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Dillon Birdsall recently contacted me about his new campaign to make a movie. Not very exciting, you may think; lots of people would love to make a film. However this one is a little bit different… it’s about his personal findings and journey as a 23 year old virgin in the 21st century and just what that means for him and society. You can find out more at the V-Card the Film website and find the Kickstarter here.

Read on to find out more and follow the links to support this intriguing campaign.

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Dillon, a 23 year old virgin (not for lack of trying), sets out on a comedic journey to discover what virginity means in our society. A brand new documentary coming soon with your help.

About Dillon

Hello everyone, my name is Dillon Birdsall and I am the creator and protagonist of V-card the Film.

I was born in Connecticut to two amazing parents by the names of Tom and Dione Birdsall; I’ve lived in Connecticut, Maine, Florida, and Japan. I went to Florida School of the Arts where I got my degrees in Acting and Science, and am now currently living in Brooklyn doing neither of those things, but hey what can you do. I love lists so here is one of my favorite things.

About Matt

Why hello there! I am the Co-creator, Producer, and best friend to Dillon.

I was born in Paisley, Scotland and moved to Florida when I was 4. Makes sense right? Didn’t think so. I went to Florida School of the Arts for acting and moved to NYC to pursue an acting career. After attending and graduating from the Maggie Flanigan Studio, I have started writing my own material as well as taking on a producing role for this film.

About the Project

I had the idea for this project back in college; while all of my friends and classmates were really starting to have sex on a regular basis I was still holding my V-card (Hey that’s the movie title!) As time went on I seemed to be the only virgin left. One night, lamenting the fact that I couldn’t seem to get a date even if my life depended on it, I started to wonder if it was this hard for other people and more importantly what was there “first time” really like. Was sex really as a big of a deal as I was making it out to be or was I just going crazy for nothing. I started to think about the people I would like to hear from, porn stars, politicians, actors, but even more so, I want to hear about regular people’s sex lives. I had never seen a documentary talk about this before, sure there are documentaries about sex but I had never seen people talking about what it was like to lose their virginity, thus, the idea for this film was born. So I finished school got a job, and after a year moved to NYC to pursue acting. One night at dinner with Matt he asked me, “What was the one thing that I wanted to do more than anything else”? I told him I wanted to make the virginity documentary that I had thought of in college, and on the spot he said we should make it, and low and behold we are.

I love this project, and I love working on it with our amazing crew, but more than that, I love talking to all these new and interesting people. Every new interview, every new first time story brings me closer to understanding virginity a little more. This documentary is important, to not just me but anyone who is interested in how our societies view sex. The more we talk about this topic the less taboo it is and the more informed we can all become. I want to hear about your virginity stories because I want to find a deeper meaning to how I go about having sex and a relationship. I want you to watch this documentary so you can maybe see a side of our society’s sexuality that you have not seen. So to any virgins out there I want to hear from you, and to anyone who has had sex I want to hear from you too, because this is a topic we can all connect with.

So If you are as interested in finding out about virginity, sex, love, and all those little intimate bits in-between please support us and spread the word about this project to anyone you can.

Synopsis of the Film

Part 1: A Virgin In New York

We get to know Dillon and Matt, the day in the life of your average 23 year old virgin and how being a virgin affects Dillon’s life. Then we will use interviews primarily from the New York area from street performers, sex therapists, and people off the street to get a look out how the average American views virginity and sex. How old they were when they lost it, tips for how Dillon should go about losing his and other thought provoking questions about sexuality.

Part 2: Science, Sexuality, and Entertainment

The film then leaves New York, we are going to go to the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington Indiana, Americas foremost sex studies and sex research facility, to find out more about why we love sex so much, statistics on virginity and other facts about virginity and sex that you don’t often hear about. From there we head to California to talk to pornstars, sex workers and any celebrity that we can wrangle into talking to us about their views on sexuality and what they think of virginity, we might even stop in Nevada to go to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch and the AVN awards, and because we want to be as well rounded about sexuality as we can we will try and interview any priests, pastors, rabbis, and any other religious figure who will talk to us.

Part 3: Losing It

We will then head back to NY to explore the New York dating scene, this is when Dillon will take all that he has learned so far from the filming and use it to hopefully lose his virginity. We will be exploring internet dating, speed dating, getting in shape and overall things a person has to do to be attractive to another member of the opposite sex, we’ll have more interviews this time from people who are in relationships and are married to see how being with a significant other affects their sex life. We are hoping the movie will culminate with Dillon finding someone that he likes and then finally giving up his V-CARD to someone he cares about. The film is not about just having sex with any random stranger or women for hire. If the film ends with Dillon a virgin or not, it’s all about finding out what virginity and sex means to us as a society.


1. Are you a virgin?

Yes I am a virgin, yeah. No need to lie about it.

2 . How old are you?

I just turned 23.

3. Why do you think you’re a virgin?

I have a few theories. I think bad luck and a fundamental misunderstanding of women play a large part in why I’m still holding my V-card. Also a lack of confidence has always been an issue; it’s not that I’m afraid talk to women, it’s just I’m not very good at it. I don’t think I can read the signs. I’m also not the best looking guy in the world so that could have something to do with it.

4. Why make a movie about virginity?

I have never seen a movie like the one we are making, and I watch a lot of documentaries. I’ve seen plenty on sex and marriage and relationships documentaries but never one about a virgin trying to discover what their sexuality means to them. It’s a really interesting story that needs to be told.

5. Do you hope to have sex some day?

Oh hell yes, I would love to have sex, but it needs to be under the right circumstances. It would be easy for me to go out and get an escort, but I just don’t want to lose my virginity to just anyone. I want it to be with someone I have an actual connection with.

6. What’s the closest you ever gotten?

I’ve only ever really made out with women and done some heavy petting nothing past second base.

7. What celebrity would you wish it was your first?

Scarlet Johansson would be pretty amazing.

8. Do you intend to use this documentary to find your first?

Yes and no. I didn’t set out to make this documentary so that I could have lots of sex. I did it because I wanted to find out how other people view virginity and sex in our society and why I was so upset with being a virgin in my 20’s, but if I do happen to meet an amazing women who I really like and think I could be with then of course I would love to have sex with her – and if the movie helps me find her, even better.

9. Can you prove you are a virgin?

No – how could anyone prove they’re a virgin, but I am; you have to trust me on that.

10. Why is virginity so important to you?

Sex seems to hold so much weight in our society and when you’re not having it you feel like an outcast, or I do anyway. I always felt like being a virgin was something to be ashamed of, something I needed to hide to be accepted. I want to change that. I want to discover new things about virginity, sex, and relationships, and I know the movie will do just that.




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