Lie back and think of England


…because you’re about to get a pounding too

As for me, I’m definitely going to score tonight.


  1. What an amazing image, the view up your body is fucking awesome but the expression on your face is like fire


  2. Like those who have commented before me… this is a hot pic, but what really does it for me is your face! You like you’re ready to eat someone up. In the best possible way. :]


  3. As always, another fantastic image Cara! The angle, your expression, the way you grip your strap-on, and the caption…brilliant!!

  4. Haha, so funny. I love the playful nature, the teasing words, but most of all – your facial expression. My favorite this week.

  5. Wonderful . . . and by co-incidence I’ve just finished scoring in the same fashion as you! LOL!!!
    Fun isn’t it!!!
    Xxx – K

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments! I’m just back from the ETO show so will be doing the Sinful Sunday comments rounds soon, I haven’t forgotten.
    Thanks again – glad you all like the piccie!
    – Cara xxx

  7. Completely hot and thrilling! Love the look on your face and the feeling that you’re just going to gleefully dish it out.

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