I want to leave the exact details of the situation to your imagination.

The Domme or the kitten? The Owner or the owned? The whip hand or the punished?


  1. For me, the answers to the questions don’t matter. The pic is powerful, beautiful, sensual and hotasallhell.

  2. mmm the photo leaves a lot to the imagination. I would say the preparation was for you in your role as Domme, but from my point of view it would have been the preparation of a sub 🙂

    HOT photo!

    Rebel xox

  3. Stunning. So many possibilities for what happens next. Also I love all the textures in this photo from the shiny boots to the mesh on your clothes to the carpet under you.

  4. Can you not be both? I’ve been a cat ‘owner’ for years but I think every single one of them has always truly owned me! Stunning image though.

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