Offering what he needs


I chose this photo before checking up on the monthly prompt, which happens to be ‘All About the Men‘.

Interpret as you wish…

(click on the photo for larger image)



  1. Well you picked a great image to go with the prompt. There is something so sexy and male about the jeans and keychain but then combine that with your beautiful feminine behind and the possessive dig of fingers into your flesh just seems to highlight even more the contrast between masculine and feminine


  2. Mrs has said that this is her favorite image of the week, and I do have to agree. Love the aggression against the pure white flesh. Love the bulge in the jeans and the hint of tattoo. Hot, all around!

  3. Love the contrast between hard jeans and chain, and soft female curves! The action of his hand seems to combine the two ideas nicely 🙂

  4. I also choose my photo before checking the prompt, and it also worked out perfectly.
    Mmm, gosh I love this photo. It’s so aggressively hot and suggestive.

  5. This is seriously hot, one of my favorites this week! I love the fingers digging into that gorgeous flesh!

  6. This is a fantastic image! I love the use of black and white and how you can see his nails digging in xx

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