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sex 101 sex blogger and adult education feed reader rss app

There’s a brand new app developed for iPhone users, available from ITunes, called Sex 101. This app, developed by the people at The Sex Trend, utilises RSS feeds and other technology to build a feed containing recent posts and articles from popular sex bloggers and adult educators.

Unlike having to put in your choice of RSS feeds into a feedreader such as Feedly, Sex 101 does all the hard work for you if an informative and regularly updated sex ed and sex blogging feed is what you’re after. You can access the most recent work from your favourite sex writers within moments, and best of all, this app is free to put on your iPhone or iPad!

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The feed contains a short snippet from the start of each post and each segment is ‘linky’ meaning you just tap on it on your phone to be taken through to the full article at the originating blog or website.

So what’s the future of Sex 101? At this time I’m unsure how the developers are planning to monetise this app, as it’s free for users to put on their iPhone  or iPad through the App Store for iOS 6 and above users. Just search for “Sex 101” and you’ll be able to identify it with this logo.


The Android version will be launched any day and I will update with the link once this is available.

In my opinion Sex 101 is a great idea. I do hope it doesn’t have to be filled with too many adverts in the future (there are none to be seen at present) to make this a financially viable project for the developers. As it stands, with a small snippet, website logo or image and the link directly to the original source, I find this app very useful and informative.

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Feeds are added to Sex 101 only with the permission of the bloggers and writers, therefore if you would like to see your feed on Sex 101 please contact the developers at

Find the Sex 101 app on iTunes here.


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