pattern on your intimate part want me to pull your panties down. So hot and sexy !!!

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