Sexy Stockings: Why Lace Stocking Tops Are So Damn Hot

Sexy Stockings: Why Lace Stocking Tops Are So Damn Hot

By Cara Sutra

Sexy Stockings: There’s something fucking sexy about lace stocking tops, or any stocking tops in fact. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not quite sure what it is that makes them so sexy. It’s a bit like nipples. They’re simply the end of a breast, albeit a different colour. Women can show pretty much any other part of their breasts in polite company, yet show any nipple at all and suddenly it’s termed ‘explicit’ or ‘pornographic’ (depending on what you’re doing with said nipple at the time, I guess).

Stockings or Tights?

Sexy Stockings: Why Lace Stocking Tops Are So Damn Hot

When it comes to stocking tops, they’re the defining difference between the admittedly unsexy practicality of tights and the perceived uber-sexiness of stockings. It may come down to the fact that the sheer material is quite obviously only a sheath for the silken skin underneath, barely coating that delectable pin. Each ‘pin’ or leg separately, not as a pair.

This leads us to realise, consciously and subconsciously that as separate legs, they can be parted for other things. Sexy things. Hooking a leg around a man’s waist, while he’s still fully dressed in a suit. That flash in their eyes when they feel up your leg, under your clothes and suddenly hit the first of the night’s little erotic victories: their fingertips on the lace edging which forms the final fence between clothing and bare naked skin.

Having those stockinged legs pulled apart when you’re flat on your back, skirt or dress hitched up to your middle and a lover (man or woman) licking the bare flesh at the apex of your thighs.

Suspender Clasps

Then there’s that little ping the suspender clasp makes against the thigh. The feminine sensation of attaching the clasps to the front centre, and the back centre of the stocking tops. The slight wrinkle in the material as it is caught in the hold of the slide button on the clasp. You want to make sure the suspender strap is straight so you smooth it between finger and thumb, with a little ping back on to the thigh.

Sexy Stockings: Why Lace Stocking Tops Are So Damn Hot

Stocking tops are made to be seen. You don’t hear of them being worn underneath trousers or jeans, it’s always presented as easy access sexiness, under a skirt or a dress.

There’s an art to wearing stockings, and to the dark femme talent of stocking top use. The whole process of putting on the stockings and suspender belt with clasps is a ritual. A ritual of femininity. Not that you can’t be feminine without wearing stockings, because of course you can – but this ritual specifically just epitomises femininity for me, personally. Women’s legs are lusted after, a visible tease to onlookers which leads to her sexual entrance(s) and her centre of sexual pleasure. Of course we decorate our feet and legs to tease minds into hot, lust filled thoughts – it’s part of what being a woman means for me.

Flashing The Tops

When a lover is flashed with the stocking top, so stereotypically coupled with perfectly manicured nails used to expose them – red, preferably – it can send the pulse racing and desire skyrocketing. It’s the modern equivalent of a well turned ankle, I suspect. Who knows, in 50 years we may be flashing a labia edge to entice an interested party. I hope not, though. For a tease to be effective, the main assets must remain hidden. “A little something left to the imagination”, as I so often heard when I came of age to dress ‘like a lady’.

The Tease

Sexy stockings and their teasing tops do this perfectly. Which really brings me to why on earth I have chosen to talk about stocking tops for my Fetish Friday this week. I am an incurable tease. An incurable romantic too, yes – but often my brand of romance is tied up with sadism and cruelty. I can’t imagine a woman who doesn’t like teasing a man, it’s part of the great dance. Nothing deceitful, just pure, honest, teasing cruelty. Consensual, sexy cruelty. Look but don’t touch. Imagine but never get. Want but be denied.

Sexual Confidence

I don’t have a fantastic relationship with my legs but on every occasion when I’ve worn sexy stockings (or hold ups) I’ve instantly been propelled into a more sexually confident version of me. My walk is different, especially coupled with the traditional heeled foot which accompanies such glamorous leg attire. Why high heels are sexy is the topic for another article – but they just are. It’s not even up for debate. The icing on the sexual confidence cake is seeing their face (whoever they are, a lover or a teased slave). That look when you grace their presence with the sultry air of a femme fatale who means bedroom business. Whether it’s their eyes, fingers, or tongue that’s lucky enough to run over those lace stocking tops, they’ll certainly be putty in your hands.

Sexy Stockings: Why Lace Stocking Tops Are So Damn Hot



Some Thoughts

Do you wear sexy stockings? Or hold ups?
Have they made any significant impact on your sex life or on your lover?
How does your partner feel about them?
Do you choose to wear them with or without knickers?
Would you ever go out in public with your stocking tops on show?

I look forward to your comments below.


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  1. Love this post – I’m a fellow stocking lover and hoarder – I wear them to give me the secret knowledge of saucy confidence. And yes, I might share a glimpse of my stocking tops, but purely by accident, of course! That reminds me, I must get matching some up for this weekend x x

  2. I love your blog. Very nice and informative.

    I must have been 14 when I suddenly became very aware how I really look(ed) in ill fitting cheap tights. Call it a rude awakening. That weekend I bought my first stockings and my first suspenderbelt. Been wearing stockings ever since; preferably held up by 6 not too long 1 inch wide suspenders.

    I tried hold ups but I never liked ‘m. When they feel comfortable on my thighs, they don’t hold and when they hold, they feel uncomfortable. Not good and not nice.

    When my lover’s hand went up my skirt and inner thighs for the first time, it was met by stocking tops, fasteners, suspender straps and no panties. That came as a complete surprise and it instantaniously made him 13 times as horny as he already was. Quite a taxi ride home, lovely memories.

    He became my Lord and Master. We’re still together and he loves the sight of me going about the house in sexy or trashy outfits or just in lingerie with stockings on stiletto heels and I still love the way he often leers at me and I love how it feels when he just grabs me to “use” me or how he plays with my undies when I snuggle up to him. Stockings haven’t hurt our relationship or our sex life.

    Do I wear them with or without panties? Depends. But if and when, I always put ‘m on after fastening my stockings.

    And would I ever go out in public with my stocking tops on show? Sometimes it happens, by accident and good luck to the bystanders who catch a glimps. And sometimes on purpose. We went out last week. He very smartly in a black suit, handmade shirt and silk tie and I in a black as well: little leather biker jacket, little leather mini skirt, satin corsage with suspenders, seamed ff stockings and knee high boots. We looked smashing together.

    • Thank you for your comment! Very sexy. I don’t know if I could wear stockings all the times I want to have my legs covered… but it’s a lovely thought. Yes I don’t find tights very sexy either but sometimes functionality wins out over style – I will admit! If you’re comfy in stockings and suspenders at all times then that’s wonderful 🙂
      Cara x

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