Sex Blogger Spotlight Series: Kayla Lords


Last week we learned about the erotic author Kayla Lords. The multi talented Kayla is also a fun and exciting sex blogger, so what better way to feature her hard work and wanton writing than in the Sex Blogger Spotlight Series?

Read on to find out more about how Kayla Lords started sex blogging, where else to find Kayla online and so much more too.

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– Cara Sutra


My name is Kayla Lords and I run a blog called A Sexual Being at I am a sexual submissive living the Dominance and submission (D/s) lifestyle as a masochistic babygirl with a sadistic Daddy. Most of what I write centers around D/s whether fact or fiction. A lot of what I write is about my long distance relationship with my Dominant, John Brownstone who runs a blog called Southern Sir’s Place. We’re moving in together this June, and I’m sure parts of my blog will change to reflect this new chapter of our relationship.

What’s your blog name/online handle and how did you come up with the idea?

My blog is A Sexual Being and I’m Kayla Lords so my site is Kayla is a pen-name, but it’s a bastardization of my real name. I created it so I’d feel more like myself. I called my blog “A Sexual Being” because that’s what I am – even when I didn’t think I was.

Which country do you live in?

I live in the US. Florida to be a little more precise.

Approximately how long have you been sex blogging?

I started my blog in 2012. I switched from a WordPress website to self-hosted in 2013 and haven’t looked back since.

Why did you start a sex blog?

In 2012, I had a lover who told me that he didn’t like having sex with me because I couldn’t let go and enjoy the experience. He wasn’t wrong, but I was devastated. I realized I hadn’t orgasmed in years (if ever), and I decided to blog my escapades in masturbation and orgasms. I also wanted a place to write down all the sexual fantasies that played through my head like a movie, all day, every day. Over time, I discovered D/s and my submissive nature, and my blog changed direction.

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

I love writing. It feeds my soul, cliché as that may sound. But blogging allows you to interact with your readers in real time. I post something and people react to it, good or bad. I love that part.

I had no idea there was a community of people blogging about sex. And I definitely never knew how inviting and friendly most of them are. I’ve forged several real friendships with fellow sex bloggers – not because of our chosen topic to write about, but because we’re accepting of each other’s kinks and desires.

Do your friends know you’re a sex blogger?

My online friends know, LOL. Seriously, I have one friend who knows, but she doesn’t know the name I use or my website. I’m not brave enough to tell her, and I’m not sure she really wants all the details of my sexual life.

Have you ever done anything specifically so you can blog about it afterwards?

In the beginning, I would masturbate at night so I’d have a post for the next day. But I haven’t done that in a long time. What happens now is that I’ll be in the middle of something sexy and fun, and I’ll think, “I am so blogging this!”

Do you take part in any blog memes? If so, which ones?

I participate in two memes: Wicked Wednesday and Boobday.

Do you prefer blogging fictional erotica, real life sex anecdotes or factual based content such as reviews and advice guides?

All of the above, actually. I write it all, and nearly all of it is about D/s – because that’s what I know and what I love. I’m a horrible review writer, but I will do it if I’m asked or if I just really love a product or a book. Oftentimes, enthusiasm will help people overlook any errors in technique (that’s what she said.).

I take D/s very seriously, and I know a lot of people have incorrect misconceptions about it. Every Saturday, I devote a post to talking about some part of D/s to help people understand the lifestyle a little more. I’ve had a few people tell me that they changed how they viewed something because of those posts. If I ever needed a reason to keep writing, that would do it.

– Kayla Lords


  1. Hi Kayla! Just saw the link to your post in Cara’s newsletter and had to stop in to say hi! Loved learning a bit more about you. Congrats on the summer move and good luck with building that relationship.

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