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This week we welcome the fabulous Heather Osborne into the Erotic Author Spotlight. Read on to find out more about this wonderful erotic writer and enjoy the hot free excerpt too.

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Heather is a self published author of historical fiction/romance and erotica. She was born and raised in California, but moved to Scotland in 2009 when she met her future husband, Martin. Heather spends her spare time, when not writing, at the theatre or taking care of her young son, Alex.

The first stanza of the “Tam Lin” poem by Robert Burns is my tagline:

“O I forbid you, maidens all,

That wear gold in your hair,

To come or go by Carterhaugh,

For young Tam Lin is there.”

Tam Lin



Growing up on Carterhaugh farm, Janet heard the stories about a mysterious man who lurked in the forest, taking tokens from young girls caught there after dark. Little did she know that the stories were true. Can Janet free her lover from the grasps of a lustful Faerie Queen?

Free excerpt

“Beware, my son! Never travel in th’ light of the hunter’s moon! The Faerie Queen will be on the prowl for younglings to entrap in her web!”

The youthful lord had dismissed these warnings as stories told to little children with the intention to keep them out of the woods at night. He laughed to himself at the thought of considering heeding them. A man with a score of years behind him did not fear much. He began to hum to himself, surprised when the trees echoed back to him, “Who goes there?” Laughter! He was sure he heard it! Reining the horse to move faster, the trees began to blur. The laughter grew louder until suddenly, before him on the path, there was a woman dressed in a translucent, shimmering gown. He pulled his horse to a halt, nearly missing her and tumbling head first over the horse’s head into the underbrush. The horse shied away from the woman, but she reached out and stroked its nose, whispering softly into its ear. The horse turned and ran back down the path.

Blinking a few times, the lord gained his footing, clear, blue eyes quickly surveying his surroundings, “Who goes there?” He shouted again; hand on the hilt of his sword as he stumbled back to the path. His horse was gone. Cursing softly, he spun around again. The woman stood before him, more beautiful than any woman he had ever beheld. His hand dropped from his sword. He was struck speechless.

How did I come up with the idea?

While surfing the internet one day, I came across a blog post about little known fairy tales. Among them was the ballad of Tam Lin. The origins of the ballad date back to the mid 1500s Scotland. The story begins the same with a girl, either Janet or Margaret, passing through the forest of Carterhaugh during the full moon. Tam Lin, cursed by the Faerie Queen, haunts the forest, but will die unless saved. He convinces Janet to help him and she must hold onto him through all forms of transformation. Once this is complete, she wins his freedom, much to the dismay of the Faerie Queen.

After reading this, I knew it would make an amazing erotica. I’ve taken the basic premise of the story and tweaked it to make it more titillating.

– Heather Osborne


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