Kink Links: The Erotic Gems of the ETO Show 2014

Kink Links – Erotic Fetish Jewellery


I’m very excited to share with you the products I absolutely loved at the ETO Show this year – and they didn’t even have a stand! Kink Links erotic jewellery.

The first few times Kink Links tried to meet with me at the recent ETO Show 2014, I was away from the stand I was exhibiting The Cara Sutra Collection Ltd on. I was in a flurry of meetings and networking, but Kink Links persisted and eventually found me at E4, my little corner of the large NEC exhibition hall.


After a quick description from the lovely couple about who they are and what they do, I decided we needed to have a proper sit down and a coffee. Over at the expo coffee bar the lady from Kink Links set about showing me her wares, starting with some cases that looked like hard spectacles cases. Opening them, she retrieved and showed me some slender but sturdy leather collars, each slightly different. An O ring on one, another with a padlock. I was even more surprised when she confirmed that yes, it was genuine leather (so supple and comfortable) and that the O rings, charms and in fact any decoration other than leather was made from genuine silver.

Silver is a great choice for the rings, rivets and charms on this fet-erotic jewellery, as it is non-allergenic and anti bacterial. This is sure to be reassuring for anyone who has particularly sensitive skin or who is allergic to nickel or any of the usual metals used in decor alloys.

As you can see from the photos, these items are simply gorgeous. In fact I know that Molly will simply love them, as I kept telling the Kink Links couple! A practical, comfortable and attractive alternative to either traditional wedding rings or the heavier wear items made for actual session use and restraint, these collars and jewels are worn as a symbol of your fetish and D/s relationship. There are collars and hanging charms which can be stamped with the message of your choice, as well as necklace charms, cuff links, rings, bracelets and other items.


I love that there are now items of jewellery which can be worn as every day wear, even out in public to give a strong yet discreet sign to onlookers that your BDSM relationship is solid and has meaning for you and your other(s). No matter what your relationship, Dom/sub, Domme/sub, Master and Mistress with slave, ageplay such as Daddy/little girl, Furry play (puppy play, kitten play, pony play) you can tailor these hand made, bespoke items to your preference and relationship.

I can genuinely see these items for sale in a high end, designer boutique such as Coco de Mer and there is also a fast turn around time too, considering they are hand made and to order. Just 1-2 weeks.

You can find Kink Links here on Facebook, where you can comment or message to request more information/make your order. Leather collars in your choice of colour, with silver O rings, start at £140. Prices vary according to your specific order.

Gallery (Cara Sutra)

Gallery (Courtesy of the Kink Links Facebook Page)



  1. Wow! Those are absolutely lovely items. Definitely want to see more of this. Thanks for this post!

    Rebel xox

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