The Mistress

The June Sinful Sunday prompt is ‘black and white’.

Introducing, The Mistress.







  1. Wow! Those are all incredible images – love that you’ve made them so bright 🙂 The third shot, with you in the background, is my absolute favourite.

    xx Dee

  2. You have such perfect toes! (Sorry, couldn’t help mentioning that!) A truly stunning sequence with the ‘shine’ linking the photographs so cleverly. My favourite image is the second to last one – that perfectly focussed shoe and the hint of you in the background. Jane xxx

  3. Wow, these are GORGEOUS! I love how shiny the black is in your outfit & heels…and you look absolutely stunning!

  4. Eye-catching images all. I think what captures the eye in many of your pics is your eyes – they’re very expressive.

  5. Mistress indeed… I am lost in the 3rd image though, there is something very sensual and erotic about that one that continually draws my eyes back to it.


  6. Stunning!!! I LOVE your outfit . . . and the shoes . . . but that outfit!!! Wow . . . I want!!!
    Xxx – K

  7. Thank you for all the lovely comments! I am, quite honestly, overwhelmed.
    Yes I think my fave is the third image too. I like that my features are blurred and the attention is rightfully (!) on the shiny heel! No looking up! Naughty! 😉

  8. As other have siad the pictures are beautiful. How you sequenced them adds to it as it let’s one’s own mind make up the story to go with them.

  9. Such a contrast from last week. That third image is stunning and beautifully balanced. Showing us what we should focus on and tempting us to look up.

  10. I LOVE this series! Being a shoe-slut they made my heart race. 😀 But more than that, they are just beautifully done. I think I like the second one down best – I have these exact heels and LOVE the view from behind!

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