Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Cava Supernova


This week’s sex blogger in the spotlight is Cava Supernova, with a sexy and intriguing tagline: English chick on an intrepid expedition through deviance and kink. Champagne tastes, rock chick habits, sparkling wine budget. 

Who could resist such a lady? Cava Supernova’s sex blog is professionally presented, easy to read and navigate and discusses such hot topics as threesomes, anal sex, modern dating woes and debunking popular sexual myths. If you’re after the cutting edge in sexuality and sex blogs, you’ve found it at Cava Supernova. Read on to find out even more about this fascinating blogger.

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– Cara Sutra

Cava Supernova

cava supernova

In 2010, I found out my husband had been cruising for men on Gaydar and having sex with them in our bed. It was the final nail in the coffin – our marriage was blighted by his alcohol problems and his vile temper. The whole thing destroyed me, and the pain was mind numbing. I didn’t even cry for two years.

Just before Valentine’s Day this year, ‘something’ compelled me to write it down and I put it on my blog CavaSupernova. I’d started the blog to prove to myself I could still have a good time after nearly two decades of misery with my ex. I surprised myself that I’d written about something that had caused such intense pain.

Another ‘something’ urged me to send the post to GirlOnTheNet. I love her writing and asked if she’d critique the post and maybe even consider letting me guest blog for her. She was so lovely and supportive that I decided to push my writing far more than I’d intended. I’m loving writing the blog and have had some fantastic feedback from people.

What’s your blog name/online handle and how did you come up with the idea?

The blog name, Cava Supernova, is a play on Oasis’ ‘Champagne Supernova’. When I was trying to think of a blog name, the image popped into my head of a wannabe Courtney Love trying to live a champagne life on beer money. I don’t drink beer, so cava (sparkling wine) seemed the next best thing, then the Oasis idea slotted into place. I like the idea that it sounds like a stage name too, almost an online persona.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Discovering that I am the Miranda Hart of sex blogging! I blunder around, making ridiculous mistakes, constantly saying and doing the wrong thing; I’m learning as I go. Other bloggers seem so assured and confident and experienced. I haven’t got a clue, but I’m enjoying myself, so hopefully people can identify with that sort of feeling.

I love writing interesting, funny, entertaining copy, too, especially now that other people are starting to read and comment. I try to imagine I’m sitting in a pub with my friends, when the third bottle of wine has just been opened and you’ve all started talking about the dirty stuff.

Do you use social media? If so, where can we find you?

Twitter @cavasupernova



Do your friends know you’re a sex blogger?

No. I’m from a tiny town, where everyone knows each other. My friends would be cool with it (it wouldn’t surprise them either), but I’m starting to see how single women like me are regarded by ‘people’ in general (they assume you’ll have sex with everything that moves, at the drop of a hat, and seem to envy/despise you for it in equal measure) so I’d rather keep my real life separate from the stuff I blog about.

Have you ever done anything specifically so you can blog about it afterwards?

Haha! No, but if arrangements fall through, which they frequently do, I always feel disappointed for the blog as well as myself.

Share with us a funny or interesting experience that’s happened to you in the course of your blogging.

I was out for a drink with a pair of swingers, and found out inadvertently that a friend’s accountant is also a swinger. I nearly died laughing (the guy’s no Brad Pitt; not even a Bradley Walsh for that matter) but there’s no way I’d tell.

Tell us about three other bloggers you admire, and why.

I’m A Kinky Bitch

To be this hot, with such a pared-down writing style… I love it. It’s minimal but beautiful, which reminds me of Brett Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero, one of my favourite books.

Gay porn rocks, but I love blogs that can mix things up a bit. This has some super-hot man-on-man content, but keeps you on your toes with laugh-out-loud randomness too.

Domme Chronicles

Through a series of coincidences, it’s dawned on me recently that I’m probably a bedroom dominant (I never realised!). Explains why I’m desperately in love with this blog. The writing is quite poetic and it eulogises sub men.

Do you prefer blogging fictional erotica, real life sex anecdotes or factual based content such as reviews and advice guides?

Real life anecdotes; I have no choice! Writing hot, sexy fictional erotica is an amazing skill and I don’t have the imagination or talent for it. As for factual stuff, I prefer to leave that to authority bloggers who know what they’re talking about. Like you, Cara! [Thank you! -Cara xx]

I try to include links to authority bloggers in my posts, so I can add a practical element. Most of my writing is about my cavalcade of mistakes, mishaps and bodge-ups, so I’m in no position to offer any sort of advice. Apart from ‘Do the opposite of everything that I do’, maybe.


Cava Supernova

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