ETO Show 2014 Part Four: Monday with a Friday Flavour, Day Two

Part One: The journey, the stand set up, and the night before

Part Two: Sunday, Day One, the show begins

Part Three: Awards Night – Everyone’s a Winner

Part Four: Monday with a Friday Flavour, Day Two

Part Four


Oh, did I feel smug on Monday morning. No, not the award – which I was still in shock about – but the lack of hangover! With a smiley face and a clear head I reflected on this day a year before, when I had been so ill from the afterparty that I hadn’t been able to get up from bed until checkout time. In fact if I’d had my way I wouldn’t have left the bed for about 4 days, that’s how ruined I was. I’d sworn not to do that again, and despite worrying that a hangover was somehow inevitable with the ETO Show Awards, I’d avoided the usual after party punishment.

Good thing too, as I had another day of work to tackle. Of course, the ETO Show doesn’t really feel like work, it feels more like hanging out with old friends and talking about shared interests in a lovely, open minded environment.

Packing up our belongings in the room and getting freshened up for the final day of The ETO Show 2014, I proudly tucked my award into my case and sealed it in carefully, along with Biscuit to look after it while I was at the NEC.

Monday was strange in that it felt just like a Friday, or possibly a Saturday. In any case it was the best feeling Monday I think I’ve ever had! Sable (my man) and I started the day correctly, before the doors opened to the public, sat in the event cafe eating breakfast muffins. We ended up sat alongside a table with Dom Strap On and her friend. It’s never too early to talk about anal gaping, after all. After silently giving thanks for about the 67th time that I didn’t have a hangover, it was time to scoot around the event and capture some pics of the stands before they were pounced upon by the visiting public. With the hall lovely and quiet except for trade members and staff I was able to capture some great shots of the stands.

Visiting ETO award winning Mister B
Visiting ETO award winning Mister B

My stand at E4 (The Cara Sutra Collection Ltd) soon saw Vic and James arrive, with Julian to follow a little later. Monday wasn’t as busy as Sunday had been, in terms of visitors to the show itself, but I still met up with some wonderful people throughout the day.

There’s Ali from Ali’s Addiction, whom I first met at my Fantasy by Cara Sutra launch party back in February. Her reviews are always fair and thorough and she has a very professional and well versed approach to her blogging and adult reviews.

Pinky from Simply Pleasure made it on the Monday, prompting an immediate hug and happy chatter about anything and everything. I dragged her over to the Doxy Massager stand to see their new toy, and she was also very impressed. To be honest I don’t think anyone who saw it wasn’t impressed. I’m struggling to keep the news from you, in case you can’t tell.

I had pictures taken with the lovely, sexy and talented Victoria Blisse and met with Lexie Bay and Tabitha Rayne, also erotic authors in the ‘sexy books’ publishing area of the industry. Vic has a new book out, Her Secret Past which is published by Totally Bound (buy it here), and I will be holding a giveaway for a signed copy (which I have right here) very soon. Exciting, right?!



Later on the Monday I got to meet the fab Mancunian Beast and then his wife Mancunian Beauty to talk about life, Twitter, perversion and their sex toys site Lisa’s Adult Bazaar. I didn’t know beforehand that they were Deaf and it was fantastic to once again communicate using sign language, just as I used to as a child with various Deaf members of my family. I’m pretty sure surrounding people were shocked I knew any sign language! We talked about the instant judgments people have about Deaf and deaf people, the difference between using the upper and lower case d in those instances, and how it’s our ears that are broken not our brains. Being seen as stupid because I can’t hear everything is a particular bete noire of mine. Anyway, without heading into rant zone, I’ll move on. The Lisa’s Adult Bazaar team had friends along with them, also Deaf, so we spent a good half hour chatting away happily about pretty much everything.

After a lunch of naughty fish and chips in the café (I was in a celebratory mood for some reason) I was approached at my stand by a couple with some very interesting items they make and sell. Kink Links hand make bespoke fetish and D/s jewellery, which is symbolic of a power exchange relationship in the BDSM scene. I kept saying during our meeting that Molly would absolutely love these, but in truth I loved the lot of them as well. Soft leather, genuine silver O rings and charms as well as the ability to have the items marked and stamped with a message of your choice. I will be writing a separate post about this company and their items as I genuinely feel they should have more exposure in the industry as well as in the BDSM scene. I can think of so many people who would love them, and I can see them being sold in a boutique along the lines of Coco de Mer.

Full set of images and more info coming soon in a separate article

My meeting with Kink Links came to a close then it was back to my stand for a meeting with Mistress Vikki, the stunning lady from Uber Kinky. Another industry bod I talk to on a regular basis but whom I’d never met! We discussed my new kit, other sex toys, Uber Kinky reviews, as well as just catching up on chat. Uber Kinky is somewhat different to other sex toy websites as they sell items which are deemed more hardcore and extreme than your mainstream vibrators and cock rings. You only have to see my Crystal Delight butt plug tail reviews, metal chastity device review and Anal Hook review to see what I mean. That’s only the beginning!

After bidding goodbye to Mistress Vikki it was mid afternoon and Sable, minnie and I still had the trip home to make. I was badly missing my kids now too, the youngest of which is only 20 months. I made my way around the hall one last time at about 3pm to say goodbye to people, which turned out to take over an hour. Leaving just after 4pm we had an uneventful journey back ‘oop north’ to Lincolnshire, stopping off half way again for another celebratory tea, this time an all day breakfast and a beer for me!



We landed home safely about 7pm and I could barely keep my eyes open.



The ETO Show 2014? Done, and a huge success in all ways. I loved being able to be present again, and I’m very thankful to my team at The Cara Sutra Collection Ltd that I was able to exhibit my new products as well as just attend the show. Then of course, the readers of ETO Magazine need to be thanked profusely for voting me Best Erotic Journalist once again, in the 2014 awards. Thank you.

It’s now a few days after the show has finished and I still haven’t come down from the buzzing high.

The 10th anniversary of the ETO Show definitely lived up to and exceeded all expectations and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings. Will you be there? Start making plans to visit Birmingham next June!


– Cara Sutra


14th July 2014

Additional photos from ETO Magazine, July 2014 edition


    • Thank you! I did, as always. Enjoyed being an exhibitor this year too. Hope to see you at Erofame 2014, and possibly the XBIZ London event?

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